19 DIY Indoor Fountain Projects – How To Build An Indoor Fountain

One way to add beauty to your home is by building an indoor fountain. I was doing some research and I found some amazing DIY indoor fountain ideas that will be of interest to you.

In this article, you will see guides on how to make a tabletop fountain and how to make a homemade indoor fountain, you will also see how to make a fountain without a pump. Are you ready to learn? Let’s dive in.


1. DIY Indoor Water Fountain


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For this DIY indoor fountain, you’re going to be using materials like plastic jars, bottles, containers, decorative stones, and lots more. You also need to have some tools like a hot glue gun, drilling machine, and a hobby knife, handy. The process of making this Indoor Water fountain is easy and simple to understand.

2. How To Build An Indoor Fountain


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I found a guide that gives you top-notch tips on how to build an indoor fountain. You will need some rocks, flexible tubes, a submersible pump, a container, bleach, and elbow water. Once you have gotten these items at home you then need a suitable location for your indoor fountain. I recommend this guide for people who have never built an indoor fountain before.

3. DIY Indoor Fountain


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For this beautiful indoor fountain to work, you need to fetch some decorative rocks, You can get this at any craft store near you. Then, get a remote control outlet switch, a small fountain pump, and a big watertight bowl, depending on how big you want the indoor mountain to be. It’s beautiful and easy to accomplish, and you can place this fountain anywhere in your house.

4. DIY Mermaid Water Fountain


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This unique Mermaid water fountain style is easy to make, the materials you will need for this are, submersible water pump, plastic pipe, acrylic colors, a hot glue gun, back cement with a cement color preferably dark green, barbeque sticks, and few other important items. Find the perfect location in your house and begin to build.

5. DIY Zen Fountain


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The making process of this elegant Zen fountain requires these materials; a medium-size ceramic bowl, a small fountain pump, pebbles or river rocks, a drilling machine, a power cord, and either a glue gun or cement. If you cannot drill holes with the drilling machine, then you can make use of a cordless water pump that is powered by batteries. The ceramic bowl can be substituted for any other stylish bowl available.

6. Illuminated Indoor Fountain DIY


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To make an Illuminated indoor fountain you need some heavy materials like short pieces of galvanized drain grid, stone tile mat, a single Led stripe, accompanied by a controller, 12v water pump, construction adhesive, few glass sones, depending on the size of the fountain and some other important materials. To procure these items are not expensive at all, and making this from scratch isn’t a hard task.

7. DIY Cement Water Fountain For Indoor


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To build this particular indoor cement water fountain, you need cement, but the other added materials are, PVC pipe, a glue gun, cotton cloth, decorations such as stones or pebbles, an aquarium water pump, and some polystyrene boards. If there are no polystyrene boards available at your nearby store ten, you can purchase a polystyrene cooler as a substitute. Also, have a bowl and water handy, for the mixture of the cement.

8. How To Build An Indoor Water Fountain


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Get a fountain pump, decorative stones, and other materials required. In order to build an indoor water fountain and maintain it, you need to ensure that the container or bow you use to build the fountain is properly clean and you always flush out the old water before refilling with fresh, clean water. Don’t forget to unplug or turn off the fountain pump where it is plugged to avoid having an unexpected electric shock.

9. DIY Bubble Fountain Indoor


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To build this stylish bubble fountain, you need to shop for some supplies, make a list, and put down a submersible pump, one large and one small watertight ceramic pot, a brick or cinder block where the two pots will sit on, several sizes of some decorative river rocks or preferably a bag of pea gravel. Don’t forget to get vinyl tubing, any size will do as long as it goes with the size of your submersible pump.

10. Homemade Indoor Water Fountain

This homemade indoor fountain requires different sizes of carefully measured and cut out styrofoam, a hot glue gun, a bowl preferably plastic, plastic pipe, which will be cut out into small pieces, white cement, some decorative stones, water, and a submersible fountain pump. Add a small mist maker that comes with Led light of many colors to the list, with emphasis on the size, so that it can fit into the bowl.

11. How To Make A Beautiful DIY Indoor Waterfall

To make a beautiful indoor waterfall you need to pay close attention to the modification that will be done to a wall, drywall rework, and framing. Also, take into consideration the supporting wall, the size, and the existing plumbing and electricals done in the wall. You need to build a wood box, driftwood panels, an upper wood frame, some PVC manifold, and a control box. The risk of this operation is the risk of water damage to the wall, so plan on getting some insurance as well.

12. Indoor Water Fountain With PVC Pipes

Complete this task by getting ½” PVC pipe, cut them into different sizes, 9 inches to 4 inches, a hand cutting machine to ensure that the edges of the pipes are properly trimmed,  get another PVC pipe, bigger in width, a drilling machine, foam board, sandpaper, and silicone. The materials involved make the process look tedious, but it’s easy and doable.

13. How To Make A Water Fountain Indoor

You need a wide square bowl, filled with cement, a mixture of 50 percent and 50 percent black cement, PVC pipe, styrofoam, a small bowl to make small bowl-like shape cement, a fountain pump, a brush, and some stones. For decorations, get some plastic leaves to add around the fountain, and you can decide to color it with some acrylic colors.

14. Indoor Water Fountain With Plastic And LED

This indoor water fountain with plastic and LED is perfect for indoor use, especially at night. The materials to make this are things you can find around you like empty water bottles of different sizes, a sharp utility box cutter knife, scissors, PVC casting, and PVC pipe. Add a hot glue gun to that list. There are a few other materials needed, but these ones will do for now. Don’t forget to purchase a Led stripe, in case you don’t have that around you.

15. How To Make A Tabletop Fountain

I found one suitable for your kitchen table or at the top of a table at the corner of your living room. This is really easy to make, just have these materials handy and you’re good to go. Get a PVC pipe, hand cutter machine, or any instrument for cutting the pipe that you have available, a hot glue gun, a submersible pump, and any acrylic color of your choice to beautify the pipes. Get a ceramic bowl and within minutes your tabletop fountain is ready.

16. DIY Glass Table Top Fountain

To make a glass tabletop fountain to look as modern as it can possibly look, you need to acquire some important items for this task. Get some PVC pipes, some sheets of large clear glass, depending on the space you wish the fountain to occupy. Have your utility box cutter ready and start-up with a few other items like some blues glass pieces, silicone sealant, waterproof Led light, some transparent pebbles to fill up the plastic container.

17. Easy Water Fountain In A Bowl

You will need a bowl for this, the size of the bow depends on where you want to place this fountain and how much space it will occupy in its position. You need to also get some materials to fulfill this dream, first, have a bowl, then proceed to get other items like large river rocks or pebbles, silicone sealant, or any other strong adhesive, some plastic plants for decoration, and your fountain pump.

18. Indoor Cement Water Fountain For Table Top

The kind of cement that is needed here is black cement, you can choose to mix it with sand, preferably beach sand. When you have your cement ready, prepare some other materials for use like some large sheets of styrofoam, a hot glue gun, a small bowl for the mixture of the cement. Also, get some tools handy and ready for work as the standard cement spatula.

19. DIY Dolphin Fountain Indoor


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This dolphin fountain indoor looks so elegant and stylish, this can easily be made with the use of black cement, some barbeque sticks, a hot glue gun, styrofoam, acrylic colors, polyester net, a silver pipe, binding wire, and lots more. Also include LED lights to your list, as it is very important to add beauty to your dolphin fountain.

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