15 DIY LED Grow Light Projects – How To Make A Grow Light

A grow light is an artificial light that aids the growth of plants. You can make one of these indoors and grow your plants as well as they would grow if exposed to sunlight.

The making process of LED grow light isn’t a walk in the park. It would require some skill set and materials. After days of research, we were able to find 15 DIY LED grow light projects that you can DIY. You should check them out.


1. How To Make Grow LightS

There is a great joy that comes with creating something by yourself. Once you learn how to make a grow light, you might not want to ever buy any LED light ever again. Few things to know before we get started is that you’re going to definitely need a soldering iron, solder paste, and thermal compound.

The first item on the list of things to get is starboards; a small aluminum PCB meant for a single LED each and solder paste. The next thing to do is to spread the solder paste over the starboards then, take your LEDs out and start to populate your boars with them. Use tweezers to apply the LED on the starboards. The next item you need is a power supply that is specifically meant for LED.

2. DIY LED Grow Light

The first and most important item you need for this project is a flat board. The board will take all the LED light bulbs that you will use. Drill 6 holes on the board, let them be evenly spaced from each other; the board will be 50cm x 50cm. Get down to your local hardware store and buy six light bulbs with six lamp holders as well.

Fit the lamp holders into the six holes that were created, cut the top of the light with a hacksaw or a serrated knife. The final step is to wire all the bulbs in a parallel form. It is cheap and efficient.

3. DIY LED Grow Light Build

If you have a stripe, LED heat sinks, and you are in need of light in your house, why not make something from the materials at home. It is easy to build and very functional. Most of the materials in the video tutorial have been already assembled.

Use your iron stripe, attach screws and T nuts to the iron, fasten it and get ready for the lights. Although making the frame isn’t easy, once you overcome that challenge, you are good to go because the remaining process is a simple thing. The good thing is that the light is bright enough for any space you intend it to be.

4. LED Grow Light DIY


Here is a powerful grow light that didn’t take me long to build and didn’t make much money from my pocket. The total cost for this project is about $15. This is a 12-watt wide spectrum LED light. The benefits of this light are that it is impossible to break, plants can touch the light without burning the leaves, no iht loss, easy to customize, and it is always clean.

You need a metal sheet that you can buy from a hardware store, nuts, bolts, LED driver, dc adapter, ac cable, thermal gue, and high power cords.

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5. DIY LED Grow Light


For this peculiar grow light, you need a grow light strip, solder, soldering iron, gorilla glue, LED power supply, eye hooks, 6500K LED light strip, plywood or a wood board, melamine board, wood screws, and a computer power supply.

The melamine board is necessary because it has a shiny reflective surface, which is perfect for the grow light. The light can be made to have several colors. It is easy to set up, and it is meant for only indoor use. The first step involves cutting the wood from the edges; the board will come in the middle. A table saw is the right tool for this cutting. The final process will be assembling the light on the board.

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6. LED Grow Light Build


This is a grow light with a difference. After you learn how to make one here, you will never want to buy a single light ever. It is so easy to make light LED lights at home. It is advised to do this on a weekend because this takes up an out of your time. The total cost for this project is $1000. Although that amount is quite high, the result is worth it. The tools you need to work with are soldering iron, solder, wire strippers, Phillip screwdriver, 10mm wrench, hand-held drill, and tweezers.

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7. 108W LED Grow Light DIY


Here is a durable and energy-saving LED grow light that you can make with just 108W. This grow light uses up to 80% less energy, it emits lower heat, the temperature is easy to control, 50,000 hours long life span, and an accurate spectrum of photosynthesis.

To build this, you need cooling fans, thermal glue, nuts, bolts, metal panel, LED drivers, AWG wires, and an AC power cord. There are a few other materials that you need that I haven’t mentioned yet. In nine simple steps, you will be done with this LED grow light for your home.

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8. DIY LED Grow Light


The first step in building this unique LED grow light is to purchase the right LED light. You need to use a white balance Sylvania ultra LED light, it is very cheap and durable. You need an LED light that is about 2.5” big, with six units mounted on it.

The next step is to choose the house; the size of the house depends on the size of the lamps and how many they will be; light sockets come next, making your template, tape the template to the box you will use, and drill holes on it, make larger holes on the pane that will accommodate the size of the LED lights.

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9. How To Make A Grow Light

This is an LED grow light that is made from a thin custom metal shelf and LED stripes. The lights were connected one after the other in a parallel format. So, you get some wires and connect the red wire to the plus side and the black wire to the minus side, chain them together and repeat the process for the other sides.

You will also use a zip tie to hold the LED strip firm to the metal shelf. You also need a 12amp power supply. That is all; the video tutorial won’t show you how to make it from scratch, but it’s amazing light that you should have for your plants, and you can learn to do it too.

10. 12V Grow Light Build

This video is not completely clear on the making process, but it is pretty easy to go about with the materials. You need a 12V DC LED strip light, a 12 – 16V DC power supply, metal reflector, solder, soldering iron, heat sink, and wire. You need a panel; you can get that from any recycled metal sheet you might have lying around at home.

11. 100W LED Grow Light


There are numerous “plug and play” lights in stores today, some are durable and have a controlled amount of heat energy and temperature, but it is preferable to make your own LED grow light.

Here are the important items that you need;100W LED driver, a grow light spectrum LED chip, a CPU heat sink that comes with a fan, a power supply for the heat sink fan, wires, and an AC cord. With just five simple steps, you will mount the lens, connect the electrical components, hand the light, and start growing plants.

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12. Cheap Grow Light DIY

Setting up this cheap LED grow light is like setting up a studio for photography, but it is totally easy, simple, and fast; this might even be the solution that you might have been looking for. You can simply use 4 CFL light bulbs of 23W, a PH meter, LED bulbs of 12W.

13. DIY LED Grow Light


It is very important to have a LED grow light at home for your plant. That is why this guide will show you the coolest and effective way to build one at home. Here is the ingredient to begin with; heat sink, warm white LEDs, LED driver, metal sheet, an ac cable, switch (which is optional).

Use a marker and take measurements, cut out three even square pieces from the metal sheet, set the meta sheet to see if it will fit into the box. In this guide, the plant box or room was already built; if you have something similar to this, then you are good to go; if not, this guide might not work for you. The whole process hangs on the fact that the LED light will be hanging on the box from the inside.

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14. DIY LED Grow Light Build

This is fast, easy, and reliable. All you need are a few square metal pipes, piece them together like a window frame, and attach the LED light strip to it. You also need a heat sink with two fans on each of them, an LED driver, and a power supply. The step-by-step process is explained throughout the video tutorial, so you are good to go.

15. DIY Dimmable Plant Light

You can make this for just $10, and you can dim the light and increase the brightness again, and do it repeatedly. The light bulbs you will use have some sort of yellow hue and are also an energy saver. The yellow hue gives it some kind of warmth. The lights alone are only $5, and it is eco-smart, which means it changes to daylight and back to the yellow warmth look I talked about earlier.

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