24 DIY Nail Polish Rack – How To Make A Nail Polish Organizer

Nail polish bottles can be really tiny and overly disturbing when they are scattered around the house or store. The best way to organize your nail polish is by using a nail polish rack.

In this article, I have put together a list of 24 DIY nail polish rack projects made by creative folks all over the world. If you have a lot of nail polish in your home, I would highly recommend making a nail polish rack.


1. DIY Wood Nail Polish Rack


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Wooden shelves are very affordable to make from the comfort of your home. All you need are the tools and the materials. Try to protect yourself from nails. You can store your nail polish bottles neatly on the shelves. The amazing part of this wooden piece is that you can shine it when it gets dull.

2. Drawer To Nail Polish Rack


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Your old drawer doesn’t need to be thrown away. You can refurbish it into something new and classy. Extract the shelved part and keep it erect. You may want to repaint if it gets old and ugly. Choose a color that suits your taste and let’s get the ball rolling.

3. DIY Nail Polish Rack Makeover


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Your nail polish bottles can be easily segmented to fit the different kinds of bottle shapes or nail polish colors or nail polish types. You may decide to put the plain ones on the topmost part of the shelf. The transparent ones can be in the middle and the ones with glitters can be in the last part of the self. Don’t forget to use spray paint to give it a brand new touch.

4. DIY Nail Polish Rack


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This DIY nail polish rack will certainly take a good chunk of your time but then you would not have to spend an entire day on it. Carving the wood into little pieces of good shape will help you out with the measurements so the rack can come out straight and fine. This nail polish rack is ideal for people who have a lot of nail polish.

5. DIY Nail Polish Rack


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Ever thought of hanging your nail polish rack on the wall? You can choose a very comfortable place that will be spacious enough for it. Try to make sure the nail stuck to the wall is strong enough to carry the nail polish rack.

6. DIY Nail Polish Display


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With this rack, you can have your nail polish bottles arranged neatly so you can be able to see all of them and get easy access to all of them when you need them. Explore all your options. You can either use plastic material or wooden material. If you are using glass on the base, you need to be extra careful about the load.

7. DIY Nail Polish Carousel


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If you want to do this differently, you can decide to use two different circle trays of diverse sizes. The lower one can be a bigger size and the one above will be a smaller size. When you are done, try to use a color that matches your taste. You would love what you see.

8. DIY Nail Polish Rack


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It is sort of conventional for nail polish racks to lean on the floor especially when there are quite a number of bottles to be put inside. If you don’t want your DIY nail polish rack to look like a shoe rack then you should tweak it a little to look better. Foam boards are not totally expensive and they will give you quality. For the inner wallpaper, you can decide to use patterned paper.

9. Nail Polish Organizer DIY


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There are several options for hanging your DIY nail polish rack. You can either choose to insert a nail through it into the wall or you may decide to attach the nail at the bottom and somewhere in-between. This DIY nail polish rack has six shelves for storing your nail polish.

10. Large Nail Polish Rack DIY


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Large nail polish racks can take a whole lot of time to create but in the end it’s better to do it yourself than to have it bought from the mall. The difference will be in the amount expended. This nail polish rack used 3 foam boards and it fitted in over 200 nail polish bottles.

11. How To Make A Nail Polish Rack

You don’t have to take away all your savings to get this for yourself. Cut the woods into shape and when you want to take the nail rack away with you, you can easily detach the wood one by one and take away the wall suspenders. Just try to measure rightly so you don’t get it off shape.

12. Low Budget Nail Polish Rack

Here’s a low budget nail polish rack that won’t require you to spend much. With every perfect measurement, you can get the most exquisite nail polish rack to suit your taste. You need something sturdy to hold the polish rack up. You will need screws up and down hooked to the wall.

13. DIY Nail Polish Rack With No Power Tools Needed

If you don’t have any power tool then you can still get a DIY nail polish rack for yourself. Getting yourself a strong tape can do the magic. If you use a tape that won’t stick through then one of your shelves may end up falling off. Imagine if it is the topmost self? It will drag the rest down with it. Don’t forget to attach a rack protector at the front of every shelf row so it will prevent the nail polish bottles from falling away.

14. Easy DIY Nail Polish Table Display Rack

Creativity will naturally follow when you decide to make a nail polish rack by yourself. This staircase patterned nail polish rack is one of the easiest nail polish racks to come up with. It doesn’t need too much equipment, it just needs the right measurements.

15. DIY Customized Nail Polish Rack


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This is one of the most colorful DIY nail polish racks I have seen. This is pretty much easy to come up with and guess what? You can use the best materials you have. Just alternate those on the backgrounds and you can just get exactly what you want.

16. Cute Nail Polish Rack DIY


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These red patterned spice racks have been able to do justice and give taste to this nail polish rack. Instead of keeping these in a straight line, you can arrange them in a staircase format or some other way that suits their taste.

17. Leopard Skin Nail Polish Rack DIY


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There are variant shades of leopard skin that you may wish to use. You can try alternating the shades. It will look a lot more colorful.

18. Nail Polish Organizer Using Cardboard

Cardboard is used majorly for art and craft but imagine having to use this to make a DIY nail polish rack? It is really fashionable. You can decide to increase the size of your own to be able to fit in all your nail polish bottles.

19. Nail Polish Holder Using Pop Sticks

Creativity has just gotten wilder. Have you ever imagined using pop sticks to do anything useful apart from trashing it? Well, this is an amazing DIY material that can end up in a nail polish rack. You could end up designing it for Halloween.

20. Easy DIY Nail Polish Rack

Do you know people can look at your nail polish racks and wonder where you got them? This is wooden and adorable. If you can’t measure them by yourself then you can get people to measure them for you. Make sure they are even and enough to fit the sizes of bottles you have.

21. DIY Nail Polish Organizer Using Photo Frame


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An old photo frame can comfortably be turned into a nail polish rack by just using the right tools and following the right process. Remember, a photo frame is flat on the surface, so how is it going to hold a nail polish bottle without it falling off? Velcro tape will surely come in handy.

22. DIY Wood Nail Polish Rack


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This wooden nail polish rack can be hung in the bathroom or leaned on the wall of the room. It has to be kept in a comfortable space where it will not be tampered with. Be sure to partition it to taste.

23. 6 Rack Wall-Mounted Nail Polish Rack

NIUBEE 6 Pack Nail Polish Rack Wall Mounted Shelf with Removable Anti-slip End Inserts, Clear Acrylic Nail Polish Organizer Display 90 Bottles

Not ready to make a nail polish rack by yourself? You can purchase this 6-tier nail polish rack. It can be easily mounted on your wall.

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24. 6 Layer Nail Polish Table Rack

Sooyee Acrylic 6 Layer Nail Polish Rack Tabletop Display Stand on the Table or Desk Holds Up 72 Bottles,Clear 6 Tier Essential Oils Holder 12.2x9.5x6.9 Inches,Pack of 1

Here’s yet another nail polish rack that you can purchase and save yourself from the hassle of having to build one. This can contain more than 30 nail polish.

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