25 DIY Piggy Bank Projects – How To Make A Piggy Bank

Getting a piggy bank is a good way to save money. Making one is the perfect way to save your money. There are a couple of ideas you can come up with for a DIY piggy bank.

In this article, we have put together 25 DIY piggy bank projects you can make with ease. You’ll just need to get a few materials and then follow the steps for the project you want to DIY. Feel free to make adjustments and be creative.


1. How To Make A Piggy Bank At Home Easy

Using a piggy bank will help you learn to save. This is made of a carton in a cube shape and you can retrieve the money at any time. Cut the measurements of the carton and assemble it.

The making process is pretty much easy to follow.

2. DIY Piggy Bank Plastic Bottle


You can convert an old bottle into a useful savings container for yourself. You just need to tweak it a little so people don’t mistake it for something else. Cut out a piece of colored paper and wrap around the bottle halfway. Cut out pig ears and place where the wrap ends then fix eyes. Fit 4 buttons on the bottom to serve as legs and pipe cleaner as the tail.

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3. DIY Wooden Animal Coin Bank


Here’s a fun project that you and the kids can make in your spare time. There are different animal shapes that you can use to make a savings bank. This is made of wood and with different attractive colors. This will encourage your kids to save.

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4. DIY Wooden Piggy Bank


My favorite part about this project is the staining. That seems to be the easiest part of the making process. This piggy bank is made of wood, the process of putting this together requires a lot of wood and woodworking tools. You’ll have to follow 18 steps to make this wooden piggy bank.

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5. DIY Piggy Bank


Here’s another fun project you can DIY. This is created from a plastic grommet and you can also use cork. Carve out the piece you want with the sides glued on a hollowed-out center. Make a hole in the creation and paint the piggy.

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6. Children DIY Piggy Bank

Are your kids in need of a piggy bank? Here’s a project for them. This uses a clear bottle that will be decorated. Make the inscriptions on the bottle and use a tissue roll to cut out the legs. Paint as desired.

7. Wooden Piggy Bank For Kids

To make this cube piggy bank, you will need to know how to work with wood materials. Create a pattern and cut it out. Sand and carve then make a hole to insert the money. You can also paint it.

8. DIY Electronic Piggy Bank


This is a wooden piggy bank that counts all the money using a flex sensor and reset button displayed with an LCD screen. The first step is to make the LCD operating system then make a wooden box and assemble it. The making process of this project might be harder for some people.

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9. DIY Coconut Piggy Bank


This is a really unique piggy bank made of coconut shell. Remove the flesh from the coconut after breaking it evenly. Make holes it ain’t for the eyes. Use a jute thread for the tail. Seal the coconut shell and add a tail made of resin.

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10. How to Make a Piggy Bank From a Shadow Box Frame


With this piggy bank, you can always see your money through the glass frame. Use decorative paper for the background then insert the description you like then cut out the money slot. Assemble again.

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11. DIY Wooden Piggy Bank

Woodwork has never been so perfect. This piggy bank is somewhat flat and you can slide in your money to keep it safe. Place the pattern on the wood and carve out the pattern with a machine.

12. How To Make A Wooden Piggy Bank

This is simple to do. Just cut out the pieces you will need. Set the parts out for the compartments and shape the wood to taste. Drill holes for the coins to slide in comfortably. Sand and polish.

13. DIY Ice Cream Piggy Bank

Making a plastic DIY piggy bank is not stressful. First thing is to clean the container then cut a slit at the lid to slide in money. This is a quick project that you can make with your kid. The steps are easy, the materials used can easily be gotten.

14. DIY Cement Piggy Bank

Here will require some good work to be done. Get an old piggy bank, cement, paint, and paintbrush. Cut the old piggy bank into two. Mix the cement and plaster within. When it is dry, take the plastic off and paint.

15. DIY Piggy Bank With Bottle


It is easier to break a bottle and remove your money when there is a need for it. to make it unique, get an image for the background, and attach it with a mod podge. As soon as it gets dried fix the cap and create a hole for slotting in money. You can paint it with acrylic.

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16. DIY Piggy Bank


You can use a supplement container for this. Make a slot using a knife where your money will fit into. Paint the bottle and use bottle caps for the legs. Attach the eyes and nostrils. You can use felt for the ears. A length of pipe cleaner can serve as the tail.

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17. How To Make A Piggy Bank In 3 Ways


This presents 3 unique ways to go about making your piggy bank. The first step is to use a plastic bottle and cut out the side to fit money then decorate. The second is to use a mason jar and create a hole in the lid then decorate. The last is to work with a paper Mache and a balloon. Inflate, paste, deflate, and paint.

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18. DIY Piggy Bank For Children


Art and craft can come in an amazing way. Take off the original wrapper from the jar and cut a slit in the lid. Washi tape is easy to work with and it comes in various designs and colors. Use it around the jar.

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19. DIY Angry Birds Piggy Bank


The materials used to make this piggy bank are wood and a plastic jar. Strange combo but you would love the outcome. Cut out the piggy head and the rear. Paint them the way you want and then assemble them with the jar. Don’t forget to insert the hole.

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20. DIY Piggy Bank


No need to recycle, this is a perfect old jug to use. Before you paint the jug, use sandpaper to scratch it a little, it will make the paint stick better. Use felt for the ears, eyes, and tail. Make a slit for the money to go through if you don’t want to use the lid.

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21. How To Make A Piggy Bank From Cardboard

This piggy bank is made of cardboard and it has a lid where you can open up and take out your money. Measure out the parts on the cardboard and cut. Assemble them together with an open window at the side.

22. DIY Minions Piggy Bank

This takes the form of the character minions and it is made from a plastic jar and some colored papers. Use the papers to decorate the jar and form the minions by forming pieces and gluing.

23. DIY Airplane Piggy Bank For Kids

This airplane piggy bank is made from a plastic coke bottle. Wrap the bottle with paper leaving out the two ends for the wings. Cut out scraps of cardboard to use for the decorations after making a slit for the coins to pass through.

24. DIY Sequins Piggy Bank


There is fun making this with your kids because they will not just know how to be creative, they will learn to save. Different collections of sequins are used for this project. You will need sequins, print paper, a tube with a lid, and a knife. Cover the container with paper and begin to decorate. Make a hole in the lid for the money.

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25. DIY Piggy Banks


You can start to teach your kids the value of money. Make piggy banks with different labels and help them have a saving culture. Get transparent jars and paint them after making inscriptions. Make a space in the lid.

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Making a piggy bank is a fun project that you can do with your kids. It’s a great way to increase the parent-child bond and also teach your kids how to save money from a tender age. All the projects listed in this article are very easy to make.

Before choosing a DIY project you want to make, be sure you can easily get the materials and tools used. Thanks for stopping by.

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