25 DIY Nail Stickers – How To Make Nail Decals

Nail stickers are like a beautiful addition to nail polish. They come in different colors, shapes, and styles and they are used to add beauty to the nail. The decals come in clear sheets on so many occasions and these help you to look at them on your nails before you fix them up.

In this article, I have listed a couple of DIY nail stickers that you can DIY easily.


1. How To Make Nail Stickers


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If you are into fashion and you have a flair for looking always excellent, then, you should not go a day without your nail stickers. Don’t think they will cover your entire nails because these pieces of little beauties can be made very easily without any challenge. A sandwich bag or a flexible fabric can actually get this done.

2. DIY Nail Stickers


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This adorable nail art is one of the distinctive ones you can find around. You do not have to bother about wet nails. In fact, it is an advantage. It helps to keep your nails tidy and neat. This can be a lot messy when trying to apply the nail polish on the plastic bag. All the same, use a color that suits you.

3. DIY Nail Decals


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DIY nail stickers are what you need to look out for. They sometimes look like child’s play but there are a lot of adults that prefer designing their nails in a particular way to fit their dressing. Also, it makes it a lot easier to get your nails polished. You can use Ziploc bags if you can’t find a plastic bag.

4. How To Create Nail Art Stickers With Plastic Bag


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Using nail polish and a brush can somehow be tiring when you are using your left hand to paint on the right especially when that is not the hand you use primarily. Paint the entire design before you translate it and file off the excesses. You can use colors that match your outfit.

5. Nail Stickers DIY


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The decals come in clear sheets on so many occasions and these help you to look at them on your nails before you fix them up.When you have a busy schedule, you can still make your nails look good. This kind of DIY nail sticker is really neat and will not require so much stress. You can actually stay on a bus and get things done as soon as possible. You won’t get anyone’s attention but as soon as you are done, you will miraculously get the attention of everyone. These stickers stick directly to the nail. You may not even need anyone’s help.

6. DIY Nail Decals With Vinyl


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Here’s a DIY guide that will show you how to make nail decals with Vinyl. Instead of looking for someone to polish your nails, try getting a comfortable transparent bag so that after the design is made, an auto blade is used to cut the decals in the silhouette cameo. Tweezers can help apply the decals to the nails comfortably.

7. DIY Emoji Nail Decals


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Remember the emoji movie? There are lots of emojis that can be used to come up with DIY nail stickers. These will certainly be printed. When you are using your specialty papers then you will surely need to watch out for a failed printing.

8. DIY Nail Decals


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To make these, you will need to get ready a couple of supplies like; a nail file, laser printer, topcoat, scissors, and some other tools. The making process is pretty straight forward. If done rightly, the stickers will look amazing on your nails.

9. DIY Nail Stickers


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Taking care of your nail more often can help you out with creativity. You get to recognize so many wonderful colors that can match your dressing too. Nail stickers are one of the best things fashion hit us with. It is pretty much easy and less time-consuming. A sticky sheet is put over the tattoos so remember to put them then finally apply pressure with a wet sponge.

10. Optical Illusion Nail Stickers DIY


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The time spent painting your nails at the salon is a lot less time than you making a decision to do it from the comfort of your home. Actually, doing it from home saves you a lot of costs. You will need to be patient because this is somewhat complicated but the end product is so fine. Topcoat here helps the decal to unstick freely from the mat.

11. How To Make Nail Stickers

I found another easy nail sticker tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn from a professional how to transfer freehand designs on to nails. The process of doing this is very easy to follow. If you are good with freehand designs, you’ll love this DIY guide.

12. How To Perfectly Apply Nail Stickers

It doesn’t end at making stickers, after making your amazing stickers, you will need to apply them to your nails. In this DIY tutorial, the creator will show you how to perfectly apply nails stickers with ease.

13. DIY Nail Sticker With Cricut

While doing my research, I stumbled upon this fantastic guide. In this guide, the creator will take you on a journey, showing you how she makes her nail stickers with a mini Cricut. This guide is pretty easy to follow.

14. DIY Nails Stickers


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Using parchment paper is a lot better than using wax. Parchment paper will not allow the sticker to lift up when you are done. Your color will tell the difference. The only challenge here is that it takes forever to get dried up but the color is the spice. Do you have a color that can easily brighten your mood?

15. DIY Nail Decals


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Halloween just got better with these DIY nail stickers. You really don’t have to use the same shade of colors for all the nails. Spark out the crazy side, alternate it a little. You can try any art design you wish to use. While making these nail stickers, you will need a lot more concentration and time to let the sticker dry completely. If it doesn’t get well dried then it will crack.

16. How To Make Water Decals For Nails

There are fun and fascinating things to do to your nails while in your leisure. You don’t need to make use of nail polish to get this done. All you need is actually what you can afford. This tutorial will guide you on how to make beautiful water decals for nails.

17. DIY Nail Stickers

While trying to get your nails done for any occasion, remember that you can always do what you wish to do and still be crazy gorgeous. To get these DIY nail stickers for yourself, you just need as little as a clear freezer bag. Use something that does not have designs already or stains. It will prevent you from getting the whole thing mixed up.

18. How To Make DIY Nails Stickers


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This is very easy and neat. If you should think of any disposition you need for this one, apart from being happy be patient. You can make use of wax or anything with a glossy surface. You can either choose singular stickers or you make the entire nail a sticker.

19. DIY Barbie Decals

Patience is key! Sometimes, it may just not come out right but then you can always try again and you will see the difference. You can check online for a Barbie image but don’t forget to make it as small as you want.

20. How To Make Nails Stickers


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If red is the occasion color for the day, you might want to consider these red nail stickers. The use of sparkling water lily makes the nails look absolutely beautiful.

21. Nail Art Stickers Using Tissue Paper

Sometimes, you can decide to be informal. Using parchment paper or something glossy is very okay but using tissue paper is somewhat strange but can give you your desired output.

22. DIY Nails Stickers


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Instead of going to buy nail stickers and getting excess that you do not need, you can easily customize your nail stickers by yourself and get the amount you need per time. After you are done making the stickers, you need to give it some time to get dry.

23. Nail Art Supplies

3D Butterfly Nail Glitter Sequins Laser Butterfly Nail Art Supplies 12 Colors Holographic Nail Sequin Butterfly Nails Supply Design Colorful Flakes Nail Art Sticker Manicure Tips Charms Decoration

These glitters are amazing and some can even glow in the dark. If making nail stickers seems somewhat difficult, you can purchase these already made nail art supplies. They are easy to use.

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24. Holographic Nail Sticker

16 Sheets Holographic Letter Nail Art Sticker Old English Alphabet Nail Decals Character Letter Nail Sticker Letter Gummed Nail Art for Women Girls

You can choose as many letters as you want from the holographic nail sticker set. All you need to do is buy and stick and you are good to go. It saves you a lot of stress.

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25. Butterfly Nail Art Stickers

Kalolary 12 Sheets Butterfly Nail Art Stickers Decals, 3D Self-Adhesive Butterfly for Nails Art Design Butterflies Flower Plant Insect Nail Sticker Decals Butterfly Nail Decorations Kit

Here’s yet another pack of nail stickers that can make your nails look a whole lot better. They are very affordable and also easy to use.

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