20 DIY Toddler Bed Ideas That The Kids Will Love In 2021

This article is an epic compilation of DIY toddler bed projects that show you how to build a toddler bed from scratch to finish. There are a lot of projects to choose from. Before building a toddler bed, you should consider the size of the kid you are building the bed for.

All of the tutorials listed in this article are woodworking projects that require the use of woodworking tools and materials. Feel free to contact a professional to help with the build if you have never handled a hammer or drill before. Safety First!


1. How To Build A Toddler Bed

For this project, the creator used six 4×3 landscape timbers and three 2×6 wood. The method is simple and straightforward. The first step began with the cutting of the timbers with the use of a table saw. You don’t need an advanced woodworking skill level to perform this task. One great thing about this toddler bed is that it’s quite big and can even take up to two toddlers. At once. Although, the bed isn’t high. It’s quite low from the ground level but yet still an amazing toddler bed to build.

2. DIY Toddler Bed Under $60

You can make this toddler bed under $60, it’s possible and easy to build, let me mention a few supplies you’ll need, a Kreg jig, wood glue, pencil, miter saw, power drill, tape measure, and a few other supplies. The woods used in this time-lapse video tutorial are easy and cheaper to get. You also need to write down a list of all the cuts you will make to the woods to form the frame of your toddler bed.

3. DIY Simple Toddler Bed

With this method, you’re going to make the coolest and simplest toddler bed ever. This video tutorial is about a Montessori floor bed. This was chosen because it is simple and super durable. You need a lot of thick boards, floorboards, sideboards, and other boards for filling up the top and bottom. The bed is light and also easy to move from one place to the other.

4. DIY Toddler Bed With Toy Box


This is the coolest toddler bed I have seen so far, it’s not just a bed but a toy box bed, your kid will love it. For this project, you need a lot of boards as well, and plywood. You also need wood glue, pipe insulation foam, wood finish sealer, and much more. This toddler bed can also be moved from one location to another with ease.

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5. How To Build A Toddler Bed With Bell Rails


Here’s an elegant toddler bed that can easily be made with rails. It’s super easy to build. All you need are a few essential supplies like lumber wood, plywood, and a few other tools. The task begins with cutting the lumber wood, making the frame and rails with the plywood, and setting it up.

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6. Stylish Toddler Bed Under $40


You can make this stylish toddler bed for just $40, it’s super easy to build from scratch. The bed is also lightweight. Here is the list of materials you will need to start with, wood glue, nail gun, handsaw, drill, and a few others. There is a cutting list that guides you on how to cut the wood into the required shape, check the guide to know more about it and use it if you decide to try out this project.

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7. DIY Toddler Bed


There is a lot of work that has to be put into this toddler bed to make it come out the way you see in the image above. The making process is easy to follow and quick to build if you understand the woodworking process. First, sketch a plan, how the bed will look like on paper or using any software. This will guide you as you follow the rest of the steps to build this toddler bed.

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8. Traditional Wood Toddler Bed


Here is another amazing traditional wood toddler bed that is made from wood boards. It’s durable, strong, and easy to cut. The first step will involve cutting the header of the bed with a jigsaw, then cut parts of the frame and mount them together. Afterward, add your slats and your bed is good to go.

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9. DIY Modern Toddler Bed


This is a modern way to build a toddler bed. It’s indeed a modern toddler bed, the style, and the finishing. It has a soft look but it’s completely built to be a toddler bed. You need four 6 inches powder coated hairpin legs for the 4 corners of the bed to help it balance properly.

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10. DIY Toddler Bed With Rails


This is like the previous toddler bed with rails. If you told yourself you can build the previous one, then you can do this one. Although this particular one is higher than the previous one with rails, the height might be a good thing or not, depending on what you’re looking for in the end.

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11. DIY Treehouse Toddler Bed

You can decide to build something this sweet for your kid this weekend. This treehouse toddler bed was made with a drill and a saw. This time-lapse video tutorial started with the creator staining the wood that she has already cut out. Although some directions will be given later about how the wood was cut and the size and dimensions as well.

12. DIY Toddler Bed Build

This project is effortlessly easy, and simple, not because it looks small but because it has a simple design and can be done by anyone with any skill level. A table saw is the best tool for cutting all the wood, you’ll also need a tape measure to measure and mark parts in the wood for cutting. Once cutting is done, assembling is the second easiest part of the task.

13. How To Build A Childs Car Bed

Here is a gorgeous car bed. This was made to be a child’s novelty car bed. Don’t get scared, thinking what if I can’t build this, forget about how complex and sophisticated it looks like in the video, It is super easy to build as long as you follow the instructions carefully, you’re good to go.

This is 140mm long and 70 wide. Draw and choose your size, depending on the mattress you want to use before you start building. You need a router, belt sander, orbital sander, hand saw, jigsaw, screws, cordless drills, set square, and much more. This is a big project with a small gorgeous child’s bed.

14. DIY Toddlers Bed

Let me introduce a time-lapse video tutorial that goes straight into the making process of this toddler’s bed. The process is quick and easy. The creator started by building the base frame with wood, then moved to the sides, cutting the plywood with a hand saw.  The process looks effortlessly easy. Just a nail gun and a bandsaw were all I saw the creator use to build this incredible masterpiece.

15. House Frame Toddler Bed


Here’s a project that should be by far the biggest and most amazing project on my list. This toddler bed is not like any toddler bed you have ever seen. It’s simple, high, wide, and has a space for storage underneath. So when it’s laundry day, just pull out your dirty clothes from under the bed and send them for washing.

Furthermore, it does not take up much space in the room, although it is quite big. As the creator did, you should make a physical sketch of how the bed will look to give yourself a mental picture to work with. You need wood boards, sander, wood glue primer or paint, and wood putty.

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16. DIY Toddler House Bed


This family already had a toddler’s crib for their child and they wanted to upgrade to a bed, so they decided to make a toddler’s bed, they didn’t spend much and it was an easy project due to the style and simplicity of the bed. For just the lumber wood used in this project, it cost only $50, which is super cheap. After the creator made this it was way better than the crib they had, and they had value for their money spent.

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17. DIY Toddler Bed


Here’s another simple floor toddler bed that might pique your interests. It’s super easy to build and design. All you need to do is to get some plywood, a Eucalyptus lush blanket, pillow, and pendant Light. The light cost just $25 and the entire project cost about $100.

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18. Toddler Bed DIY


This toddler bed is small, doesn’t occupy space, and is very elegant like a king’s bed. MDF wood was used with foam and some old waterbed parts. The entire making process is quick and easy and can fit anywhere in your child’s room.

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19. Minimalist Toddler Bed

First off, you need four 2x4x8, two 1x4x8, and 2 1x8x8 and it costs only $30. Once you have your wood ready, you can start assembling with a few materials like a nail gun, or wood glue if you prefer to use the wood glue with the nails to make your job more solid.

20. DIY Tractor Toddler Bed

You will need some advanced skill level to do this take, the tools, and materials used in his video tutorial are not so cheap to get and the dimensions need to be calculated and followed carefully or you might just get the bed all wrong and start from the top. Although the creator tried to make everything easy and simple In this time-lapse video tutorial.

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