10 DIY Powder Coating Oven Plans: Do It Yourself Easily

Welcome to another amazing DIY powder coating oven project that will teach you in the easiest and coolest of ways, how to make a powder coating oven. These ovens simply heat powder coated parts, in a successful attempt to bake the powder on them.

Some of the powder-coated ovens on my list are electrically heated, or gas-fired, depending on which you prefer more. So, let’s dive in, and see the amazing ways several creators made their powder coating ovens.

1. How To Build A Powder Coating Oven

1. How To Build A Powder Coating Oven

This guide will teach you how to build a powder coating oven from start to finish. Here are some amazing features of this powder coating oven, it has 4 recessed 2000 watt heating elements, a recessed convention fan and ducting, 20-gauge sheet metal with 16-gauge sheet metal on the floor, a PID controller, rivet construction, no welding done in this project, and a few other essential features. With all those, you can have an idea of what you will be making, check the link for a quick rundown on the simple, easy-going steps to follow.

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2. DIY Powder Coating Oven

This is a super cheap powder coating oven that the creator of this video tutorial guide made. A brand new powder coating oven can go for $3000, and up to $25000, in some cases. This powder coating oven in this guide was made for just $250 to $500, and it has a size of a $6000 powder coating oven. You need to get some metal galvanized sheets, some square tubing, and some simple tools to make the inside of the oven. The creator already got his hands on a used house oven off of a Facebook marketplace for $75, If you can be that lucky, it would go a long way to save you some cash. The making process is super easy and quick.

3. DIY Propane Powered Powder Coating Oven

Here is a smooth propane powdered powder coating oven that is super easy to make with just a few materials like metal tubing, metal galvanized sheets, that will be used to build a rack in and out of the oven. You’re going to be building the extensions of this oven if you decide to try out this guide and see what you can do with some propane. This oven is quite big and with step-by-step instructions, even a beginner can give this project a try.

4. How To Build Powder Coating Oven

This video tutorial guide will show you parts of the details of a powder coating oven and how you can make one from scratch. The creator did more of building, assembling, welding, and less talking. The details shown are through the making process, everything is seen as it was assembled. More information on the price, materials, and other important features of the powder coating oven made in this video is in the video description link.

5. DIY Powder Coating Oven Build

5. DIY Powder Coating Oven Build

This oven is easy to build, and just in the perfect size, not too big and not too small, practically, it will take the size of the upright freezer that you’ll be using for this guide Here are a few materials that you’ll need to get started, a PID controller, misc screws and wires, one 4x8ft metal sheet, one upright freezer, this can be easy to find if you have an old upright freezer just laying around, a breaker box, a 220v plug, high-temperature paint, oven elements, and a few Other essential parts.

First, you need to remove all the plastic shells, compressors, and some wiring from Inside the freezer. Next, use a WWII metal brake to make angles for the box, then mount some casters, breaker box, and other elements. Check out the full tutorial for complete details.

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6. DIY Powder Coating Oven From Smoker

Here is a sweet video that will show you how to build a powder coating oven from either a used or new electric smoker. The modifications did by the creator keep this oven at a good temperature, and in less than 12 minutes, can get it to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The powder coating oven uses small pink insulation and other parts that might come with the smoker, if it’s a new one you intend to get it, and if you decide to use this video guide to build your powder coating oven. You can get a new smoker for just $158 through Amazon, or try the Facebook marketplace.

7. How To Make A Powder Coat Oven

Making a powder coating oven has to do with getting the right parts ready, these parts will determine a whole lot in the overall outcome of the oven. For this video guide, the creator used some metal tubing, the internal depth of the oven is 48 inches, while the width is 52 inches, and finally, the internal height is 77 inches.

The first thing that was done in this video was the measuring and cutting of the metal tubing, when they were at the right dimensions, the creator assembled them and formed the floor frame, using a  metal sheet to cover it up. The floor frame is 10ga MSPL. After all that the next parts to assemble are the rear walls, then the two sides, and finally, attach the roof to it. This is a simple project, easy to build, and convenient for personal use.

8. Powder Coating Oven DIY

A galvanized metal sheet is one of the most essential parts of making a powder coating oven, but the kind of galvanized metal sheet you use, says a lot about the quality of your oven. The creator used a 22G/0.8mm galvanized metal sheet, a 72C50 (72mm subassembly thickness) metal U channel, 4mm rivets, and a few other tools and materials. This time-lapse video guide shows you how the oven was made from scratch and it’s quite easy and simple to build.

9. Cheap Powder Coat Oven From Kitchen Oven

The powder coating oven made by the creator in this video is super easy to build, and super cool, and has an average size, not too big, nor small. The heating elements the creator used were from an old gas cooker, so that should give you an idea of where to get your heating elements if you decide to use this guide to build a super cheap powder coat oven from a kitchen oven.

Also, this is a powder coat oven with wiring. In addition to the heating elements that you would take from the kitchen gas oven, you will also take out the wiring system and rewire it into your newly built powder coating oven. It cost about $100 to build this oven.

10. DIY File Cabinet Powder Coating Oven

Here is a great file cabinet powder coating oven that you can build for just $255 or less. I am going to list out some of the essential parts you’ll need for this project with their prices. You’ll need an aluminum sheet that goes for $48, a file cabinet for $30, 3 pieces of high heat white paint for $38, R-30 unfaced insulation for $25, a high heat door sealer for $19, 220v plug for $19, wire loom for $12, hinges, latch, washers for $18, a heat resistant handle for $5, and a few more important parts.

You most importantly need an oven, unlike the other parts that can be gotten locally or from Amazon, the oven the creator got was from the Facebook marketplace for just $30. Once you have all these parts ready, the next step is building and assembling the parts to make your oven. It’s effortlessly easy and simple to build. Check the description link below the video to get a direct link to where you can buy those parts for that price on Amazon.


That’s a wrap! You can build as many powder coating ovens as possible. The parts are easy to find and easy to use. The steps are concise and easy enough. You don’t need to have a high skill level to build a powder coating oven, all you need to do is to get the right parts, follow the steps and start building.

Powder coating ovens can come in various sizes it depends on if you want to build one for personal use or commercial. Once you’ve got the idea in mind, the size is up to you. The guide on my list above features several sizes, making it easy for you to take a pick on the one you prefer. Thanks for your time on this DIY article, I hope you find the right DIY powder coating oven to suit your needs.

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