9 DIY Sprayer Boom Kit: How To Make A Boom Sprayer

Are you looking for a guide that will show you tips on how to set up a sprayer? I am happy to inform you that you landed on the right page. This DIY sprayer boom kit plans will interest you. All the plans listed here were done by amazing outstanding folks like you who decided to share their secrets.

Most of the projects listed in this article are quite easy to follow. It might take some time and labor but the end product would be worth it.

1. How To Setup A Sprayer On A Four Wheeler

1. How To Setup A Sprayer On A Four Wheeler

So, to set up a sprayer on a four-wheeler will take about 14 minutes, depending on the side of the land and distance between the weed areas you’re targeting. Firstly, you’ll need to get a pesticide license, you can know more about that on their online Agriculture Department or their local office in your area.

Once that is done the next step is getting a few supplies for this project, you’ll need a measuring device, a sprayer, water, a four-wheeler, chemicals, 4 rubber tie-down straps, and most importantly, personal protective equipment (PPE). The steps are easy to follow so you will be done in no time.

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2. Homemade DIY Boom Sprayer $25

Here is a great boom sprayer that you can do yourself, and it’s also super cheap. You can make this book sprayer at home for just $25 less. The creator used a 1-inch PVC pipe to give the hose support and the piece also has a nozzle attached to it at the ends, a sprinkler system nozzle.

This is a temporary setup but it’s quite great because it covers a wide range of land. The steps to make this are easy to follow. It’s a video, not everything the creator said is heard but the way he built it was simple and if you pay attention you can build it without any need to hear from the creator himself.

3. DIY Boom Sprayer

Have you ever wondered how to make an 8-foot long boom sprayer? It’s super easy and fun to build. Let’s go! First, you’ll need a PVC reinforced hose, a $15 pressure pump, and a few other supplies. The parts that were bought cost up to $25 and that’s quite cheap for an 8-foot long jet boom sprayer.

To make the height, you’ll need an 8-foot tall aluminum, some ⅜ tubing, zip ties, and clips. It’s long, therefore, it can cover many areas. It’s an ideal boom sprayer for large land areas. It’s super easy to build and even easier when you’re building with a friend or someone to help share ideas or add to your already existing ideas.

4. How To Build A Sprayer

With this guide, you are going to learn how to build an inexpensive sprayer using an electric pump, a truck battery, and an empty IBC tote. This sprayer’s pump is a decent agricultural pump that protects microorganisms, it’s a diaphragm pump, and when used to make your sprayer will not damage any useful microorganisms on your farm. You can make this effortlessly and eliminate all the unwanted weeds and organisms that you don’t want. If you have a farm for commercial purposes, you need a sprayer like this.

5. How To Build A Homemade Lawn Sprayer

This is a five nozzle boom setup with a close-off valve in between each nozzle making it easy for you to shut off the flow and stop any potential leakage. The nozzles have a battery that should last for at least an hour, a five-gallon pump, a restrainer, and a pressure release valve. If you want the parts list am that you can prepare properly if you decide to try this guide the creator will email it to you once you indicate interest from the video link. This task is super easy and fun to build, and it’s also meant for the lawn.

6. How To Build A Sprayer

This is quite a big sprayer. The tank used is a big and durable one. You need a few materials to get going with this task. You need some fittings, a large hose, and other components. The tank for the sprayer is a large round tank, as such, it will most likely leak at the bottom, that’s why the creator made a lid at the bottom to hold the water in and keep the tank working. This project isn’t as easy as one might think, but it’s doable. One of the downsides of this take is that it’s time-consuming, and a lot of work involved.

7. DIY Boom Sprayer

This boom sprayer has an electrical wiring and plumbing system, it even has a custom-built charging port. Here are a few gears the creator used, a small rig cage, pump, and a few other supplies. The creator didn’t spell out all that he needed, but once you understand the video tutorial, you’ll get the hang of it. This task will need someone with a little experience in electrical wiring to be able to perfect the wiring and plumbing. This is by far the coolest boom sprayer I have ever seen.

8. DIY Sprayer Cart Build

The creator used a 15-gallon workhorse vom and spot sprayer for tractor supply. You will also need to use an old lawn trailer. This will make the job easier. You’ll be using a cart for the sprayer build. It’s spacious and cool to build. This can’t be easily gotten from anywhere. Use it to build a stand for your sprayer. After that, attach the components inside the cart, and get ready to test the cart sprayer which will be a great feel.

9. How To Calibrate A Boom Sprayer

This video tutorial will teach you how to calibrate a boom sprayer. You might already have a boom sprayer at home ready for use, but you don’t have the slightest clue on how to calibrate the sprayer. Well, with this guide you will learn the easiest way and maybe teach someone as well. This guide won’t teach you how to build a boom sprayer although, you can always try your luck and see what comes from it.


That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed reading this article on DIY sprayer boom kit as much as I loved writing it for you. Some of the projects show you how to build a boom sprayer from scratch, while others give you tips on how they were able to build theirs.

If this article was helpful to you, feel free to share it with your friends and family members that might be interested in making a boom sprayer.

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