18 DIY Shelf Brackets – How To Build A Shelf Bracket

Most times, if our shelves are not fixed properly, they tend to fall off in the long run. Good shelf brackets are meant to hold your kitchen shelves to the wall comfortably without wear or tear in the nearest future.

If you want to make a DIY shelf for your kitchen, you should consider using good shelf brackets. There are different patterns and materials that can be used for kitchen shelf brackets, I have put together a list of some amazing DIY shelf brackets that you can DIY easily.

Some of the projects are woodworking projects, while others are metalworking projects. The good news is, you will definitely find the perfect brackets for your open shelving.


1. DIY Wood Shelf Brackets For Open


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These are pretty much simple and inexpensive. You will need to choose boards for open shelving. The spacing of the brackets will tell on the strength of the shelf. Cut your wood to size then sand it properly. Connect top and back pieces then attach diagonal support. You can finally stain or paint.

2. How To Build A Simple Shelf Bracket


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If you have woodwork materials, this should be an easy task for you. This simple shelf bracket requires that you measure the shelf and cut the wood accordingly. Cut the angles and add a decorative touch. Connect the pieces together through the pocket holes. You can choose to either paint or stain the brackets. Install them neatly.

3. DIY Modern Wood Shelf Brackets


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This wooden shelf bracket looks different from the regular. Instead of a long bar in the middle wedging the frame, there are two parallel cylindrical wooden creations fixed in a creative manner. This uses a pine board for the shelf and a thick maple board for the brackets. Layout 45-degree angle lines where you want your dowel to be. For that angle, make holes and assemble the dowels in it.

4. DIY Floating Shelf WIth Invisible Brackets


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Have you ever thought of a shelf with an invisible bracket? Determine how long your floating shelf should be. Use a miter saw and cut it to your size. Sand and stain the floating shelf. Hang the brackets on the wall. Drill pilot holes over your marks on the wall then tap the wall anchors into the hole with a hammer. Install the brackets then fit the holes into the wood and slide the shelf into the brackets.

5. Forged Shelf Brackets


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This shelf uses a bracket that is made of metal, to make this, you will need to work with a blacksmith to make the sizes equal. Hammer flats on the end and clean the burrs on the metal. Drill the rivet and make mounting holes. The mounting holes need to be close to the edge so you can get a screwdriver around the curved piece. Bend and add rivets then weld in the curved piece.

6. DIY Farmhouse Shelf Brackets


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This shelf bracket is made out of metal. It is shaped to fit till the front base of the shelf. To make this, you will need a table vice or a couple of bar clamps that are slid into a galvanized pipe. This was fixed-in and finally wiped clean. A coat of metal spray primer and a couple of coats of flat black spray paint, as well, was used.

7. DIY Rustic Shelf Brackets


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This shelf is structured such that heavy things will not be placed on it so that it will not fall off because the bracket may not be strong enough to hold up the shelf with the heavy things on it. The only saving grace is to increase the size of the shelf. You will need reclaimed wood, furring strips, and pine wood. Cut the pieces of wood and build the brackets. Use a weathered paint finish.

8. DIY Shelf Brackets

Are you looking for cooler designs to try out? Here’s another one you can try out. For the making process of this easy DIY shelf bracket, you will need to cut two different sizes of pieces. The dowel looks like a full bracket made like a dowel only that it is fitted into some other pieces of wood. Join the pieces together and smooth out the edges.

9. DIY Wooden Shelf Brackets

If you need an easy woodwork project then you can try this on. The first thing to do is to trim both sides of the wood then begin ripping it to the pieces you will need to use. When you have all your joints, apply some glue to join them together. I think it has to be one of the easiest shelf brackets that you can make, However, I won’t advise that you keep heavy things on the shelf.

10. How To Make Heavy Duty Brackets

This is a heavy-duty DIY Shelf bracket since the wood is relatively thick, meaning you can place very heavy kinds of stuff without having to worry about the shelf falling off. After making your pieces with the right measurements, use wood glue on them before nailing them together with screws.

11. DIY Oak Shelf Brackets

One of the amazing wood materials to use for woodwork is oak. It is pretty strong and durable. Measure and cut out your pieces of wood. Make it straight enough so you can easily get the angle for the dowel. Fix the pieces together and sand down. Use wood polish.

12. How To Make Strong Shelf Supports

This is a really classy pattern to make a shelf bracket. The brackets are not made one by one. They are made up to 3 in a row then connected to the wall where the shelf can comfortably sit on. Measure and make your markings. Drill holes; use nails to connect the pieces together. This hanger is strong enough to carry on any weight.

13. DIY Plumbing Fitting Shelf Brackets


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These DIY shelf brackets are exactly what is used for plumbing fitting this means it can be used for several uses. For the shelf, you will need a wooden board and black steel pipe floor flanges, black steel pipe nipples, pipe elbows, and screws. Assemble the pipe fitting to be used as shelf brackets. Clean and secure the plumbing fixture. Torch the shelf and fix it on.

14. Walnut And Oak Shelf Brackets


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This bracket is made from a walnut plank, oak dowel, head planes, pull saw, workbench, hand drill, screws, clamps, and other materials. To prepare the wood, use a bench dog that fits into the hole in the workbench then clamp the other end. Do your shaving and sanding. Cut the end squares and make the board even. Assemble then add a diagonal dowel. Add mounting holes and finish. The making process of these DIY shelf brackets is very easy to follow.

15. How To Make Metal Shelf Brackets

To make this DIY shelf bracket out of metal, you will need to fetch the metal. Measure and cut out the excesses. Make it long enough for the whole measurement so you don’t need to cut and join. You can just bend appropriately and get your bracket.

16. DIY Farmhouse Shelf Corbels

These corbels are really crafted and fanciful. Research shapes and sizes to get the best one for you. Use a graph sheet to draw out your pattern. Trace the paper template on square plywood that is cut out. Use lumber and cut the shape carefully out. There will be some imperfections so use a sanding tool to get smooth edges. Make a slot for the keyhole hanger. The making process would take a while to complete, but you will be proud of what you were able to make in the end.

17. DIY Metal Shelf Brackets


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This is a pretty shelf bracket made from a metal motorcycle sprocket and a reclaimed pine joist. You will also need mounting bolts for this. To make the bracket, prepare the sprocket weld it enough to be able to support a shelf. Prepare the metal bar then weld the entire bracket. Finish it up as well. When mounting, you will need to mark the top of the bracket to know the best spot. Prepare the shelf and mount.

18. Easy Shelf Brackets

This is a really easy DIY shelf bracket that is made from metal with a wooden pattern. The wooden piece serves as the pattern to create the metal piece. Insert the wooden piece between the two metal pieces and weld the metal dowel to the metal piece below.

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