25 DIY Hedgehog Cage – Indoor and Outdoor Enclosures For Your Hedgehog

Did you just get a hedgehog or are you planning to have one? You most definitely should consider a home for the cute fella. When building a hedgehog cage or home there are certains things you must consider.

In this article, I have listed a number of hedgehog cages that you can DIY. Most of the cages are ideal for indoor use and some for outdoor use. One thing is assured, in the course of reading, you’ll find the perfect home for your hedgehog.


1. How To Build A Home For A Hedgehog


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Building a home for your hedgehog can be confusing at first, why not learn from the professionals. You can build an outdoor or indoor hedgehog cage for your little friend with the professional steps listed in the DIY guide. The steps required will involve the use of woodworking tools.

2. DIY Hedgehog Cage

Using a couple of supplies, Erin Elizabeth was able to build an amazing hedgehog cage that looks pretty amazing. I know you’re wondering if this is one of those hard to do projects, well, it isn’t. For this DIY hedgehog cage build, you’ll need a few materials. The build is easy to understand.

3. How to Build a Hedgehog Cage out of a Dresser!

Do you have an old dresser at home? It’s time to transform that old dresser into a hedgehog cage. For this project, you can also use a new dresser. It’s all up to you. The complete building instructions are given in the DIY tutorial above.

4. DIY Hedgehog Cage Build

If you are looking for a simple hedgehog cage, I would recommend this DIY tutorial. In here, you will get some tips on how to build a simple hedgehog cage. I also love the fact that the hedgehog cage is budget-friendly.

5. Diy Hedgehog Cage For $50


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If you are looking for a low budget DIY project that would cost less, here’s one. The creator was able to use $50 to make this fantastic hedgehog cage. I mean take a look at it, there’s enough room for your animal friend. To make this, you will need a bunch of materials, don’t worry, the materials are easy to find.

6. DIY Hedgehog Home Using Wood


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Instead of building a cage for your hedgehog, you can consider making a house outdoors. The making of this DIY hedgehog home involves the use of wood and certain wood materials. It might take a while to build, but you’ll love it. Your hedgehog will love it more.

7. Outdoor Hedgehog Home DIY


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Here’s a tutorial that will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to build the perfect outdoor home for a hedgehog. The making process is not quite difficult. If you follow the steps correctly, you’d be done in no time.

8. How To Make A Simple Hedgehog Home


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You can make this cage for your hedgehog if you are looking at keeping it outdoors. For this DIY project, the creator was able to use wood and a couple of other materials to make the fantastic hedgehog cage that you are looking at.

9. Cheap Hedgehog Cage DIY

The beauty of this hedgehog cage cannot be overemphasized, but I’ll let you be the judge of that. This cage has shades of amazing. It has a lot of things that will make the cage fun for your hedgehog friend. This cage was even made without coroplast.

10. DIY Bioactive Hedgehog Cage

While doing my research, I found this DIY bioactive hedgehog cage. This one costs way more than $50 to build. The creator spent above $60 on this hedgehog cage. If you are looking for a quick and creative setup, I recommend this one.

11. DIY Hedgehog Cage Build Tour

If you have never built a hedgehog cage before, I would highly suggest this DIY tutorial, it will give you some pro tips you’ll need to build your very own hedgehog cage. Don’t expect a full tutorial, in this DIY guide, the buyer will take you through her two-story hedgehog cage tour. You’ll love it.

12. How To Build A Hedgehog Cage

In this video, the creator will show you how to build a hedgehog cage using a large plastic tub. The steps are very easy to follow, you will be done in no time. For the making process, you will need a couple of tools.

13. How To Make A Cardboard House For A Hedgehog

Here’s one of those projects that are 100% satisfying to make. The creator was able to make an amazingly outstanding hedgehog home using cardboard. You do not need to be a handyman or woman to make this, the steps required are very easy to follow. 14. DIY Recycled Hedgehog House

14. DIY Recycled Hedgehog House


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Although this isn’t a confined space for hedgehogs, it is an amazing setup that you can make for hedgehogs. Making this hedgehog house indoors won’t be ideal, I would suggest making it outside your home. The making process is quite easy to follow. You will need a couple of supplies to make this hedgehog house.

15. How To Build A House


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Are you looking for an outdoor project for your hedgehog, here’s one you can easily make. Simply by using a couple of materials, the creator was able to craft this amazing piece. It is only ideal for outdoor use.

16. Setting Up a Bioactive Hedgehog Enclosure!

You don’t need to spend a whole lot of money to build a hedgehog cage. In this DIY guide, you will learn how to set up a bioactive hedgehog enclosure. The making process might take a while but you’d be proud of your achievement.

17. How To Clean A Hedgehog Cage

It is one thing to make a hedgehog, and it is another thing to clean the cage up and make it conducive for your hedgehog. This guide will teach you how to clean your hedgehog cage in a matter of minutes.

18. DIY Hedgehog Cage


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Creating a habitat for a hedgehog is not a completely complicated task. In this DIY tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a hedgehog home for your cute friend. The making process also requires a few supplies.

19. DIY Hedgehog Pallet Home


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You can build this beauty at the back of your house. If you are a lover of pallet products as I am, you would love it. For the making process, you will need to get-ready a bunch of tools. The creator placed this hedgehog cage in the garden section of his home, the hedgehog will most definitely love its new home.

20. DIY Hedgehog Cage

Here’s another DIY tutorial to teach you how to build a hedgehog cage. In this DIY guide, the creator will take you through a complete process of how he was able to make a hedgehog house. I highly recommend this hedgehog cage.

21. Hedgehog Cage

Prevue Pet Products 528 Universal Small Animal Home, Dark Gray,CAGE

Making a cage for some is not an easy-to-do task especially. If none of the cages or homes listed above are suitable for you, I’d suggest you save yourself the stress and get an already made home for your hedgehog. This hedgehog cage is very affordable.

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22. 3-Tier Hedgehog Cage

Aivituvin Upgraded 3 Tier Hamster Cage, Guinea Pig Habitat with Chewing Toy,Hideout,Seesaws,Food Bowl, Ferret House-Leak Proof Plastic Tray

I found yet another amazing home that you can purchase for your hedgehog. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It is a 3-tier cage, this simply means your hedgehog will have enough room to explore. You can purchase this if you are looking for a quick home or cage for your hedgehog.

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23. DIY Hedgehog Cage Build

If you have ever searched for “DIY hedgehog cages” You would agree with me that there are a few tutorials online that teach you how to build a hedgehog enclosure. After hours of research, I stumbled upon this guide, here. You’ll get top-notch tips on how to build a hedgehog enclosure.

24. Cute Hedgehog Cage

Kavee C&C cage Guinea Pig cage Hedgehog cage Tortoise Enclosure 4x2 Loft

If you are not into spending hours putting together your hedgehog cage, you can get this one by simply clicking a few buttons. I found this simple and cute cage that I think would be an amazing home for your hedgehog.

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25. DIY Hedgehog Cage Tour

In this hedgehog cage tour, you won’t be shown how to build a cage for your hedgehog from scratch, however, you will be taken through a tour of the creator’s hedgehog cage, this should give you tips on what you need for your hedgehog cage.

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