25 DIY Rock Climbing Wall – How To Make A Bouldering Wall Indoor & Outdoor

Do you love rock climbing? It’s not everyday one gets to do actual rock climbing, one quick way to rock climb is to build one at home. In this DIY article, I have put together a couple of DIY rock climbing wall projects made by other people.

The kids are not left out of the rock climbing fun, I have also included indoor and outdoor rock climbing projects for kids that you can DIY.


1. DIY Rock Climbing Wall


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This is one of those projects that will take a while to build. In this DIY guide, the creator will take you on a journey of building a rock climbing wall. I would suggest this guide if you are looking at building a simple outdoor rock climbing wall for yourself and kids. The making process involves the use of a lot of tools.

2. DIY Climbing Wall


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The kids should not be left out of the rock climbing fun. You can dedicate a segment of the wall in their room and build this sweet kids rock climbing wall. To make this, the creator nailed some wood on the wall and then attached some rock climbing handholds. Your kids will love it, trust me.

3. Ultimate Guide To Building Rock Climbing Wall


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Building a rock climbing wall is not as easy as it looks. They are certain to do and don’ts that you should consider before building yours, that way you avoid accidents that could probably occur due to a poorly built rock climbing wall. In this DIY tutorial, you will learn all you need to know about building a rock climbing wall.

4. How To Build A Home Climbing Wall


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Are you looking for a guide that will show you how to calculate the numbers before making a rock climbing wall? Here’s the one to check out. This tutorial will show you how to take all the basic measurements. However, the tutorial is quite complex and I would only recommend it for professional woodworkers.

5. How To Build Kids Climbing Wall


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With this rock climbing wall at the front or back of your home, your kids would have so much fun. This guide shows how to build a rock climbing wall for your kids outdoors. Due to the inverted V shape, there’s enough space to climb and descend.

6. Making A Kids Climbing Ramp


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The use of different colors on this kid climbing ramp makes it pretty amazing. Your kids can decide to use either of the sides to climb. For the making process, you will need some paint, climbing rocks, wallboards, and a couple of other tools.

7. How To Build Rock Climbing Wall


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With this idea, you can have fun and also add beauty to your home. I love how a segment of the wall is dedicated to rock climbing. This guide will show you how you can make a rock climbing wall as beautiful as this in your home. Here’s a pro tip, when purchasing climbing rocks, go with colors that would match with your home decor.

8. How To Build A Climbing Cave In Your Attic


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Your attic or garage doesn’t need to be a boring place. One way to add beauty to your attic would be by building a climbing cave. Before making this, make sure your attic or garage has enough room. This is a woodworking project, don’t forget to bring some woodworking tools along.

9. Kids Rock Climbing Wall


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If you are considering building a climbing wall for the little kids, the wall should stay inside the house, this would keep them safe from outdoor hazards. I love how the creator painted the wall with so many bright colors. Your kid would surely love his or her new rock climbing wall.

10. Outdoor Rock Climbing Wall


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I know a modern style rock climbing wall needs to be high enough. In this tutorial, you will be walked through how to build a rock climbing wall for adults. The process of making one of these would take a while to complete but it would be worth it in the end. This project will also show you how to make the climbing rocks.

11. How To Make An Indoor Rock Climbing Wall

The kids’ rock climbing wall is best for indoor use. Most adults prefer building their rock-climbing walls outdoors. But Adults too can have an indoor rock climbing wall, in this guide, you’ll learn how to make an indoor rock climbing wall suitable for adults.

12. Easy Build Rock Climbing Wall

Most outdoor rock climbing walls are made of wood and thus require woodworking skills, but if you do not have the skills, you can ask someone experienced to assist you with the woodworking aspect. In this DIY guide, the creator with the help of someone else was able to build this huge rock climbing wall outdoor.

13. How To Install Rock Climbing Wall Indoor For Kids

Here’s yet another DIY rock climbing wall for kids, it can be used indoor and outdoor. I love the fact that it isn’t too high, this gives me the feeling that my kids would be a bit safe. The installation process is pretty straightforward. I won’t recommend this for adults.

14. DIY Childs Climbing Wall


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Trust me, I am not being biased. Children love climbing, so, I decided to include as many options and designs as possible so you get to choose what you think is best for your kids. This DIY rock climbing wall has a few climbing rocks here and there. I think it is great for kids.

15. Freestanding Indoor Rock Climbing Wall DIY


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I found this freestanding indoor rock climbing wall and I thought it was a fantastic idea. Before going ahead to make this, you need to be sure that you have enough space in your home for it. The rock climbing wall is quite huge. Adults can use it, even your kids who are old enough can use it.

16. Building An Indoor Bouldering Wall For Kids


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The use of a map background for the wall is a plus to this indoor bouldering wall for kids. The making process of this DIY rock climbing wall will require the use of a lot of woodworking tools and materials. Before making this, also ensure that you have enough space.

17. How To Build An Outdoor Rock Climbing Wall

With this DIY rock climbing wall, you can train yourself for the real deal. I don’t think you should go rock climbing if you have not previously used an outdoor or indoor rock climbing wall. For the making process, you will need a saw, drill, ladder, hammer, rope, and a lot more.

18. Basics Of Building A Home Climbing Wall

This tutorial will give you tips on the tools, space, and supplies needed to build your very own DIY rock climbing wall. This DIY project is ideal for people who do not have any construction experience. After reading this article, you should get a grasp of the basics of building a home climbing wall.

19. DIY Climbing Wall


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Here’s a great hack I stumbled upon. In this DIY tutorial, the creator used wood to create this amazingly outstanding climbing wall. This is one of those projects that would take a long time to complete, but you’ll surely love the finished work.

20. How To Build A Bouldering Wall


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This guide is for people who want to go overboard and build a bouldering wall. The process takes a lot of time to complete, but you would eventually get the hang of it thanks to Dave Patton for giving top-notch tips on how to build a bouldering wall.

21. Rock Climbing Wall Idea


Here’s one of those DIY tutorials that do not require special skills. Also, you will only need a few supplies like some nails, cutout wood, and a hammer to put this rock climbing wall together. All you need to do is nail the wood to the wall in specific locations.

22. DIY Home Climbing Wall


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Here’s another indoor home climbing wall for adults that you can DIY. A rock-climbing wall is a great way to have fun with your family indoor. The best part is, this particular DIY rock climbing wall can be built for less than $200.

23. How To Build A Rock Climbing Wall For Kids


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You are a lucky person if your kids aren’t constantly climbing on things at home. One way to get them to stop climbing stuff at home is by building a rock climbing wall for them. In this DIY tutorial, you will learn how to build a simple rock-climbing wall. With the tips listed, you would be able to build one anywhere.

24. Rock Climbing Hand Holds

Jungle Gym Kingdom Rock Wall Climbing Holds Kit - 25 Piece Indoor or Outdoor for Kids Play Set - DIY Ninja Obstacle Course Hand Hold Kid Grip Accessory - 8 Foot Knotted Rope - Children Playground Wall

You cannot make a rock climbing wall without rock climbing handholds. I included this as a quick fix to your rock climbing needs. In this package, you will find 25 rock climbing handholds, and an 8 foot knotted rope.

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25. Wall Climbing Grips

TOPNEW 32 Rock Climbing Holds Multi Size for Kids, Adult Rock Wall Holds Climbing Rock Wall Grips for Indoor and Outdoor Playground Play Set - Includes 2 Inch Mounting Hardware

Here’s another set of rock climbing holds, this package comes with 32 wall grips, it is perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Also, it can be used by kids or adults.

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