25 Convenient DIY Speaker Stand Projects

Poor speaker position ends up causing severe discomfort to the audience. Balanced sound quality depends on proper alignment subwoofers & tweeters. How about making a custom DIY speaker stand to match your audio requirements with home décor?

The basic idea is simple from every aspect, allowing lots of methods to imply. But we just narrowed down the list containing the most practical, effective, decorative ones. Start figuring out the possible ways to introduce a homemade supporting stand.


1 . Twin Speaker Stands


Upgrade the placement of stereo speakers with a separate wooden stand. Straight wood panels with sized boards require a solid joint to shape the assembly. Using smaller nails should hold the base against imposed loading pieces.

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2 . Desktop Speaker Stands

Basic wooden stands get to support desktop speakers, resting on the table surface. The time-lapse demonstration covers the essential points with background narration.

It measures somewhat small, requiring reasonably less resource, effort & time. You can also utilize the idea to assemble larger stands with better supporting capability.

3 . Bookshelf Speaker Stand


Modern appeal adorns classic design to save space, money & effort. In fact, the ideal transforms an ordinary shelf into a stabilized stand. You just need to install a precisely sized top surface, treated with screws, paint & prime.

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4 . Cornered Floating Stand


Simply get rid of the loaded mess on the ground to utilize the empty spaces. And the idea targets wall corners to hold a supporting platform. Proper mounting of a shaped wooden piece will perform the trick for bearing the speaker.

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5 . Wooden Speaker Stand


You can easily build a custom stand to hold the speaker, knowing the precise angle-finding technique. The article starts with the necessary materials & tools list to follow the cutting list with pictorial tech art.

Only 6 detailed steps will finish the job, putting all the materials together. The primary operational segments include – aggregating, cutting, angling, fastening & edging. One integrated video right before the steps will help you to understand the steps better.

Every step features one captured photo of the ongoing process. Detailed words on support explain the pros & cons of the individual part. The whole tutorial remains complete for precise craftsmanship.

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6 . ABS or PVC Piped Stand


One cheaper alternative to high-quality wooden pieces concerns with polymer pipes. You can either size up ABS or PVC pipes before attaching the ends. Proper trimming with a stabilized base requires attention for perfect implementation.

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7 . Basic Wooden Support


Bare wood crates make up the rectangular structure to initiate a rustic aesthetic. No specialty in design maintains a classic flash for any modern décor. Larger surface area calls for a shorter vertical upgrade for stable support.

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8 . High-Performance Stands

Ordinary indoor craftsmanship can let you accomplish a heightened placement. You’re to use hollow cinder blocks to create a highly stable stand within a very tight budget.

It basically requires no mechanical processing, only piling up the blocks will do the trick. Of course, the design lacks customization without costing you more than $10 for one.

9 . X-Legged Supporting Stand


Slight effort with dedication triggers exceptional elegance for the stand’s outlook. Assembling wood pieces, screw & metal brackets will accomplish the shape. Finishing touch should match the existing décor, following polyurethane prime over the painted surface.

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10 . Simply Inclined Stand


Crafting simplicity barely gets any better with the DIY stand for any speaker. You just have to connect three wooden boards to induce a Z-shape. Of course, you’re to ensure a solid border to hold the speaker against its surface.

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11 . Cheap Homemade Stands


Skip paying retail to position the speakers, vertically upward from the ground. The tutorial reveals a simple process to build dependable stands by yourself.

It requires two wood pieces to sandwich a sand-filled PVC. There is a total of 12 steps to implement, covering necessary gears until its decisive application.

Supporting images depict each featured step clearly during the process. And the outcome should appear exhilarating to hold several other pieces of equipment.

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12 . Long Boxed Speaker Stand


Simple shape imparts superb elegance to encourage the existing décor. You can either use hollow or solid wooden pieces, featuring a smooth finish. Somewhat separated top portion with shrunk bottom provides supreme luxury.

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13 . Timber-Made Speaker Stand

You’re free to use some leftover wooden pieces to size up for framing a stand. The video shows a lengthened mechanical process, covering precise details from top to bottom.

It continues in normal motion with supporting background speeches on music. And the outcome delivers a strong, professional, sturdy, elegant space to place the speakers.

14 . Multifunctional Winged Stand


Absolutely classic design gets to adorn modern outfit with extended service. It features a boxed opening to store books with two sidewise wings. Take your time to assemble all the plywood, sized in precise shape before putting together.

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15 . Proper Grounding Stand


Simply structure a convenient stand for holding speakers right at home. And you’re to assemble wooden pieces with PVC pipe. It explains the theory of stands from the speaker’s perspective.

Throughout implementation consists of 6 steps, featuring comprehensive details. It starts with primary stand design to follow wooden buildup, support construction, finishing, spike installation & assembly.

Included pictures manage to represent a certain stage of its preparation process. The guidelines are wordy, containing lots of specs. Still, you can cover the article for actual implementation.

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16 . Surround Sound Speaker Stand


Completely basic framework to hold lightweight speakers at preferable heights. Straight wooden pieces, unfinished boards, woodworking tools, nails & glue should suffice. But the capacity measures pretty low for medium systems.

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17 . Heavy-Duty DIY Stands

Intense application requires sturdy stands to ensure extended stability & holding capability. And the video tutorial lets you skip costly purchases through a homemade stand, offering high dependability.

Additional info follows the detailed process with background & on-screen instructions. Obviously, the delicate design requires additional items to push the budget, not exceeding $100 in the end.

18 . Hollow Support Design


The simple yet practical appeal fits compact speakers without complexity. Each stand features two supporting wooden pieces to hold the top & its base. Varnishing the surface after completion can induce amazing décor.

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19 . DIY Speaker Stand Project


Decent stands for supporting indoor speakers are just some steps away with the tutorial. It’s one delicate process, requiring some expertise. Therefore, it’s better to implement with extra hands of assistance on the site.

Following the wordy introduction, you’ll find 6 specific segments to continue the operation. Lots of details with included pictures can represent the entire project. You’ll even get a charted estimation of cost to make up the budget.

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20 . Moveable Storage Stand


Versatility reaches its peak, combining bookshelf with a standing surface on wheels. Apart from extra storage, the moveable structure can simplify your activities. You just need to attach some board panels with screws & bottom casters.

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21 . Inclined Support Stand


Curve an appealing Z-shaped platform to upgrade the speaker position. The conveyed design features a symmetrical outlook like no other. Crafting varnished plywood requires precise sizing to connect flattened surface & base.

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22. Sand Filled Speaker Stand

Decouple the sounding speaker from your room with a somewhat different sand-filled stand. The video specifically emphasizes peak speaker performance through minimal vibration transfer.

Pine board, MDF board, 100-lbs sand, caulk & screw will shape the holding platform. Of course, some additional processing works like mixing & mastering are necessary for a stable structure.

The tutorial continues long enough in normal motion to demonstrate the entire work. And its supporting background words should keep you engaged with a thorough, detailed presentation.

23 . Hairpin Speaker Platform


Skip common materials like wood, plastic & even cinder blocks for hairpin metal. You can construct large or tiny stands to meet your requirements. But it’s likely to take some time for arranging the curvy legs in a stabilized order.

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24 . Metal Pipe Speaker Stand


None other than metal can hold heavy speakers, without compromised stability. Hollow or solid metal pipe can connect the flat base with the top surface. There are designs available to hold the speaker right on the pipe end.

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25 . Hanging Speaker Racks


Stop wasting ground spaces on smaller rooms to utilize the surrounding emptiness. You just mount some metal platforms in a decorative pattern. The mechanical process specifically requires welded plates to mount the system on walls.

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Limitless options are available to hold the speaker in a suitable position. You just need to understand your preference, resources, conditions & surrounding décor. It should become easy for anyone to set up one dependable stand to place the speakers.

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