15 Simple DIY Sump Ideas for Aquarium

Sump is one additional feature of aquariums to perform certain tasks. Apart from holding water, one primary job of standard sumps concerns with filtration. And there are different ways to project DIY sump right at home.

But not everything seems plausible, in terms of expertise or wallet. Why not skip the troubles with our preferred ideas? Just keep going to reveal the most suitable ways to build up your customized, cheap sump.


1. Easy Aquarium Sump Filter


Make your customized sump filtration media without costing on aftermarket choices. A simple implementation steps forward to serve the requirements of saltwater & freshwater aquariums. And some household resources will save costs.

There is a total of 7 implementing steps, starting with the necessary materials. Simple plastic box with a lid requires some PVC pipe connection to create the sump.

You just have to follow the remaining steps for putting all items together. One unique fact continues with bio balls sump through a wounded mesh. There are pictures included for every step to help you catch the processing from a closer depiction.

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2. Cheap Aquarium Sump

The video specifically explains the point of skipping expensive sumps for your aquarium. it remains inside the tank; you don’t need to install anything fancy. Simple plastic drawers make up a tower to fulfill the filtration requirements.

Just under $10, you can collect all the necessary materials to proceed. Then you better drill holes right under each drawer to create smaller holes. Connecting the PVC pipe will complete the job, letting you accomplish the project.

3. Freshwater Sump Filter

Aside from a saltwater aquarium, you can plan a customized filter for a large-sized freshwater tank. And the tutorial lets you shape up your own sump to compete with any professional model. The article covers absolute details to explain the whole idea.

There are three specified sections to cover the construction – plan, design & build. You just have to follow the individual section to complete the setup.

Stepwise presentation with supporting specs helps to understand the processing. And there are several images to depict the ongoing work on the project. one integrated video at the very end simply demonstrates the job in normal motion.

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4. 10g Sump Refugium

It’s undeniably one of the easiest ways to satisfy your need for a sump. The outcome is absolutely basic without complexity in its mechanism. The featured tutorial intentionally redesigns one existing 10g refugium to upgrade its functionality.

Going through the guide will elaborate on the process without getting unnecessarily verbose. Supporting audio clarifies the whole action, maintaining a normal pace. And you’re free to utilize some household materials to accomplish the objective.

5. Simple DIY Aquarium Sump


Building your custom aquarium sump is no longer a difficult job. The article covers everything to know on sumps for any passionate homeowner. It even explains the problems with manufactured sumps available in the market.

All the design specific come in wordy details to keep the relevant facts clear. And you’ll find a defined presentation of its intended reef sump.

Included DIY project details cover both saltwater as well as freshwater sump ideas. You just need to go through the entire article with slight patience. Integrated videos reveal the facts more closely towards better implementation.

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6. Saltwater Aquarium Sump

Simple yet detailed demonstration can save your time, effort & money. The video continues to explain the steps in a naturally understandable motion. But you can build the sump only for the saltwater reef, not freshwater ones.

Though it requires no special expertise, the project calls for some delicate resources. It specifically utilizes polycarbonate greenhouse roofing panels with biological media. You just have to understand the points closely to implement the task.

7. Saltwater Sump Tank


Just eliminate all the tedious, costly, insufficient sump systems for reef aquariums. And the simplified guidance specifically concerns with saltwater rather than the freshwater reef. You’re to use filtering refugium for structuring the intended tank, sitting at home.

There are fewer words right on the included pictures for describing the whole process. Not to mention, the additional requirement goes for some intact glass pieces, skimmer & silicone. The rest seems easy to put together ahead of its full assembly, following the images.

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8. Emerged Trickle Sump Filter

You don’t have to sacrifice the elegance or beauty of your aquarium. It’s entirely possible to encourage the overall appeal, even with homemade sumps. The tutorial reveals the secrets of making your custom sump filter with amazing beauty.

The video itself seems self-explanatory, even without the relevant commentary. Obviously, the task becomes much simpler with preset glass surrounding. You just have to get lots of plastic bio-balls of uniform specs following the placement of filter media.

9. DIY Aquarium Sump


Enjoy all the benefits of having a high-quality sump for the aquarium. And the tutorial explains the basics rather clearly to help you understand the points. It starts with some theoretical discussions on preferable size & material.

Then you’re to make a plan for laying out the implementing structure. You’ll get some preliminary ideas on the right baffles regarding an intact layout.

And you can easily address the much-debated generation of microbubbles. Not to mention, there are virtual pictures to depict the plan for its prevention. Some real-life pictures right at the end should initiate more clarification.

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10. Do-It-Yourself Sump Filter


Simple DIY skills come ready to save hundreds of bucks on commercial sumps. It seems somewhat lengthy in words, but self-explanatory throughout the discussion. The idea primarily arrives from Joey’s book, featuring a good number of convenient designs.

Unfortunately, there’s no definite section to get the implementing points in any order. You just have to continue revealing all the implementing points by yourself. For the best part, the tutorial includes some interlinked articles to help with the proper application.

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11. Professional Refugium Sump


Better skip all the hassles to structure your own sump inside the house. Of course, you don’t have to spend many bucks or resources to complete the task. The depicted article reveals the essential basic to make a professional sump, all by yourself.

It takes no time or effort to make up the refugium. There are two steps to implement the major constructional portion – Preparing the glass tank & Installing the conversion kit.

Simple purchase of the intended components will cover up the mainframe. Right there, you just have to assemble the elements in a righteous combo. There are several pictures of the processing to help you understand the instructions.

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12. High-Quality Aquarium Sump

Homeowners with intermediate DIY skills should afford the process without any doubt. It’s one detailed video demonstration to cover them throughout the process. Of course, you’ll need to expand the regular budget to attend to all the specs.

The presenter explains all the individual steps, relevant functions & necessary measurements. It requires grave attention to ensure proper implantation. But the outcome should satisfy your quest, without exceeding market purchase or quality.

13. Custom Sump for Reef Aquarium

Build your own sump filter to enjoy high filtration efficiency without pressing the wallet. The article continues based on integrated video guidance. Without the video description, the tutorial is more like a verbose talk on the DIY project.

The video clearly represents the complete working steps towards your homemade sump. No defined section or steps in the article may give you some initial trouble. Of course, all the words will help you to catch the demonstrated points with ease.

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14. Standard £40 DIY Sump


The idea crossed the occupied mind of Jeremy Gay to shape up a premium sump by himself. You can utilize the plan to upgrade the existing functionality of your reef aquarium. The budget-friendly construction specifically requires a damaged tank reject.

Primary details focused on the damaged tank purchase, costing about £10. Of course, you’ll get the value of quality coming from professional manufacturers.

There are total 6 steps to proceed with its complete implementation. Supporting images for individual steps should help with the immediate adaption of actions. The entire process basically concerns with clean up, bracing, baffle & silicone cure.

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15. Sump Filtration with Reef Tank

The video is simply a part of an entire process with build your own aquarium at home. For now, you just remain stick to the 8th part, featuring sump filtration. The guidance starts with a planned design on the targeted system with 4 chambers.

It seems pretty basic with some incredibly simple, highly effective & reasonably practical steps. And the narrator keeps explaining the on-screen activity for revealing the facts. The tutorial is somewhat long but contains all the essentials you’ll need on the job.


Expensive sumps can serve better, but you can attend a competitive model by yourself. In fact, you can get benefited from numerous angles with the right DIY sump. Just take your time with the aforementioned methods prior to work. All you need is to find the preferable option for implementing the idea.

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