15 DIY Punching Bag Projects To Make From Home

Nothing beats a good full-body workout routine and punching bags are an effective way to work the upper and lower body – including the core – asides from building upper strength and power. This makes them a must-have item for anyone who is seriously interested in any of the above and those in the boxing scene.

Like with most exercise equipment, the cost of a good punching bag can be a bit daunting at times, this is where DIY punching bags step in.

In this list of DIY punching bags, resources have been gathered to teach you how to make a punching bag on your own and at a considerably reduced cost to you. Go through the list to find which DIY punching bag fits your needs and let’s get started on giving you perfection.


1. DIY Homemade Punching Bag

One of the simplest and easiest ideas for a DIY homemade punching bag, this idea incorporates old carpets to form the perfect punching bag for you; basically, an old rug rolled around a wooden pole, covered with garbage bags to make it water-resistant and a lot of black duct tape. It is simple, effective, and uses materials already available around the house, so you’ll be spending little or next to nothing to get this done.

2. DIY Punching Bag Less Than $25

Another really great DIY punching bag idea is this DIY punching bag that costs less than $25 to assemble. You could actually get away with spending nothing if you have all the required supplies already. This under $25 DIY punching bag works as a double-ended bag rather than a heavy bag, this way you have the added bonus of getting to work your head movement and footwork.

3. How To Make A Punching Bag Under $20

This under $20 punching bag is actually a DIY reflex boxing speed bag or ball. It requires a bit of drilling to secure the pole used and although the one made in this tutorial is pretty fast, you can make it as slow or fast as you want.

4. DIY Punching Bag


Supplies required to make this 20-30lbs DIY punching bag include 2 drawstring bags, duct tape, sand, and a piece of rope. All these will cost you little or next to nothing while providing you with the perfect punching bag for your routine. It’s also easy to whip up the entire ensemble in a jiffy which gives this particular DIY extra points!

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5. DIY Pocket Punching Bag


Perfect if you like to throw in a little workout in odd places or let off some steam without using a stress ball. This could actually be really helpful for anger management and its portable size means you can carry this DIY pocket punching bag around easily. The only items needed are a textbook cloth protector, pen spring, yarn, chopsticks, thread and needle, suction cup, and super glue.

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6. How To Make A Punching Bag


With pictorial references to make for an easy guide, this instructable will teach you how to make a punching bag with 2 different methods – more like a 2 for the price of one discount sale! One method involves hanging up the finished punching bag while the other method makes use of a concrete base to keep the punching bag standing upright in one spot – so the first is removable while the second is permanently fixed.

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7. DIY Homemade Punching Bag


Grab 3 or more old tires and you can fashion out this DIY homemade punching bag in no time. You can string them up the way they are or saw and bolt them together in creative ways to make DIY uppercut bags. Whichever the case, you’ll find materials to guide you along the process in this tutorial.

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8. How To Make A Punching Bag Out Of Pillowcase


You’re going to regret every old pillowcase you ever threw out by the time you’re done learning how to make a punching bag out of pillowcases. Requiring just a few household resources and a bit of your time, you’ll need pillowcases, a hanging hook, rope, sand, duct tape, pillows, and a duffel bag. This 6 step guide will have you setting out your items, filling the pillowcases, placing the pillowcases in a duffel bag, filling up any spaces left in the bag, securing it all around with duct tape, and finally, hanging up the bag for use.

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9. DIY Punching Bag



Recycling is healthy for the environment and in this case, healthy for you too! For this DIY punching bag, you’ll be recycling old clothes, newspaper, foam sheet, wire coat hanger, and some other materials to get the perfect punching bag in just 4 simple and stress-free steps. Pretty cool right?

To make the base of your punching bag, you’ll need a PVC pipe, round-shaped cardboards (the more you use, the stronger your base), and a bolster case or old jeans. Feel free to have some needles and thread lying close by as it’s okay for you to sew up certain parts of your punching bag if you don’t quite trust the strength of the joining.

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10. How To Make A Standing Punching Bag

Starting off with some serious metalwork, this DIY standing punching bag is not for the faint of heart. This is for folks who have heavy machinery to cut and weld iron and all other kinds of fancy tools. All the tech aside, it is a pretty cool DIY punching bag that won’t make you wish you’d bought one instead.

11. DIY Punching Bag from Old Jeans

A DIY punching bag that you’re sure would cost you $0 to make is this DIY punching bag from old jeans. It is also environment friendly as you are basically recycling materials; you are going to be using old jeans and tiny wood waste.

To make the bag a bit harder, you can add sand to the filling instead of just wood waste and add a rubber at the base of the bag to fasten it to the ground and reduce the movement. This DIY punching bag is great for increasing your punching power while emptying your wardrobe of old jeans without having to throw them away.

12. How To Make A Punching Bag At Home

Learn how to make a punching bag at home with some old jeans, needle and thread, a foam sheet, old clothes, newspaper, and sand. The jeans will be used as the body of the punching bag, with the old clothes layered over the inner part one after the other and stitched to the jean; reinforcing the material.

You can use wood shavings and sand for the infilling or any other materials you desire to give a weight you will be more comfortable with and still get an awesome result

13. DIY Punching Bag From Scrap


Literally made from scrap/trash, this DIY punching bag from scrap makes a punching bag using empty feed bags. For this tutorial, the instructor uses empty 50-pound feed bags, duct tape, a bit of hay twine, and a pair of scissors or knife. The first step is to line one feed bag with another, stuffing it in such a way that they are evenly spread instead of bunched up against each other. Next up is filling the bag up with weeds or any other filler of your choice, putting the third bag over the first two, creating a baby harness out of the hay twin or whatever ropes you’re using, and wrapping up the whole ensemble with duct tape. The baby harness helps to distribute the weight of the bag evenly, such that it doesn’t rip.

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14. DIY Punching Bag

Asides from the amazingly outstanding soundtrack, this DIY punching bag project offers so much more in its ease of build and effectiveness. Supplies needed include a knife, large needle, straw, keldeo cover, nylon ropes, wood shavings, and sack bags.

Some of the supplies might be called by a different name where you reside, so be sure to go through the video to see if you recognize the items that you need. The process of making this DIY punching bag is not time-consuming and does not require expertise of any sort, all you have to do is follow the tutorial video and you’ll be all set.

15. How To Make A Punching Bag

Simple and cheap, a burlap bag, duffel bag, potato sack, or any other sack can be used to learn how to make a punching bag. Sawdust is an excellent choice for filling in the bag; you can also use san, wood shavings, and other odds and ends. At the end of this tutorial video, you would have made a perfectly good punching bag at zero cost, with barely any strenuous activity required.


Getting fit is good business for your body. Most of the DIY punching bag projects listed in this article are pretty easy to make. We have come to the end of this article. The comments section is officially opened for questions and contributions regarding this article.

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