10 DIY Skateboard Ideas – How To Make A Skateboard

Are you a Tony Hawk fan? Well, me too. It’s okay if you do not have the money to buy that skateboard you have always wanted, I have a solution, why not try building a DIY skateboard? I know it might seem hard, but it actually isn’t. Making a skateboard is quite easy.

From cardboard skateboards to mini ones and even real-time wood ones, we have listed some of the best projects that you can try out in your spare time.

1. DIY Cardboard Skateboard

It’s super easy to make skateboarding when you have this video tutorial, although it was the first time the creator made a skateboard before, he did a great job and it looks so good. This skateboard was made out of cardboard with the use of an epoxy resin to hold it firm.

The cardboard skateboard took a long while to dry and be ready for use. So if you need something right away you might want to try another guide. This video tutorial is easy and simple to follow in terms of the steps and other instructions that you’ll need to carry out to perfect this cardboard skateboard.

2. How To Make A Skateboard At Home

So, here is a creator that used wood to make a skateboard. It wasn’t so fast to build but it was worth it. You just need 3 essential materials, an old skate, hard cardboard, and plywood. One of the reasons why this skateboard Is so great is that it’s cheap and easy to build.

The creator started this video tutorial by marking and cutting out the piece of plywood to form the shape of the skateboard that he’s looking forward to making. The next thing he did was to dismantle the old skates to fit into the plywood board.

The skate came with four wheels, so he separated them and attached one wheel to one end of the plywood board to form our skateboard. Then finally add your hard cardboard, measure the portion of the skateboard plywood board on the cardboard and cut it out to add and reinforce the skateboard.

3. How To Make A Skateboard

3. How To Make A Skateboard

If you want to make this pretty fancy but functional skateboard, here is what you need to get as your materials to start with. You need a plywood, epoxy, danish oil, hardboard, drill and drill bit, straight edge, skateboard hardware, rasp, jigsaw and bandsaw, sandpaper, a router, and a few other essential tools.

This making process is super easy. Just follow the steps properly. The first thing you should do is to make a template, a quick sketch of how the skateboard will look like. After that, continue with the steps and build your skateboard today.

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4. How To Make A Skateboard

4. How To Make A Skateboard

Here is another detailed guide on how to make a skateboard with ease. The first and most important step is buying the right wood for the project, you can get birch plywood, hard maple, hardwood, and wood glue.

For the board, you need to get a mold to place the wood board after you have cut it to the desired skateboard shape. You’ll place the board in the mold and seal it tight with a vacuum bag, and leave it for up to 8 hours for the mold to work on the board properly.

You can make the mold from several pieces of styrofoam. After that process is done, assemble the remaining pieces and this involves the skateboard hardware, the trucks, bearings, wheels, decks, and the screws and bolts.

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5. Cheap DIY Skateboard

Here is the cheapest skateboard ever made. The creator used wood, wheels, hammer, nails, and a few other tools. no power tools were used. the skateboard didn’t consume much time to make. Now, if you have a regular truck, wheels, decks, and other skateboard hardware at home then you’ll be spending only $4 to make this skateboard. Although, in the end, the skateboard wood used didn’t work out so well, you can decide to invest more in the wood and get a thicker and harder wood for your skateboard.

6. How To Make A DIY Longboard

If you’re not a fan of skateboarding, then get ready because you are about to see a board that is so fine and so functional that you’re going to fall in love with skateboarding at once. It’s quite easy to make. The instructions are simple to follow. This is not just any normal skateboard, it’s a longboard. The creator started this guide with some pieces of walnut, mahogany, and maple wood. The materials used are Sapele, walnut, maple wood, black spray paint, and wood glue. For the tools, you need a chisel, clamps, sandpaper, utility knife, screwdriver, jointer, table saw, and a few more optional tools.

7. DIY Electric Skateboard

The creator used mainly a 3D printer to make the trucks and wheels of this electric skateboard. It’s not as easy as you think but it was done in this video and maybe you can use that idea and make an electric skateboard for yourself as well. Here are the few materials the creator used, a brushless motor, battery connector, Dremel CNC, 18650 batteries, ESC substitute, pulley and belt, Lipo batteries, and ender 3. With all these materials you will make an electric skateboard effortlessly.

8. How To Build A Skateboard

8. How To Build A Skateboard

It’s a good thing that you don’t have to be an artist, a great woodworker, not even a skateboard rider to build this skateboard from scratch. The project started with the creator building the deck and then assembling all other pieces to arrive at a finished and well-designed skateboard. Check the link and see how you can build this at home with ease.

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9. DIY Mini Skateboard

9. DIY Mini Skateboard

This is a mini skateboard that a 6-year-old can build from scratch. It’s super easy and fun to build. All you need is a popsicle stick, cup of water, scissors, straw, glue gun, 4 beads, pencil,  a sheet of sandpaper, and just 20 minutes of your time.

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10. How To Make An Acrylic LongBoard

Here is how you can do it. It is super easy to build. All you have to do is follow the instruction that the creator will give in the video tutorial and you’ll be on your way to a great acrylic longboard made by you. You need a bandsaw blade, sanding pads, palm router, sanding disk, cheap trucks, and a few others. This is fun and easy to build.


Of all the DIY skateboard ideas listed in this article, my favorite is the electric skateboard, it might not be completely easy to build but it is completely amazing. I mean, it’s an electric skateboard, which means you do not have to manually use it all the time.

How about you, do you have a favorite DIY skateboard project? Let us know in the comment section below.

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