13 DIY Pet Headstone Ideas: In Loving Memory Of Your Pet

It can be very sad to lose a pet, most people do not think a pet deserves a headstone, but for true lovers of pets, we believe pets deserve amazingly built headstones. In this article, we have put together a list of DIY pet headstone ideas that you can DIY for your pet.

Making a DIY Pet headstone might take some time to complete, however, the process is completely worth it, especially if made for a pet you loved.

13 DIY Pet Headstone Ideas_ In Loving Memory Of Your Pet

1. How To Make A Granite Marker For Your Pets Grave

It’s not cool when your pet dies, but you can always mark the day she died by putting up a permanent market for your pet’s grave. The one made by the creator in this video tutorial is made of granite and it’s fun and easy to make. First, you need a granite tile, 38 1 foot by 1-foot granite tile, although you can use any size that you want. The next thing to do is apply a clear contact paper on the surface of the granite tile, then tape a paper with the printed pet maker’s title on the tile with the contact paper. The rest of the steps are simple to follow.

2. DIY Pet Grave Marker

This pet grave marker is pretty easy to build. All you need is a 12×12 patio block, your paper with the pet title, and a spray adhesive. First, spray the adhesive on both the block and the paper, then attach the paper and let it dry for a few minutes. The making process is easy, although the creator never showed how the patio block was made. You can probably buy from your favorite local hardware or home improvement store. This method is cheap and the maker can become a permanent one for your pet’s grave.

3. Pet Headstone Memorial DIY

With this guide, you’re going to learn how to create the latter’s numbers and everything else that will come on your pet’s headstone. It’s a great way to honor your pet if you loved him/her that much. First, you’re going to need an oil pan, cement, and mixing tools. The oil pan you will use has to be big enough to accommodate the name, year, and other information about your pet. Once the cement is poured into the oil pan and it’s about to dry, put your letters, number, and other designs on it and let it dry and harden. You can make as many headstone memorials as you want with this method.

4. DIY Pet Tombstone

4. DIY Pet Tombstone

It’s always a sad moment at home when your lovely, loyal pet friend dies. To honor the memory of your pet, you could make a good, and durable tombstone. It’s super easy to make, here are a few materials you’ll need to get going, a bag of mortar mix that goes for $5.99, stone stamps for $6.20, a mold for the mix, a trowel, bucket, and a few other optional supplies.

You can get these materials at Amazon, that’s where the creator got his supplies from at that price. For the lettering, use stamps or sticks to make your letters, but stamps are way better. Ensure that you spell everything correctly, depending on your speed, mistakes can be hard to fix.

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5. How To Make A Pet Grave Marker

5. How To Make A Pet Grave Marker

This guide has a few methods that you can employ and it will work for you. The first method has to deal with you using a ceramic tile from a home improvement store, and an etcher. This method won’t take up much of your time at all, it’s simple and easy to make.

For the next method, you need cement, some pieces of wood, and an etcher. This will take up much of your time because you need to wait for the cement mix to dry properly. The next and obvious method is to plant an iron rod into the ground close to the pet’s grave and attach a notice on the top of the iron in honor of the pet. It’s a simple process and something that you can just do right away without wasting time.

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6. LED Pet Memorial Plaque

6. LED Pet Memorial Plaque

This is quite a complex but elegant and amazing pet memorial plaque. This setup will take a while, if you’re looking for something quick, you should try another guide on the list. To make this, you need a wooden base. Two prices of flat wood board and small pieces of wood, LED light, a circuit vinyl cutter, perspex, and a few other essential materials. The main work is making the perspex and the LED light. The rest of the steps are easy.

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7. How To Make A Pet Memorial Stone

The first and important step is weeding and applying the stencil, then, sandblast and paint, let everything dry for a minute or two, and then remove the stencil and see your amazing work look so gorgeous. The making process is so simple though the equipment used is one that you might not have just lying around. So in all fairness, you might spend a little more than you expected. The creator used a big stone pebble. You can use any kind of stone but it should be as big as the one used in the time-lapse video tutorial.

8. How To Make A Grave Marker

To make this grave marker for dead beloved pets you need to make some kind of concrete base. You will also be using granite tile. So the concrete will be the outer base that will carry the granite headstone. This will make the stone legit and presentable to anyone that knows your dog and will like to pay their respects. Now, you’ll need to create a mold for the concert that you’ll pour inside. Once you make the concrete you should proceed to add the granite tile.

9. DIY Headstone

There will be no need for cement and concrete mix in this method. You’ll be making a wooden cross, with a wooden base. The wood for the base has to be thick as strong. You’ll also need a strong adhesive for the wood because you won’t be using screws or anything like that. The making process of this headstone is super easy. The only power tools you’ll need are a drill and an orbital sander to sand the wood. Other tools are chisel, hammer, tape measure, hand saw, a level, wood stain or paint, and a few other materials. The project is quite a satisfactory one, you will be impressed and satisfied with the outcome when you follow the steps properly.

10. How To Make A Headstone

This is a super large headstone, probably the largest on this list of pet headstones. You’ll need a large thick granite slab, clean It off to remove debris and dust in preparation for the application of stencil on the surface of the slab.

Apply the stencil and trim it to fit the slab, cut out panels from the adhesive back to remove artwork and designs that will be used for the headstone. Slightly sandblast the design areas to add contrast and remove polish, apply stencil filter and then replace the panels you had cut out, this means you should not throw away the panels, keep them someplace safe. The remaining making is super easy and simple to follow.

11. Pet Marker DIY

11. Pet Marker DIY

To make this pet marker be a permanent marker for your pet you need a gray primer, particle board shelf, faux stone paint, clear Urethane, self lamination sheet, goo went black paint, preferably craft acrylic, glue stick, clamps, carbon paper, plunge router, jigsaw, sanding block, a 10ngallon bucket, and a few other supplies. The first step to making this is to sketch the template you will be using, cut the shape out with the router, laminate and complete a few other steps to get your pet marker ready for installation.

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12. How To Make A Tombstone

This guide will teach you how to produce your tomb from concrete. Although, the creator used an advanced machine for producing concrete, if you can’t get your hands on that machine you can improvise and use a bucket and some mixing kits. It’s a task that is easy to perform. You’ll be using an ABS plastic mold for this project. The creator only showed the part of applying the concrete on the ABS molds, so you will have to let it dry before removing it from the mold. Once that is done your tomb is ready to go. This is not just a tombstone but a full tomb that you will be making for your dead pet.

13. DIY Memorial Stone For Dog

The creator made a heart-shaped memorial stone for his dog with a paw print on top of it. The stone is an Ultracal 30, although you can also use a gypsum plaster to make the heart-shaped stone. The paw mark was made by the creator himself, It’s easy and also quite fun to do as well. Also, you need paint colors, nail art dotting tools, art resins, or epoxy resin with no respirator. Your dog will love it if it could wake up and see the amazing memorial stone you made in its honor.


That’s a wrap! Did you find a preferred DIY pet headstone project? Then, start making plans for building immediately. Most of the projects listed in this article are easy to DIY and won’t require you to spend much.

It’s a pity you lost your pet, I’m sure you really loved him or her.

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