19 DIY Tiki Torch Ideas To Decorate Your Backyard

Tiki torches are great light sources as well as premium aesthetic material for events of any sort. They are a cheap albeit an efficient form of outdoor lighting and are purported to dispel mosquitoes and other insects when paired with citronella for fuel.

All in all, the right style of Tiki torches are a great addition to themed parties, outdoor sit-outs, and a nice way to light up the yard.

While you can get Tiki torches for anything from less than $22 up to $79 and counting, these DIY Tiki torch tutorials will show you how to build your own torch from household materials at little or no cost. The best part is how you’re free to customize your torches however you deem fit without worrying about money spent!


1. DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch


This is an emergency easy to put together DIY wine bottle tiki torch for when the bugs refuse to go away. It’s more practical than decorative, although you can cover it with wrapping paper or other decorative materials to jazz things up a little bit. All you need to do is fill an empty wine bottle with citronella, fashion out a reducer, insert your wick, and fire away.

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2. DIY Mason Jar Tiki Torch


Make a DIY Mason jar Tiki torch in 5 minutes or less following the instructions on this tutorial. Mason jars are always readily affordable and all you need is a jar, citronella oil, and a wick (Tiki torch wick or large candle wick). Diversity is obtained in the shape and color of the mason jars used so take your time when picking them out. The only major work required is punching or drilling a hole through the cover of the Mason jar for the wick to fit into.

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3. DIY Tabletop Tiki Torch


Clear transparent liquor bottles give this DIY tabletop Tiki torch a laid back feel; perfect for keeping the mosquitoes at bay on a night outside with close friends. It is also a fun DIY idea for sleepovers if you and your guys like crafts. You need a copper cap, coupling, pipe, chain, and split ring, as well as a steel washer.

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4. Easy DIY Tiki Torch


It’s the stands and color of the citronella oil or Tiki torch fuel for me. Build this easy DIY Tiki torch in just 6 steps, using only a few supplies. To create the wire cage support that will house your Mason jar, you will need a fruit picker basket  (it can hold a 12-ounce jar) that doesn’t have an extension or telescoping pole.

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5. DIY Tabletop Tiki Torch

Be creative with your choice of the jar in making a DIY tabletop Tiki torch. From jam jars to jug shaped jars, there’s a variety of materials that you can use to make the perfect DIY Tiki jar.

6. DIY Tiki Torch With Mason Jar

This DIY Tiki torch with Mason jar comes with directions to make a pole stand for your torch. The body of the pole is crafted out of pine and the top which houses the Mason jar is made of oak – feel free to use another lumber of your choice. Although some heavy woodwork machinery is used in this tutorial, with a little patience you could get the same results using your basic tools – it might only take more time and effort.

7. DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

You can learn how to build a DIY wine bottle Tiki torch in your sleep – yeah, it is truly that easy. Just gather your materials needed i.e. your wine bottle, coupling, wick, and Tiki torch oil – preferably citronella. To add more flair to your DIY wine bottle Tiki torch, put in marbles or rocks into a clear bottle to give it a unique and more sophisticated look.

8. DIY Copper Tiki Torch

DIY copper Tiki torches are modern, have smooth designs, and are easy to assemble. The tutor tries out 2 different approaches to making the torches; one where soldering is required and one where it isn’t. These DIY Tiki torches are anchored on fast-setting concrete for a solid base and while some metalworking knowledge would be of benefit, the process is beginner friendly and the minimalistic, sleek results are definitely worth it.

9. DIY Tiki Torch Bottle


For this DIY Tiki torch bottle, you’ll be buying regular Tiki torches i.e. oil containers plus a stand. The idea is to replace the plain oil containers with transparent bottles that can showcase the color of your Tiki fuel, lending more to the ambiance of the whole setting. Mix things up a bit by using different colors of Tiki fuel to brighten up the look and replacing the plain straw ties around the stand with colorful zip ties that blend with your color scheme.

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10. DIY Glass Bottle Tiki Torch


Perfect for a night out in the woods or camping trip, this DIY glass bottle Tiki torch will survive a roughing up where more expensive torches would fail. It is also super light and easy to pack, making it a perfect addition to your backpacks without taking up a lot of space or overly increasing the weight. You can use a beer bottle or any other glass bottle of choice for this DIY.

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11. Industrial Style Tiki Torch


A classic industrial style Tiki torch that will leave everyone amazed you made it yourself; this DIY Tiki torch is made out of fence poles, steel light bulb cage, PVC coupler, Mason jar, high temperature spray paint, and a Tiki torch wick. It doesn’t require expert knowledge to put this setup together and you’ll be glad you did.

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12. DIY Skull Tiki Torch


Take your Halloween game up a notch by incorporating these DIY skull Tiki torches into your decorations. You can use them to map out a pathway leading up to your day or just scatter them around the house for the haunted feel. They are sure to be a hit however you decide to use them and the major things you need are a plastic skull and regular Tiki citronella torch.

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13. Mosquito Repellent Tiki Torch


It goes without saying that the oil holder is the most important part of making a Tiki torch and this Mosquito repellent Tiki torch DIY proves this with an exquisite vintage bottle. Another worthy of note thing in this DIY is that alcohol and essential oils (lemon and eucalyptus for this particular project) are used as opposed to citronella oil.

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14. Homemade Tiki Torch Out Of Can

Soda cans never looked more appealing than when used to craft a homemade Tiki torch out of a can. The supplies are very basic, you need a knife or scissors, matches, some kind of cloth/fabric, Tiki fuel and empty cans. You can swap the cloth for a wick with a coupler attached to it.

15. DIY Candlestick Tiki Torch

Made out of copper piping and other materials, this DIY candlestick Tiki torch tutor makes a lovely pair of candlestick shaped Tiki torches that are perfect for outdoor dining without being cumbersome or awkward.

16. DIY Tiki Torch

Perfect for the outdoors of coastline houses and a view of the water, these DIY Tiki torches are coastal themed but not to worry! You can simply pick the steps and customize them to suit whatever theme you desire.

17. DIY Copper Tabletop Tiki Torch

These DIY copper tabletop Tiki torches are easy to make and sturdy too, the best part being that you can make them at little or no cost to yourself. They’re great to have around for meals outside and as décor for your table setting.

18. DIY Oberon Tiki Torch


Enjoy more of your favorite beer or soda brand by custom making your Tiki torches using this DIY Oberon Tiki torch tutorial. To set it up, all you need to do is replace the Oberon bottles used in the tutorial with bottles of your favorite brand!

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19. DIY Tiki Torch Tree


Some wire work and soldering is done in creating this DIY Tiki Torch tree. Copper pipes are used to make the tree with the pipes bent creatively to look like branches and are attached to a solid base.

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We have done our part and put together a list of 19 tiki torch tree projects that you can make, the choice is left for you. Simply pick which DIY tiki torch is best for you and get to the making process. Most of the tutorials are quite easy to follow.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to share this piece of information with friends or family members who might be interested in making a tiki torch. The comment section below is also open for thoughts and questions.

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