15  DIY Tool Box Plans – How to make a tool box

Toolbox is one essential item for any household with several benefits. Even if you’re not a mechanic or woodworker, the box has its importance. That’s one particular reason to find plenty of DIY tool box hacks online.

But not all the ideas are suitable to implement. We enlisted viable plans to satisfy the demand, based on your necessity. Take look at the simple, affordable, effective ideas on the homemade toolbox.


1. Toolbox from Beerbox


Any western party includes a fully loaded beer box to cheer up the buddies. The box itself comes of sturdy plastic to let you use the empty box. And the tutorial presents a funny project to result in a reliable, amazing & spacious tool organizer.

There are only 4 steps to accomplish the target with some extra hands. You have to prepare the holding box & its supporting top cover.

That’s where you’ll need two beer boxes to shape up the structure perfectly. Use scrap metal to integrate the carriage handle through some bolts, aluminum sheets & plywood. Then make the connections with bolts & hinges to complete the assembly.

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2. Homemade DIY Toolbox


It takes no time to make the intended portable toolbox at home. You just need to hammer nails at certain distances for putting the boards together. Of course, you’ll have to size up the boards with a cutting saw.

The time-lapse presentation reveals the simplest way to prepare your toolbox. Screwing several hinges & bolts will complete the assembly, including moving chambers. You just need to attend precision & budget.

3. DIY Wooden Toolbox


Simplicity can’t get any better with any DIY wooden project. The article specifically demonstrated the construction of a basic toolbox tote. For the best part, a kid can make an effective, easy, elegant tote to store certain tools.

Assembling plywood & dowel rod with finishing nails will shape up the expected organizer. There are only 5 implementing steps to finish the job against a mere $10 cost. Apart from several depicted pictures, you’ll get the precise dimensions in a virtual design.

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4. Slip-Through Wooden Box


More like a fishing tackle box, you can impose a classic look on the next homemade toolbox. The processing is reasonably easy with the plywood cutting. But you may face some difficulty in putting the joints together.

Detailed steps have background commentary to clear up the entire structuring concept. Precision is one important fact to consider with the project. You’ll have to lots of steps with care, according to the video tutorial.

5. Easy Cardboard Toolbox


Recycling, reusable, refined paper can deliberately help with certain DIY projects. And you’re to utilize the cardboard to make up your personal toolbox at home. It requires no special expertise or expensive tools for shaping the structure.

The whole process is clearly demonstrated in the integrated video. A fast, time-lapse video shows throughout the process with optimum simplicity. As it happens, the outcome remains incredibly lasting, highly functional & reasonably sturdy.

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6. Portable Maple Toolbox


Using maple boards with a wood planer lets you create a dual-toner toolbox. The structure is small & compact within extreme simplicity. The time-lapse video tutorial covers everything to get you attached to the DIY project.

There are lots of steps to follow, not exceeding your capability or expertise. It’s one easy job to cost you 1 – 2 hours, even with the extensive decoration. Background audio keeps going to explain the whole process before the viewer.

7. Socket Caddy Storage


Lots of DIY projects often call for different sized sockets to initiate the connections. And you can skip the hassles of insufficient storage to maintain an orderly holding. But slight woodwork can get you a suitable storage space to organize all the necessary sockets.

There are 9 steps to implement for completing the entire task. You can reuse some leftover wooden pieces to put the individuals together with glue, nail & stain.

Following the exterior holding structure, you better continue with dividers. It’s simple to add some ample storage through divided chambers prior to adding the handle. There are included images to demonstrate individual steps for a rather quick understanding.

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8. Simple DIY Toolbox Project


When it gets to the toolbox, nothing can beat the universal design of the tote. And you can prepare one reliable organizer with professional accuracy right here. You just need to put all the required pieces together to structure the box.

Apart from the necessary tools & materials, the article includes special layout requirements. And you’ll need all the enlisted items under the other essentials & hardware section.

Implementation of only 4 detailed steps will accomplish your desired toolbox. Basic illustration may give you initial problems with understanding the dimensions. But a quick tip at the end with relevant words should keep the clarity.

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9. Bucket Tool Organizer


Only a bucket can hold an immense number of tools to help you with the job. The entire gang of mechanical gears gets to stand on your side anywhere, at any time. And the tutorial lets you construct the ultimate bucket toolbox right at home.

There are 8 steps, starting from gathering supplies to end at super-sizing modification. And the integrated steps specifically feature measurements & sewing (interior & exterior). The outcome of each step gets depicted in supporting images, right above the details.

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10. $0.0 Vintage Toolbox


Apart from professional applications, any standard toolbox can offer storage benefits. And the article lets you create a solid, classic, sturdy toolbox with common household resources. You can turn some garbage wooden box into a beautiful vintage craft-holding box.

There aren’t lots of verbose details to divert your attention from the actual implementation. Instead, the entire process continues on an imagery depiction with some mere words. Simple craftsmanship can also serve some other purposes requiring no specialty to save your costs.

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11. Layered Organizer Toolbox


Time-lapse video presentation reveals the secrets of a 3-layered organizer box. The storage box seems appealing, effective, stylish & practical. Though the initial concept may seem hard, the overall construction is rather simple.

The project requires no special tools other than the basic ones. You just need to watch the video with attention, from its beginning to the end. There are no disturbing talks in the background, except music to divert your concentration.

12. Wooden Tool Chest Plan


It’s time to make a lovely tool chest, almost similar to a common briefcase structure. The tutorial uses wooden pieces to construct the box, from top to bottom. You can attend a basic yet reliable box to hold all the necessary gears.

There are 7 steps to complete the task, starting with building videos. Not to mention, you should check the 3 integrated videos to understand the whole process.

And the remaining steps simply continue to keep explaining the video in words. Likewise, you’ll have pictures of individual steps to catch the outcome. You can impose some additional work like dividing the space with bordering woods.

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13. On-a-Roll Pegboard Storage


When you’re looking for ergonomics rather than portability, pegboards should meet the demand. The project lets you induce the next level of space-saving garage storage. All your essential gears get housed inside the segmented box structure.

The process all starts with necessary tools, required materials & the list of cuts. It may look difficult in pictures, but you can easily get yourself one over proper implementation.

A total of 7 steps will finish the basic structuring task to cover cuts, attachments & fastenings. Each step includes one steady picture to represent a certain work. You can introduce a preferred number of pegboards, thanks to the built-in video guidance.

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14. Small-Part Storage Cabinet


Simply equip your garage or home with a moderate-sized cabinet. The video created a prototype cabinet to hold 16 drawers for organizing all the smaller parts. But the processing may seem tedious with extreme precision, requiring multiple trial & error.

You should stick with the tutorial with its funny, supporting commentary. The outcome is pretty dependable to save your space & hassle regarding sensitive gears. For the best part, you can revise the dimensions to structure a somewhat larger cabinet.

15. Deluxe Toolbox Cabinet


Busy garages require a whole lot of machine tools of varying specs. And it’s rather difficult to initiate satisfactory organization through small-sized boxes. You better start working on a storage cabinet to induce a convenient order, saving the workspace.

The article covers everything, from the theory to its actual implementation. One integrated video tutorial explains everything in normal motion. Of course, it’ll take some time to create the structure, not exceeding your budget, time, patience, or precision.

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Intense number of variations are available with toolbox organizers. You don’t have to waste your money, time, or energy on bogus projects. Just know your requirements based on tool size, number, shape & weight. The rest is easy to narrow down the aforementioned ideas to implement at home.

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