20 DIY Homemade Quilt Ideas To Try In Your Spare Time

If you have a thing for sewing fabrics then this list of homemade quilts will appeal to your sense,  they are really adorable and it’s more preferable than those made in a factory. This tutorial will guide you on the necessary tools needed to make a beautiful homemade quilt that is quite inexpensive.

The homemade quilts on our list are of different sizes and designs, you could choose what suits you more. All you need to do is get beautiful fabric and then get creative.


1. How To Make A Quilt


Creativity comes into play with quilting, it can be used as a perfect way to pass time and can be done in different methods. Making a homemade quilt will need some items which include Rotary cutters which come in diverse sizes, but a medium size is the best to start with, a cutting mat, a ruler, an extra-long and wide ruler will work best for quilting.

Find a ruler that is 5×24 inches and made of transparent plastic and lots more. Making it, you could choose to pre-wash your fabric, iron it, place it on the cutting mat for proper measurement and cutting, then the sewing process.

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2. DIY Homemade Quilt


Homemade quilts are so overwhelming for beginners and this quilt can be made in different designs and patterns for example like patchwork squares or half-square triangles are perfect, to begin with, so when making a DIY homemade quilt you have to choose a particular quilt design and they are variant materials to use in making it, which include the fabric, the cutter, a ruler, your patchwork, etc. You need to have an accurate cutting so as to stitch the patchwork properly.

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3. How To Sew A Quilt


While making a quilt, placement is fundamental. You could either sew with a machine or you could choose to sew with your hand, for instance making a patchwork square, you will have to lay out the squares in the pattern you desire to work with, place it on your work surface and then sew them. That way you have less chance of sewing the wrong sides together because you can see how the finished block looks like. Totally amazing.

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4. Homemade Quit DIY


Homemade quilts are fun to make and need basic material to make them. You will need to pick a fabric which is the first step, then you cut your fabric according to your desired measurements, construct the quilt block if you’re making one, construct the quilt top and quilt, trim and bind the quilt, and voila your homemade quilt is ready.

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5. Patchwork Quilt DIY


The secret to having your patchwork quilt look so amazing is in choosing fabric with prints and colors that work well together. I suggest choosing between 5-6 different fabric prints that work well together and then making sure that if you’re using the same fabric twice, those two pieces don’t touch each other at all. You will need some materials to make this quilt which includes, one cut of fabric measuring 31″ x 43″ for the front, one cut of fabric measuring 43″ x 66″ for the backing, cotton batting measuring 43″ x 66″, embroidery thread, etc.

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6. DIY Quilt For Beginners

For beginners making quilts could be an overwhelming ask,  while for some, fear of picking the proper pattern and designs could creep in. The above video will help you make an amazing quilt from scratch, and the amazing part of the making process is that you can make it without patterns. I totally recommend these for starters, you will need 8½ inches cut triangle, and it requires some simple quilting techniques.

7. Easy DIY Quilt

This easy DIY quilt is a combination of both old and new techniques, for the making process, you will need to make 24 little patterns squares, you will need some basic items like all-purpose thread, sewing needles, pin, embroidery thread, and lots more. These quilts can serve as a gift. I recommend this video for fast easy steps.

8. How To Make A Scrap Quilt

Here is another video, not the regular quilt you know but the scrap quilt. Super creative. This is all about minimizing your scraps to something useful. The creator made use of scraps, iron and ironing boards, pins, etc.  I’ll recommend you have a color Palette depending on how many scraps you have and intend to use.

9. Beginner Homemade Quilt

“Here is another tutorial that shows you how to make a homemade quilt for beginners. However, for this tutorial, the creator uses eight different fabrics, iron them properly, and stash them together for cutting and proper measurement. Quilting for beginners it is advisable to start a basic quilt block and build enough to create a small quilt. It’s fast, simple and you will be dazzled at your end result.

10. Hand-Sewn Quilt


Hand sewn quilts are adorable and can be made to suit your taste depending on some basic materials which u have to get,  like the fabric,  you have to cut your fabric into pieces that are one-half inch bigger, you have to pay close attention to the fabrics used, you will need a rotary cutter because it is fast and the cuts are really perfect, you will need a quilting thread, etc.

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11. DIY T-shirt Quilts


Making a  T-shirt quilt can be difficult and discouraging but once the quilt block sizes and layout are established then your work is done. You will need hot iron, a steady Singer sewing machine and lots more, you will be admiring your finished T-shirt quilt and making with an old t-shirt could bring back memories.

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12. Bed Quilt Sewing Tutorial

This is another tutorial, the bed quilt is not the regular but this is so much fun to make, and making this requires patience you will need time approximately 30 minutes or more. Making a bed quilt you have to take measurements of the width and length of your bed so as to determine how far you want the puffy sides to fall by your bed. The creator uses cotton fabric, lining, sewing machines, etc. I recommend this for an easy bed quilt.

13. Easy Puff Quilt Tutorial

In making an easy puff which is simple, you will need a 4×4 fabric and also a 5×5 fabric which has to be sewn together, and when sewing a single puff you have to make a split in the middle of three sides before putting in the polyfill. The video explains more of this process which is direct and very simple.

14. DIY Herringbone Quilt Tutorial

This is another type of quilt, it’s a zigzag kind-of quilt pattern. It’s simple and it has different sizes from King to Crib. You will need a quilting fabric, a cutter, a ruler, etc. This herringbone quilt is also great for beginners and while making it you can combine different colors. This video will help you with the making process.

15. How To Make A Synthetic Top Quilt

Here is a different type of quilt. The synthetic top quilt can be modified by making thicker or smaller insulation to make it warmer or cooler, in making these you will need 10 taffeta nylon, zipper sizes, micro cord locks, etc. Making this is quite different but very useful.

16. Quilting For Beginners


Quilting for beginners is quite simple when you follow a simple pattern or design. For beginners go along with patchwork or square simple design. In making these quilt the creator cut the quilt according to the desired measurements, cut the strips according to the width of the fabric, thereafter sewed the quilt strips, and lots more.  Click on the link for more information on how to sew a quilt for beginners.

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17. DIY Homemade Photo Quilt


It is pertinent to note that Photographic images can be printed into any fabric of your choice without having to buy expensive commercial fabric sheets. Making a homemade photo quilt is really amazing and it suits your taste why because you decide what photo to put on the fabric. You will need 100% cotton fabric: white for printing, fat quarters for squares, 2 yards for backing and binding, Batting 36 x 48, Bubble Jet Set 2000, and much more. The photo quilt is my favorite because the images are literal. This tutorial elaborates more on this process.

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18. Homemade Denim Rag Quilt


Here is another tutorial on denim quilt that is super amazing and if you have a thing for denim, then you have to check out the link on how to make a denim quilt easy and very achievable. You will definitely need denim materials. This is super creative and so cool. I recommend this to all my denim lovers.

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19. Easy Quilt Pattern For Beginners

Most beginners are scared of making quilts because of no easy patterns. This tutorial is recommended for beginners and it’s more elaborate on easy patterns you can make, and this gives you directives on how to choose patterns, choosing a pattern is like choosing a life partner. Check out the video for more insights.

20. DIY Memory Quilt From Old T-shirts

A memory quilt is also a top gamer on its own, making a quilt from an old t-shirt that gives you memories and all is a check. In making this amazing DIY you will need an old t-shirt. The creator made use of an old t-shirt and for the backing of the quilt, he used an old bed sheet and a lot more. This DIY can be used as a blanket or bedspread.

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