15 Homemade DIY Skateboard Rack Hacks You Can Diy Easily

Outdoor sport activity has to include skateboard recreation for energetic youngsters. And any passionate skateboarder requires to keep the gear safe inside the house. It happens to call for a suitable rack to provide storage space for your possession.

Readymade racks merely meet the satisfaction, considering the budget, space, or design. And DIYers stand forward with multiple solutions to the storage problem. Better dig the top DIY skateboard rack ideas to feature minimal requirements on actual projection.

15 Homemade DIY Skateboard Rack Hacks You Can Diy Easily

1. Single Skateboard Hanger

It’s indeed impossible to surpass the practical simplicity of the intended idea. You need almost nothing to store your surfing or skateboard right on the wall.

The process is simple enough to cost you no time, effort & money on the project. Install a holding nail or bolt after drilling a hole on wall surfaces at a suitable height.

Hold one side of the skateboard using a belt from the bottom section. Don’t forget to drill holes at the belt ends or other substitutes to insert the bends in the nail.

2. Simple Skateboard Rack

Craft a vertical rack to store your skateboards without wasting floor space. The tutorial immediately starts with an integrated video to capture the throughout implementation.

A single 8 x 2 x 4 scrap lumber piece can accommodate up to five skateboards upon processing. You can collect cedar from local stores to impose handsaw & miter saw cuts. There are thirteen steps of execution; the last three steps feature tools, materials & plans.

And you get to browse additional design ideas through some links in the article. Likewise, the individual step includes several pictures to support all the explaining details.

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3. Striped Skateboard Rack

Spending a mere $3 can get you one functional rack to store multiple skateboards. The design consists of wooden stripes to make space for individual gear on a vertical mount.

Inclined holding pieces require your attention on its shaping before putting the assembly. Precise measurements are a must to avoid a distorted or somewhat bent platform.

After the assembly, use a drilling machine to create sufficient wall holes to insert nails. Background commentary should occupy your thought on the project towards completion.

4. Multipurpose Board Shelf

4. Multipurpose Board Shelf

Regardless of the design, size & shape, you don’t have to check for different facilities. The idea stands decorative, costs minimal bucks & customizable on-demand.

Modifying the side part of a purchased IVAR-shelf gets you to install the holding pieces. A total of seven points seem to cover the entire processing with no potential limits. And it’s possible for you to adjust the existing shelf using additional modification on future demand.

Everything on its proper measurement remains available on the implemented task. Minimal words on the project should help you to grow consciousness on its simplicity.

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5. Recycled Skateboard Support

Combine scrap or reclaimed wood with polished cooper pipe to set decorative storage. The time-lapse presentation covers everything to let you construct the support easily.

Of course, the structure primarily features a wooden frame of certain measurements. Drilling holes at definite intervals will let you connect the individual pieces of wood.

Meanwhile, vertical section holes allow the pipe to take a position from inside. Placing two pipes on the same horizontal alignment will prepare the compact skateboard storage.

6. Skateboard Deck Display

6. Skateboard Deck Display

Why not use the multiple drawer units to store the skateboards without interfering with the décor? The article simply idealizes a modification from the outside to hold the boards.

For the best part, the supporting cabinet remains fully functional & intact from the inside. You’ll require capita legs to make space for the storage using wooden nail attachment. Take your measurements to leave sufficient space for individual units following installation.

There is nothing but some pictures of the completed project from different angles. You should catch the full implementation through its illustrative detailing without any words.

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7. Space-Saving Board Shelf

Apart from the rack for skateboards, you can use the older skateboard itself for storage. The innovative idea is sure to make a notable impression on-wall-mounted items.

You’ve to remove the skateboard wheel assembly from the supporting deck. Drill holes on the surface to install nailed steel support to hold the actual frame.

Make holes at an exact deck alignment to connect the brace with repurposed skateboard using nuts. Slight commentary will help you to catch essential points on the project.

8. Wooden Skateboard Rack

8. Wooden Skateboard Rack

The complete guide allows you to establish a customized rack for storing skateboards. Following the introduction, you better check the necessary materials & tools for the task.

Then you’re to continue with four consecutive steps regarding the frame’s construction. Right after, a dual-step guide lets you mount the prepared rack to mount on the wall.

Not to mention, you’re to go through the slight tips with warnings coming right below. And the featured video is sure to assist in the project’s appropriate implementation.

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9. Compact Skateboard Platform

Keep your beloved skateboard hanging on the wall without lowering the overall décor. The video tutorial reveals an incredibly unique method to display your playtime gear.

You need to attach two different pieces of wood using a slightly distorted perpendicular pattern. The base should remain straight to let you install the frame on wall surfaces.

Position either of the wheel sides on the distorted wooden platform stepping out of the wall. Simple drilling will do the trick, letting you increase the overall décor right away.

10. Skateboard Wall Rack

10. Skateboard Wall Rack

Skip deteriorating scrap wood for metal holding support regarding skateboard storage. It concerns more dependable, sophisticated & functional layers of wall-mount decoration.

All you need is holding brackets, magnetic boards & supportive hangers. Assembling the items in a combo should introduce a solid structure to keep all your surfing gears safe.

Likewise, you’ll have to drill holes to certain intervals right on the wall surface. And the initial investment is likely to cost somewhat higher in comparison to other methods.

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11. Railed Stakeboard Storage

Repurposing a Kobalt rail system within a reasonable price lets, you store the skateboards. Despite its real intention being otherwise, the design can perfectly address your problem.

Of course, you’re free to choose anything to replace Kobalt’s framework. As the product comes ready on a purchase, the overall project gets incredibly simple with its design.

It requires immediate attachment of individual holding unit to the stretched frame. And the description should explain the action, going perfectly with the onscreen depiction.

12. Extended Skateboard Rack

12. Extended Skateboard Rack

For any skateboard enthusiast, proper skateboard storage possesses troublesome issues. And you can store all your collections using a space-saving yet sufficient facility.

It requires your precious time on the project, concerning the extent of its vertical size. Shaping the woods in a precise size calls for mechanical tools with some personal skills.

Integrated video captures the process, simplifying the task through onscreen depiction. Even the article includes a video transcript containing every word on the video.

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13. Outdoor Skateboard Rack

Turn solid wooden cardboard into usable skateboard storage for anywhere. No special requirement gets to surpass the simplicity of the intended rack design.

You’ll have to make initial measurements for a necessary number of slots at a definite interval. Of course, keeping a subtle distance between consecutive slots can provide additional help.

There are onscreen commands to help you with the process using mechanical tools. Following the completion, you’re ready to hit some astounding stunts with your friends.

14. Electric Skateboard Rack

14. Electric Skateboard Rack

Lack of space forces you to keep items hanged just like the clothes on the wall. But electric skateboard rack is sure to outmatch other options in terms of difference or mechanism.

You’ll need to assemble a reasonably longer board with risers, holding hangers & power supply. Initial investment costs some worthy bucks, allowing you to achieve a sturdy structure.

Each segment features sufficient words to explain the action, letting you catch the points. In addition, you can check necessary items using the associated pictures in individual sections.

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15. Skateboard Shelf Storage

It’s another elaborate method to recycle your old skateboards for wall-mount storage. The project resembles a similarity to the processing of indoor wall shelves for different purposes.

The time-lapse presentation lets you catch the whole trick of skateboard transformation. You need to attach several empty decks of skateboard towards a sturdier hanging platform.

Attaching steel braces to the wall surface will let you install the deck in a horizontal position. Likewise, you must ensure precise nut-bolt connectivity through some pre-installation drilling.


Making a skateboard rack requires almost no special expertise with household materials. Almost everyone with minimal resources can afford the tricks. You must figure out the necessity based on your skateboard size & count. Right there, narrowing down the available options will take no time towards implementation.

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