23 DIY Trophy Projects – How To Make A Trophy Cup

Are you in search of low-budget trophies for your competitions? You just landed in the right place. After doing some serious research, I was able to put together a list of 23 DIY trophy projects.

The projects in this article will show you how to make a trophy cup from the comfort of your home. You might only need to step out to get the materials required in making these.


1. How To Make A Trophy In 4 Ways


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wikiHow remains one of the best tutors on different kinds of crafts. In this DIY trophy guide, you will learn how to make a trophy in 4 different ways; Using a plastic bottle, paper cup, cardboard and also using figurines. The steps are pretty easy to follow if you have the required tools handy. I would highly recommend this guide for people who are looking at making a trophy for the very first time.

2. DIY Dollar Store Trophy


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For this DIY guide, you will need small clear plastic bowls and plates, you will also need plastic glasses with stems. A bunch of other supplies is needed to put this amazing DIY trophy together. The spray paint used gives the trophy that perfect finish. The making process is one of the easiest to follow. You should be done in no time.

3. DIY LED Trophy


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This trophy looks easy but it is not so easy to make. The LED inside makes it look quite beautiful. I would only recommend this for people who are good with electrical crafts. Also, you will need a lot of materials for the making process.

4. DIY Bicycle Trophy


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This trophy is perfect to be used as a price for a cycling competition. The trophy is made from bicycle parts making it more worthy to be used as a trophy for a cycling competition. The making process is not so easy to follow if you are trying this out for the first time. However, you should be able to get the hang of it with time.

5. How To Make Homemade Trophies


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As beautiful as these trophies look they are very easy to make, all you would need to put these together are the required materials and a guide. Some needed materials are plastic plates, bowls, spray paint, tape, and other materials.

6. DIY Father’s Day Trophy


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One cool way to wish your dad a happy father’s day would be to hand him a trophy, not one gotten from an online store, but one you made by yourself. This guide will teach you how to make two kinds of trophies that can be used for a father’s day present. I love the one with the picture attached.

7. Easy Worlds Best DAD Trophy DIY


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If the previous trophy seems a bit complicated, you can opt for this easy-to-make DAD’s trophy. For the making of this trophy, you will need a plastic cup, some glue, scissors, a black marker, gold card stock, and white card stock. The process of putting these together is quite easy to follow.

8. DIY Family Game Night Trophy


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Game night in a family is a tradition that involves playing different kinds of board games with your family like chess, scrabble, and other games. The creator was able to make an amazing trophy using items from the major games played during game night. Putting this together is quite easy.

9. How To Make A Wooden Trophy


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While digging up for trophies, I came across this wooden trophy guide that gives an in-depth tutorial on how to make a wooden trophy. You can customize this trophy to your taste, the making process is quite easy to follow.

10. DIY Game Night Trophy


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Here’s another game night trophy that you can build for the family champ. It has a little board by the side where you would be able to put down the name of the game night champion. The making process would require the use of easy-to-get materials. The eagle at the top might not be so easy to find, but if you look in the right places you can find it. You can as well use a star or anything you deem fit.

11. DIY 3D Paper Trophy

This is a 3D paper trophy guide that will show you how to make a trophy out of paper. The making process requires some cutting and a lot of folding. It also has a section below where you can engrave the name of the winner.

12. How To Make A World Cup Trophy From Cardboard

Here’s a quick one you can make. This is perfect for people who are looking at making a low-budget world cup trophy. It has a pretty good resemblance to the actual world cup trophy. The making process won’t be a walk in the park, but with practice, you’ll be able to make a flawless world cup trophy from cardboard.

13. How To Make A Football Trophy

American football fans would love this trophy. It has a fancy football at the top that makes it look pretty fantastic. As amazing as this trophy looks, it requires woodworking tools and skill.

14. Rhino Trophy Head


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While this might not be the best trophy in the world, I still think it looks great. You can make this for your husband as a Christmas gift. It is a stuffed rhino head attached to wood. The making process is quite easy to follow.

15. DIY Knex Trophy


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This is a knex trophy, it is ideal for kids who are looking for a short-lived win. In this DIY tutorial, you will learn how to build one of these. The making process should not be too difficult if you have the right pieces.

16. How To Make A Trophy By Recycling A Plastic Bottle


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This beautiful trophy is made from a plastic bottle. If you are looking for one of those low-budget projects that won’t require a significant amount of money, here’s one. The steps used to upcycle this plastic bottle into a trophy is fun to follow.

17. How To Make A Trophy With A Styrofoam Cup


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My favorite part of this DIY trophy is the jute rope by the side of the styrofoam cup. The making process is pretty easy to follow. The only stressful part might be getting all the required materials needed.

18. Large Trophy Cup

Juvale Large Gold Trophy Cup for Sport Tournaments, Competitions (15.2 x 7.5 x 3.7 in)

How about something more professional? Here’s an already made large trophy cup that you can quickly purchase for use. This one would last a long while on your shelf without wear and tear. It is quite big enough to be used as a trophy for tournaments and competitions.

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19. Gold Star Trophy

Prextex 10-Inch Gold Star Award Trophy for Trophy Awards and Party Celebrations, Award Ceremony and Appreciation Gift

Here’s another trophy that is ideal for 1st prize in competitions and tournaments. This is not a DIY trophy project, I included this for people who are looking for a quick fix to their trophy needs. It is quite durable. The star tip used for this trophy will surely make the winner feel like a star.

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20. DIY Paper Cup Trophy

I found yet another paper cup trophy that looks pretty amazing, I would highly recommend this for kids who are looking at making a paper cup trophy for themselves. For the making process, you will need a paper cup, some scissors, and other materials. For the part that involves cutting, I would suggest that you help your kids with the cutting process.

21. DIY Lucky Star Paper Trophy

Make the winner of any competition feel like a star by presenting them with this lucky star paper trophy. This is an origami lucky star project. It has a very simple look. The making process is easy to follow with the required tools handy.

22. DIY Scalextric Trigger Trophy


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For this DIY guide, the creator was able to piece together a trophy using a broken Scalextric trigger controller, for the base of the trophy, he used a Nescafe plastic lid. You can make this as a trophy for a slot car racing competition.

23. DIY Fifa World Cup Trophy


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Last but not least on our list of best DIY trophy projects is this Fifa World cup trophy, the gold paint used on this DIY trophy gives it a stunning resemblance with the actual World cup. I would recommend making this as a trophy for a football competition.

23 DIY Trophy Projects – How To Make A Trophy Cup
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