18 DIY Koi Pond Projects You Can Build Easily

A Koi pond is a beautiful addition to have in your garden or backyard and can be very soothing to have around.

It’s important when building a Koi pond that you think of it not just as an ornamental piece but as an extension of the Koi which are going to inhabit it, whether you’re building a traditional stone pond or adding a raised glass portion for the classic aquarium feel.

Building your own Koi pond is easy; don’t let the intricacy of the beautiful finished works scare you away. The Japanese consider Koi to bring good fortune and luck which is an extra incentive to have a Koi pond around.

From this list of DIY Koi ponds, you’ll find everything from DIY Koi ponds with waterfalls to concrete ponds and the like. Take your time to pick any of the DIY Koi ponds that fit into your space and let’s create some magic!


1. How To Build A Koi Pond


Knowing how to build a Koi pond comes easily with this tutorial and you won’t even need any professional help. It also comes with links to a few other Koi pond DIYs that just might prove helpful. To start with, you’ll have to decide on the size and location for your pond, map it out and start digging. Once the digging is done, most of the hard part is over and the creative part continues.

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2. Building A Koi Pond


This beautiful Koi bond is achievable for you too if you’re open to building a Koi pond. It is a partially underground and partially above ground pond that allows you to get up close and personal with your Koi by providing a place for you to sit. The Koi pond was built using an HBV-21 Koi Pond Kit and the entire construction process is given in detail, with pictures to further depict what is being done at every stage.

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3. How To Build A Koi Pond Cheap


Add beauty to your environment at little or no cost by learning how to build a Koi pond cheaply. The trick to cutting costs in building your Koi pond is to eliminate machinery where you can get the job done yourself. For instance, if the excavation required for your Koi pond can be done by hand, reduce expenditure by getting at it with a shovel instead of outsourcing the dig by hiring an excavator. Also, do not employ a site contractor if there is no need for one.

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4. DIY Koi Pond


This DIY Koi pond is a custom concrete pond that provides easy maintenance while beautifying the area. The elevated concrete around the pond serves as a sitting area that can be used even if one does not intend to gaze at the Koi. Although it takes a few weeks to complete this project, it is a rewarding venture to embark on and the instructions contained in this tutorial can be used exactly as presented or adapted to suit your fancy or combined with another existing file.

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5. DIY Modern Koi Pond

A DIY modern Koi pond that makes you never want to leave the outdoors… It cost about $1325 to build this pond and looks too amazing for that price tag. It sports a beautiful L-shape with mini waterfalls and you can tweak the procedures in this tutorial to suit yourself, especially when it comes to deciding on the shape of your pond. The flat stones used to level the edge of the pond tied the whole modern look together and are an easy way to spice things up; design-wise.

6. DIY Cheap Koi Pond

This DIY cheap Koi pond boasts to be as cheap as chips and is easy to make too. First, you excavate your marked off shape for your pond in an area of your choice, line it up with pond liner (underlay material is used first before the pond liner to prevent holes forming on the pond liner due to rocky soil abrasions against it), connect it to a water source and filtration system.

7. DIY Mini Pond

For this DIY mini pond, you’ll be shown a step by step process on how to build a mini pond not just for Koi, but suitable for small wildlife who can’t resist a mini oasis. Just as with any pond, it all begins with the dig… Excavation is the most labor-intensive part of this DIY and once that is out of your way, you’re almost as good as done.

8. Beautiful Koi Pond


Koi are magical fish that deserve a beautiful Koi pond and we are given exactly that in this DIY Koi pond tutorial. The pond built here boasts a 4,500gallon capacity for 11 Koi of different sizes and is a partially underground and partially above ground pond. The aboveground form was crafted by using wooden form and rebar as reinforcements before concrete was poured in, and everything lighting, drainage, and plumbing were done before this step.

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9. DIY Above-Ground Koi Pond


A DIY above-ground Koi pond is the Holy Grail for those who do not want to do any digging or do not have the room in their yard or garden for a more traditional pond. It’s also ideal for setting up a Koi pond on the patio. For this project, you’ll need pond liner, an undrilled bathroom sink, liquid nails, wooden boards (2“x8”x4”), different colors of stained glass (12 were used in this tutorial), bricks, underwater light, and a few other supplies noted in the tutorial.

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10. How To Build A Koi Pond Step-by-Step


With pre-building steps before the actual building processes, this is the best way to learn how to build a Koi pond step-by-step. This tutorial outlines 10 steps with accompanying illustrations on how to build a pond and gives tips on what to take note of before the process even begins. Note during your excavation process that your Koi pond must have a tier that is at least 4ft deep so your fish can survive the winter.

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11. How To Build A Koi Fish Pond


Planning, patience, and the right resources on how to build a Koi fish pond will get you one in the end. This instructable divides the process into 4 parts of different respective steps, making it all more approachable as you approach each goal one task at a time. In the community Q&A section, you’re also sure to find answers to questions you don’t even know you had until you saw the solutions, so do not pass up on this tutorial.

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12. Koi Pond DIY

This Koi pond DIY required a lot of digging and the construction of a wooden frame using ½” 4×4 treated plywood. The wooden frame is treated with preservative and sand is poured at the base of the pond before putting in the pond liner (the sand functions as an underlay material to prevent tears by rocks).

13. DIY Cheap Koi Pond

Make a DIY cheap Koi pond out of tarp and stones without having to buy any cement and learn how to make a filtration system for your pond. The mud from the excavation of the pond site is used to outline the borders and elevate them a little bit to prevent erosions from rainfall washing into the pond.

14. Low Budget Koi Pond DIY

For a low budget Koi pond, this turned out quite well. You’ll be sure to give your Koi a happy home in this pond and improve your garden aesthetics; all without breaking the bank. The making process of this DIY koi pond is very easy to follow. The steps are broken down for your understanding.

15. How To Build A Koi Pond With Concrete

Learn how to build a Koi pond with concrete in very easy steps. This is one Koi pond that proves easy to make and you can add your own flair by embedding the raised top with different colors of marbles, stones, or tiles while the concrete is still wet.

16. DIY Koi Pond


Here’s one of the easy DIY projects that you can make from the comfort of your home. This DIY koi pond is made from reusable materials and can be customized however you please. The materials used in its crafting are wooden pallets, a plastic pool, and a plastic container.

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17. DIY Koi Pond On A Budget

A 2-tiered DIY Koi pond built on a budget, this project requires 2 kiddie pools, spray paint of any color, 1 roll of weed stop canvas, rake and shovel, a pond waterfall, pond pump, and enough rocks to go around the pond.

18. How To Make A Resin Koi Pond


Breathtaking in every way, knowing how to make a resin Koi pond is a must for every fish lover. You’ll need 2-part resin, moss, squeeze glue, hot glue gun, stones, sand, polymer clay, heat gun or torch, cardboard, and wood slice.

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