10 DIY Projector Screen Plans You Can Diy Easily

Building your home or backyard theater requires a projector. And the right projector screen can deliver larger than life depictions every time.

But the setup seems pretty expensive for any occasional or tight-budget users. Why no settle for some of the preferable DIY projector screen ideas?


1. Cheap Projector Screen


Shape up a suitable screen to match your specs to enjoy decent-level image quality. You’re to understand the essential things prior to its practical idealization.

Necessary materials with tools come in wordy sentences to explain the relevant functionality. There are three different ways to make the projector screen viable with interior décor.

You’re to choose from Fixed Frame, Portable Screen, or Direct Wall Surface. Each segment comes with several sub-sections to cover a certain job with supporting details.

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2. Simple Projector Screen

The demonstration comes incredibly simple, without any verbosity or mechanical complexity. And the overall cost measures $4, cheaper than any other method. You’ll need two rolled high-gloss gift wrapping paper.

Connecting the edges using double sides tapes will induce the primary screen. And you’re to hang the jointed papers right on a suitable frame. The project is unbelievably simple, requiring no extra words on the task.

3. Indoor Theater Screen


Save the decent bucks on a readymade projector screen to enjoy an excellent picture quality. And the project lets you customize any definitely sized screen to fit your needs.

There are ten steps to implement, 1st to determine the size & 2nd one to gather the materials. The remaining segments directly concern with its throughout structuring. After the framing, you need to conduct some tests to judge the acceptance of onscreen colors.

It’s better to paint the screen with white color for viewing the absolute best image quality. There are pictures for every step, revealing the core facts of the entire project.

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4. Collapsible PVC Screen Frame

The featured video tutorial lets you make a perfect backyard theater under $200. And the budget accounts for everything, including the projector itself. It just requires precise cutting of PVC pipes to establish the supporting connections.

Live commentary will keep explaining all the associated facts with the ongoing project. All the necessary materials are enlisted right below the YouTube screen page. The outcome is satisfying, ready for applications indoor & outdoor.

5. Portable Projector Screen


Transform any ordinary wrinkled bed sheet into a functional makeshift projector screen. Anyone with a tight budget requiring standard specs should settle for the project.

Starting with the materials, the steps continue with its implementing construction. Necessary materials come enlisted, costing you less than $10 at once. There are only three steps, completing with the free-hanging sheet from reliable support.

And the pointed segments in construction will help to capture a perfect frame within the house. Additional pictures for each step are likely to induce maximum clarity.

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6. Movie Screen for Projector

Interconnected PVC pipes make a supportive frame to hold the projector screen. But the straps leave no visible space between the pipe bar & screen material. The introductory part only describes the frame, skipping the frame construction.

But you’ll get to see the final assembly, allowing the screen to get attached with PVC. The depiction comes incredibly simple, without spending lots of bucks. For the pipe dimensions, you should choose standards of sufficient weighing capacity.

7. Hanging Projector Screen


Large-sized screen comes with one obvious problem with its proper installation or setup. But the tutorial lets you understand the tricks of hanging such big screens. It’s one beginner-level project to require an initial investment of $150 up to $250.

Following the essential points on the task, you’re to go through the interlinked video guidance. And the table is likely to feature the specs for individual screen sizes, totaling five sizes. The processing appears somewhat long with lengthy segments before the steps.

The instructing commands come incredibly simple, skipping additional complexity. Supporting pictures dominate the whole section, letting you visualize the project. For the completion, you should get extra hands to ensure its proper hanging.

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8. Projector Screen Basics


Start enjoying all the vivid colors of your favorite program, TV series, or movie right at home. The article enables a $100 to $200 budget screen for beginner-level DIYers.

You’ll get to know the fundamental points to follow the introductory segment. The next section discusses the screen specs to match the demand at a rightful time. Right there, you can start looking at the necessary material to reach the implementing steps.

The task comprises nine pointed instructions to accomplish the ultimate objectives. Words come simple enough with some supporting pictures to initiate quick catchup.

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9. Blackout Cloth Projector Screen

The video maintains a convenient pace with an impressive onscreen outline. It reveals everything you’ll need on set for pulling off the job. Background speeches occupy the frame to support the details on standstill pictures’ motion.

For anyone, it’ll take some time to understand the whole processing. You can easily match the commercial theater experience with its performance. But the adaptive quality is likely to enlighten your mind with further ideas.

10. Outdoor Projector Screen


Setup price for an outdoor movie theater is ridiculously high, featuring a projector screen. But the tutorial lets you make a custom screen with some reasonable considerations.

On the Quick Navigation table, there are a total of 6 segments to cover the article. Apart from the screen & legality, the implementation concerns with wall, frame, curtain & PVC.

Each section comes with sufficient words to clear the associated facts right away. But the PVC Projector Screen specifically features an integrated video to explain the points.

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You don’t need any expertise or massive initial purchase to make a homemade screen. It simply requires your time, resources & careful implementations. Right there, you can satisfy the specs without pressing the wallet.

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