21 DIY Sliding Door Ideas – How To Make A Sliding Door

Are you looking at making a sliding door? Adding a door between rooms should not be as difficult as you think. You can always make a choice from our list of great DIY sliding door ideas and get the ball rolling.

We narrowed down the results to 21 outstanding sliding door projects we could find. You will surely find the right sliding door for your home.


1. How To Make A Sliding Barn Door

Making a door can be an awesome adventure. It is better to build it some inches wider than usual. Transfer your measurements to plywood. Make sure the pickets dry up before you get to use them to avoid shrinking. Line up the pickets on the frame. Get it to the shape you want. Attach the metals to the wood with screws. Prepare for hanging.

2. DIY Space Saving Sliding Door


If you want to manage your space in the house, adding a sliding door between rooms is one great way to start. Installing this will give a modern and industrial touch. This is a wooden piece for installation. Build the door frame and assemble the pieces together. Screw the rubber casters then put together your workpieces after drilling holes.

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3. How To Make A Sliding Door Under $40


This can be a part of your decoration arrangements for your home. The first step is to build the frame and cover it up. Add wheels, hinged loops, pipe, and angles/flanges. Level and mark. Try to do this with more hands. Screw the baby screw and appreciate your work.

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4. How To Build And Install A Sliding Door


To get this done, you will need more than just measurements. This looks like a barn door that has an overlapping by the opening. You will need to cut your wood pieces out and then frame them. Attach plywood and insulate. You can use different colors to paint the different sections then hang them.

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5. DIY Modern Sliding Door


If you need your bedroom privacy then you will need to get this done. This is a traditional look with a frosted glass door that allows light through. Fix up your frame after cutting pieces. Route out slots for glass panels then insert. Put glue on the back frame of the door and prepare the hardware.

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6. How To Build A Modern Sliding Door

They don’t just look nice, they can also save space. $150 can get you this beautiful piece and this even includes the hardware. You can get wood from any local store. Draw the pattern you want to use and begin to form them as specified. Secure the strips with wood glue. Fit in the hardware, install the hangers, and hang the door.

7. DIY Sliding Barn Door


This will surely help you save a good amount of money. This is a custom sliding glass door that can move without stress. Get your materials together and start cutting out the pieces for the wood. Lay them out on a frame. You can stain your wood to prevent it from moisture especially if you will need to hang it in the bathroom.

8. DIY Simple Sliding Door With Shoji Paper

This is a simple DIY sliding door with shoji paper like the title implies. This is pretty much simple when you have been able to make your markings and cut out your pieces. Fit the pieces with glue to form a frame with different sections. When it is dry, fill the sections with shoji paper. Prepare to hang.

9. DIY Sliding X Door

This kind of door is not in just one piece rather it is set with two pieces where the two can be dragged together to open and dragged apart to close. You will need wood pieces, an antique, simply accessible, and a handful of basic tools. Cut pieces and make the design you want to use. To hang the board, install the track.

10. How To Build A Sliding Barn Door


This sliding barn door can be pretty much easy to make as far as your frame is good to go. There is casting done on either side. Assemble the doors and add filter slips. Cut the chevron and corners. Drill pocket holes. After the frame is done attach the rollers, mounting board, and track.

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11. DIY Sliding Door For Cabinet


Have you thought of ideas to cover up your cabinet? This DIY sliding door will be pretty much good to work on. Fix in your rail for the door and get the frame ready. Add some coats of polyurethane then attach to the door panel. Space the rail and fix-in the door.

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12. DIY Rustic Sliding Door


Do you love rustic decor? Then check out this amazing rustic sliding door. You can make this door and cover that open space in your living room. It is a simple sliding door that doesn’t cost much to build. The creator made use of pallet wood for this project.

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13. DIY Sliding Barnwood Door


This is a sliding door made from barn wood. To get this done, cut wood, sand, and stain. Fix up the handle. Paint the hardware and mount a flat bar and stained wood. Mount the rolling system to the wall then fix-in the door.

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14. DIY Sliding Door


This is a pretty creative barn sliding door to which you can easily fix up some decorations too. Get yourself an inspiration to begin. Start designing the door. Quickly assemble to check out your progress then finish up by connecting all the wood pieces together.

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15. DIY Sliding Wardrobe

The first step to making a great DIY sliding door is to use tracks and hangers that are the best fit for your wood and the style you would love to use. Get your wood sheets and the pine. Assemble them together then replace them with doors that open up. Install the aluminum rail. And fix the door.

16. DIY Modern Sliding Barn Door

This is a mid-century modern barn sliding door. You can use chrome hardware and modern build and it can be purchased in a store. Form the frame and make the door. Use brackets to hold the rail in place and fix the door.

17. How To Make And Install A Sliding Door

Barn doors are just recreations of old designs. You will need wood, hardware, finish, nails, and wood glue. Create a frame. Sand and stain the door. Attach a header board to the studs behind the wall to get your hangers fixed up. Attach your door to it.

18. How To Build And Install A Sliding Door


The main structure is a piece of plywood. To make it thick enough, make the frame with lumbers. Make a floor guide groove and a door frame. Rip marker board and attach to the front of the door. Attach hangers, header board and rail then fit the door.

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19. DIY Sliding Door


This DIY sliding door can serve as a wedge between two rooms and of course it has a see-through feature. A mirrored sliding closet door double track was used for this. Fit the door and attach the rollers and some rubber stops to prevent it from swinging through.

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20. DIY Sliding Closet Door


This trimmed out diagonal design is a really cool pattern for a closet door. You will need to install the rail and take out the measurements for the door. Affix the board to the MDF. Polish the wood and get a suitable handle.

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21. How To Build A Sliding Door In 30 Minutes


This can be set up in about 30 minutes. This is sleek and modern and it will require fewer cuts. Take out your measurements. Build the door. Butter up the pieces together. Get the face trim and the side trim done. When you are done, hang.

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Whether you are looking at learning how to hang a sliding door or how to build one from scratch, this article presents you with a bunch of amazing sliding door projects that you can choose from. Before you pick one, make sure you consider how it would look in your home.

All of the projects listed here are pretty easy to follow. If you do not have woodworking skills, feel free to get help from a professional. Thanks for stopping by. Do us a favor by sharing this with someone who might need it.

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