25 DIY Medicine Cabinet – How To Make A Medicine Storage

The medicine cabinet is one important furniture to have in every home. Building one isn’t going to be easy unless you have top-notch experience in woodworking.

In this article, I have put together a list of 25 DIY medicine cabinet projects that you can try to make for your home. The instructions for making these cabinets are very concise.


1. How To Build A Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


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Building a medicine cabinet is not totally easy but if you can understand the instructions then you should not experience any difficulty making them for your house. This is certainly raised above the reach of children and is made in such a way that there are eternal shelves for you to keep any other thing you want. Pocket-hole joinery is used for this project. When you are done cutting the wood for this you assemble and attach. Add the external shelves and create a door. These are pretty much basics.

2. DIY Hidden Medicine Cabinet


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This is kept above the reach of children and it is spacious to carry as many medicine bottles as it can. There are two interior shelves and you can keep medicines on one and beauty bottles on the other. The covering is fashioned such that you will not have people prying into your properties at first sight.

3. Medicine Cabinet With Mirror Door


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The intriguing thing about this DIY medicine cabinet is that you will never know what it is until you are told or unless you watch someone make use of the cabinet. This is a disguised medicine cabinet that is made of wood. It will not be advisable to use thick wood past 1/2 inches so it will be able to open up when you need it to.

4. DIY Medicine Cabinet


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Instead of allowing your medicine bottles or cans to litter everywhere and in all corners of the room, it will be proper to store it in a cool dry place. Your toiletries can also fit in comfortably if you want. You will need a mirror, a half-inch thick plywood, a construction grade adhesive, and door hinges.

5. DIY Picture Frame Medicine Cabinet


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There is nothing as glamorous as having your space decorated the way you want it to be. Clustered countertops are not a nice sight to behold. You can always create a DIY medicine cabinet by getting your desired wood. To make your shelves adjustable, you can use a shelf pin jig. You can also put a magnetic closure at any of the edges

6. How To Make A DIY Medicine Cabinet


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There are a lot of amazing things that wood can do. Quarter-inch MDF fiberboards were used for this project contrary to half inches that are thick enough. Paint for the frame is needed, this will somehow prevent termites from resting in the wood. However, nothing is impenetrable for termite colony. They can burrow under stucco and find tiny cracks in cement and they easily burrow through the limestone mortar. Once they’re in, no paint or termite-resistant material can save your home. Then, you need a pro to get rid of the termites for good.

7. DIY Wooden Medicine Cabinet


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This detachable wooden DIY medicine cabinet is creatively captured. The exterior of this wooden cabinet is classy and attractive and the interior has smaller shelves that can store two different sets of things. The good thing about it is that it can be carried around anywhere. Red deal wood was used for this project. It is important to cut every part with a template that will fit normally.

8. Reclaimed Wood And Plastic Medicine Cabinet


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Clustered countertops are not a nice sight to behold. You can always make a medicine shelf for yourself with wood and plastic. Reclaimed pine, PVC sheets, mahogany deck balusters, and luan plywood were used for this project. Cut wood to size, form tongue, and groove, assemble what is needed, cut the PVC sheets, form the woven panels, clamp and trim, use plugs, and hinge then finish off.

9. How To Build A Medicine Cabinet


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White is a pretty unique color for something like this. Building this medicine cabinet takes 6 hours from scratch and you can do it yourself. Create a cut list and follow with it to the later paying attention to every measurement. Pinewood is very accurate to use. Build the frame and attach the molding. Construct a door and mount.

10. DIY Recessed Medicine Cabinet


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Recessed cabinets are most times small and have a small storage capacity. An actual Victorian walnut mirror gave this DIY medicine cabinet a glow. The cabinet is built into the wall with a mahogany frame. The recessed cavity was made by drilling a hole into the wall about 3 inches deep. The cabinet was then created and hinged.

11. DIY Modern Medicine Cabinet Makeover

You can always make something out of the old. This is a custom wood and tile built out of an old medicine cabinet. The flat side of a recommended trowel can help fix in the tiles then you leave to dry. A white oak brought out the beauty of this DIY medicine cabinet. You will need to sand the pieces of wood that have been cut. A water-based finish on dry wood comes out neat and clear.

12. How To Build A Large Medicine Cabinet

Sometimes you just don’t need a really small cabinet since there are a lot of things to fit in. cut and arrange your pieces to fit the space on the wall you want to use. Assemble them together. These are really big pieces so you may want to be a lot careful. Make your crown holding. You can either use the studs or not.

13. How To Make A Wooden First Aid Cabinet

Every home is meant to have a first aid box because emergencies don’t always tell when it wants to come around. It’s always best to be prepared for every eventuality. A pinewood is most times the best for these kinds of work because they are always smooth and cut easily. Measure your wood and cut accordingly. When making the front panel, the dowel makes sure the pieces don’t slide off. Don’t forget to glaze the hospital sign on the box.

14. Vintage Medicine Cabinet DIY


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Not all medicine cabinets are to be attached to the wall. For easy convenience, you can make a standing cabinet that can stay on one side of the room. It looks like a small stool with 4 legs. This is redone from an old cabinet. The drilling priming and sanding part are one of the stressful parts of this work but once you are done with the assembling then you are good to go after some minor work.

15. DIY Bathroom Medicine Cabinet


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Let your bathroom space take up useful furniture that is very relevant to give it a good look. Pinewood is a good quality wood to use. Cut the pieces and build the box. Adjustable shelves should not be a difficult task then you cut the mirror. The last thing to be done will be to install the shelves.

16. DIY Bathroom Storage Cabinet


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There are a lot of spaces in the bathroom that should not be left to waste. They can take up some very important furniture like the DIY medicine cabinet. You can either use pine or whitewood boards. To create this edifice, you will need safety glasses. Measure out your pieces and cut neatly. This storage space has inner shelves that can accommodate your properties. You can use a mirror and a storage capacity all in one.

17. How To Make A Farmhouse Medicine Cabinet


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Cabinets are not that difficult to make especially when you weigh remodeling an entire house. Cut your wood to the dimension you need. The Z pattern cut will give balance to the door. You can always use a router to join the boards and screw them.

18. How To Make A First Aid Cabinet

A first aid cabinet is one of the first cabinets to consider in a house. There will always be a need for them in a house where people live. This first aid cabinet is neat and will require not so much work. Assemble your pieces and get ready to attach. The inner shelves in the cabinet can be glued. Just make a depressed portion where it can easily fit and attach gum before fitting. You can make the emergency sign with wood before fitting.

19. How To Build A Medicine Cabinet

This DIY medicine cabinet is built into the wall comfortably. After cutting the pieces for the cabinet, sand them properly. The unique part of this medicine cabinet is the classy latch attached to the door handle.

20. How To Install A Medicine Cabinet

Making a medicine cabinet is easy. Installing one is easier. First, measure the size to be installed on the wall. Be sure there are no wires that you will be interrupting. Cut out the part you won’t need to make a hole in the wall. This doesn’t need you making a brand new cabinet to fit rather you will make one directly into the wall.

21. How To Revamp A Medicine Cabinet


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The good part of old stuff is that it can be reused. Instead of throwing them away, find out what other ways they can be reused, and given a clean look. You don’t need to use big machines and screw punchers. Take out the old stuff, clean and paint it, and voila! It’s new again.

22. How To Create A Medicine Cabinet From A Mirror


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You can always have two in one furniture. A DIY medicine cabinet and a mirror is a good fit for this. Separate the mirror first, create the cabinet then attach the mirror back. Don’t forget to put interior shelves. They are pretty much useful.

23. DIY 3-Drawer Medicine Cabinet


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If you need a classy DIY medicine cabinet then you don’t need to search anymore. This has 3 apothecary-style drawers that can be used to store anything. Get the frame built then, begin fixing the shelves. Input the lower divider. Attach a drawer bottom. Seal the back and attach the door.

24. Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

Kohler K-CB-CLR1620FS Frameless 16 Inch X 20 Inch Aluminum Bathroom Medicine Cabinet; Recess Installation Only

If you are not certain that you will have the time to create a DIY medicine cabinet for yourself then you are free to buy one. I found this amazing piece that is quite affordable.

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25. Medicine Cabinet With Framed Mirror

KOHLER K-2967-BR1 20 inch x 26 inch Aluminum Bathroom Medicine Cabinet with Oil-Rubbed Bronze Framed Mirror Door; Recess or Surface Mount

This resonates with class and style. This can be easily bought online but will cost a chunk of money. If you are willing to pay this then why not, you can get this.

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