27 DIY Photo Album Projects – How To Make A Photo Book

When the thought of sticking your pictures on the wall or the cupboard comes remind yourself that there are other better ways to get this done than messing up the whole environment. Photo albums are great for storing memories that would have been lost.

In this guide, I have put together a list of 27 DIY photo album projects that you can make in a jiffy.


1. How To Make A DIY Photo Album


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Making a photo album for your family and loved ones is as simple as ABC. All you need to do is get the necessary tools you will need to get this done. Watercolor is the highpoint of this beautiful piece. Getting one shouldn’t be that expensive.

2. DIY Tiny Photo Album


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Pictures are for memories. Don’t lose really important memories for some flimsy excuse of not having a DIY photo album. It is really easy and affordable to make. Saves you so many expenses when trying to pick it from the supermarket. Hardcovers are always good to preserve the pictures within the book. You can tweak yours a little.

3. DIY Brag Book Photo Album


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You can always give your children wonderful memories to ponder on from their childhood. Let every moment be captured. This zigzag photo album can comfortably be done with cardboard.

4. DIY Indestructible Photo Album


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Once, I made a trip to France and there were a whole lot of memories I never wanted to forget. Good thing I traveled with my camera. The best way to preserve those memories is to leave them in a DIY photo album of unforgettable memories. This is a whole lot of work to do from measuring to drilling and binding.

5. DIY Photo Album Flip


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You can always gift your loved ones a photo album. To make it more special, you can print lovely pictures of yourselves in it. That way, they can never forget you. And how you made them feel at a particular time. With this wooden frame, you can flip pictures at any time.

6. 3 Ways To Make A Photo Album


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Photo albums are one of the best preservers of memories. Lose a photo album that contains pictures of a lovely memory that lasted for a year and you have lost the entire year. If you do not want that to happen then you might as well craft a DIY photo album for yourself now. These 3 different styles are unique and any of them can suffice.

7. DIY Creative Box Photo Album


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If you want to make an amazing gift for your father, mother, best friend, or loved ones then you don’t need to search anymore. This DIY photo album is pretty much easy to make and can suffice as a precious gift. This photo album box is simple yet classy. You can use a different color if you wish.

8. Homemade Photo Album


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If you want to create a treasure chest of memories then think about making one of these photo albums. You will certainly get emotional while making one because it contains a lot of great memories that one will not easily want to part with. Let’s get started with one today! Measurements are exhausting but if you use the right hard paper, you will be excited at what comes out.

9. How To Make A Wedding Photo Album


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Wedding photo books are somewhat expensive if you want to get someone outside to do one for you. Instead of allowing yourself to pass through that much stress, why not sit in the comfort of your home and make an amazing photo book for your wedding day. You can sit with your spouse and view this all year long. There are a lot of options to choose a cover from but I prefer Shutterfly.

10. DIY Scrapbook Photo Album


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Have you tried preserving, presenting, and arranging personal or family history in the form of a book? Well, it’s very easy and you are not the only one that needs this. The laminators can help preserve the quality of the images in the long run.

11. DIY Instagram Photo Album

Photo albums are not meant to cost much and simple design should be able to match the photo collections that you have. Are you designing for a baby or your aged parents? Tweak it a little to look like the occasion. Screw punches are one of the best tools to make a hole for the ribbons.

12. How To Create A Photo Album For Christmas

Photo albums can hold as many pictures as you desire. The interesting part of this DIY photo album is that you can design them to meet the number of pictures that you want for it. Don’t try to settle for less. You can take up your decorations as you wish. A white hardcover will certainly glow.

13. DIY Glass Photo Album

Creativity should not be hindered when you wish to craft something out of the ordinary. Try using a firm thumbtack on the top and bottom or at the four sides to be able to wedge the glass album.

14. How to Make a Scrapbook Album in a Camera Box


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Your scrapbook does not have to look like a book entirely. You can always tweak it to look more appealing and different. This scrapbook is in the form of a camera and it will be nice to view the images with an iced glass of Chapman. Instead of painting the box, you can use decorative paper to make it easier and faster.

15. DIY Mini Memory Photo Album


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Are you guilty of taking really beautiful pictures on your phone or camera then saving these memories on the cloud and never going back to look at them again? Well, here’s a mini memory photo album that you can store those pictures in the cloud.

16. DIY Photo Album With Intax Film


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Getting a quality photo album is somewhat costly. The truth is, if you want to be able to remember your memories then get them in a book. This DIY photo book is heavenly. Spiral-bound photo books are simply great.

17. DIY Fabric Photo Album For Baby


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Your baby needs to grow up with awesome memories of their childhood. Take any and every picture. From when they began to teeth, to when they began to crawl then walk and run. This is pretty much easy to make and you will not need to break a sweat to get this done. You can use a fashionable ribbon if it’s a girl.

18. How To Make An Easy Photo Album At Home

Sometimes it can be frustrating to look for the perfect color, perfect size of a book, perfect sizes of images, organizations, and designs and you don’t think making a DIY photo book is worth the stress. Well, I suggest you have a rethink because this is close to an everyday chance down memory lane. Transparent PVC sheets did justice to this photo book.

19. DIY Photo Album


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Think out of the ordinary but allow your memories not to be forgotten too easily. Treat yourself to a new DIY photo album today.

20. DIY Old Book To Photo Album


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You don’t need to dispose of your old books. They can be recycled and you will be glad you did. After cutting out the pieces, you can insert the pictures on the front and back of each sheet.

21. DIY Camera File Photo Album


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If you are tired of having too many books then you can try this camera roll. It still gives the same feeling of nostalgia but in a handsomely coordinated way. The camera roll concept makes it look just amazing.

22. DIY Postcard Photo Album


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Create beautiful photo albums and create wonderful memories for yourself. Each postcard can contain a single picture or different pictures of a particular event.

23. DIY Travel Photo Album


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You are very free to place your photos anywhere on the album. You can choose to give each page a special name. If you want a photo book that is quite larger then you can increase the binder rings to three.

24. DIY Accordion Album

If you are looking for a photo album that looks different from the rest, here is one. This photo album is named “The accordion album” due to its shape. Making this is pretty easy.

25. How To Create A Photobook With Zero Experience

You don’t need to be an expert to be able to create a photo book for yourself. There is always help that you can find to make this journey a lot easier for you. First, what is your intention for making the photo book?

26. Large Photo Album

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If you are not the type to stress yourself in making a photo album then you can as well pick on up from the store. This photo album is quite affordable.

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27. Wedding Photo Album

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Give your wedding that touch of excellence and importance when you create a photo book for your outstanding event.

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