19 DIY Hand Warmer Ideas You Can Diy Easily

Staying warm all winter is one of the most amazing feelings any human being will love to have during the winter season, one of the many ways you can stay warm is by using a hand warmer. This article will show you different DIY hand warmers projects that you can DIY.

Most of them have the same making process but different designs. Simply pick the one that suits you and start the making process at your convenience.


1. Simple DIY Hand Warmer


The simple DIY hand warmers are so easy to make, it involves less or no stress at all, you can use a nice fabric of your choice. Use six tablespoons of rice to fill into the fabric after you have cut the fabric to a small desired size, for instance, 3.5inches square. The handwarmer could also be heated in a microwave to serve more purpose. These simple hand warmers could also resort to last-minute gifts which are super adorable.

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2. DIY Reusable Hand Warmer


The DIY reusable hand warmers are one of the best upcycle hand warmers any individual would love to make. This particular type can be used and reused as much as you want, really suitable for both kids and adults. Making this type of hand warmer you will definitely need an old flannel shirt, dry rice, scissors, needle, thread. The reusable hand warmer can be microwaved or can be placed in the oven for five minutes at 350 degrees. Super easy and the best part is that it can be used over time until the fabric gets bad.

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3. Homemade Hand Warmers


Homemade hand warmers are a great project which is super simple and perfect to stick in your pocket to help during the winter season. This homemade warmer is quite easy to make, this also involves the heating process of putting it in the microwave for a few seconds to help with the long-lasting heat.

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4. DIY Hand Warmers

DIY hand warmers are super cute. The end product is always the perfect result because it is so useful and effective during the winter. These hand warmers can also be heated. All you need is a cotton fabric, dry rice, and scissors. These hand warmers can be made with a sewing machine or a needle and thread, it all works perfectly.

5. How To Make Hand Warmers

Making hand warmers is super easy, very comfortable and so fun. Making hand warmers depends on the exact type you want to make. This amazing stuff can be accomplished in different shapes. you will undoubtedly need cotton fabric most preferably, a pair of scissors, uncooked rice, or flaxseed depending on what you want to stuff it with, it has been proved that flaxseeds last longer and preserve the heat for a longer time depending on what you want. Cut the fabric to your desired length, sew it together, put in your rice or seed, and voila handwarmer ready.

6. DIY No-Sew Hand Warmers

The DIY No-sew hand warmers are really fast to make, no stress at all. The most essential thing you will need in making a No-sew hand warmer is a fabric fuse tape which will help in taping the fabrics together so as to produce a firm hold to the cotton fabric. This particular type involves No stress at all, and this could resort to a last-minute gift which can also be fun and super creative.

7. DIY Easy Hand Warmers

I found another fun project that you can DIY. Making these hand warmers are very simple but also you can decide to add more color and flair to it, all you need is nice fabric cut into desired sizes, you can also decide to have different shapes that would suit your taste.

8. DIY Fleece Hand Warmer


These particular hand warmers are very fashionable and super comfy. These DIY hand warmers fit in like a glove and it could add up like an accessory to most ladies. Making this particular type of hand warmer, you will definitely need fleece fabric so as to spice up things in regards to the outer look of the warmer, you will also need to add a bow to look more fashionable. This particular type fits in perfectly.

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9. How To Sew Hand Warmers


Sewing hand warmers are super easy and can be done in less than 15 minutes. You have to make sure you have a good cotton fabric, it can either be done with the hand using a thread and needle or you could use a sewing machine making things super fast. You will definitely need a pair of scissors so as to cut the fabric in small desired square length, you have to lay the fabric right side up and fold 8.25cm (3.25’‘) on one side and then the other so there is an overlap in the middle. Then sew across the raw edges. Make sure you start and finish each line of sewing with a few stitches back and forth to secure.

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10. Instant DIY Hand Warmer

Here’s a DIY hand warmer project that won’t cost you anything to make. It is also ideal for people who do not know how to sew. For this DIY project, you will need two zip lock bags, calcium chloride pellets, and a few other supplies. The video shows you how to put all the materials together thus creating an instant hand warmer.

11. DIY Hand Warmer Gloves

This super amazing DIY hand warmer glove is the most awesome life hack you could ever try, very functional, and easy to make. You will need a cotton glove, nichrome wire, needle and thread, berg strip, and a lot more. This hand made gloves are super amazing and so adorable at the same time.

12. How To Make Reusable Hand Warmers


A DIY reusable hand warmer can be very effective during freezing weather, very functional as well. This type of hand warmer can be recycled and reused over and over and the best part of this is that it can be heated and it can also be gifted. When making this particular type you will need a 100% cotton fabric so as to help with the heating and also dry rice. The reusable hand warmer is absolutely one of the best because you never get tired of it.

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13. DIY Lavender Hand Warmers


This category of hand warmer is actually for those that love amazing fragrance, hand warmers with lavender give it a magical touch. This particular type of hand warmer is quite simple to make but very defined because of the amazing scent. The process of making this is that when putting in your uncooked rice you have to add your lavender or any other essential oil to give it this top-notch amazing scent.

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14. DIY No-Sew Hand Warmers


The No-sew handwarmer is just so magical. You may not have the sewing abilities to make a DIY hand warmer but you can still make one via the No-sew technique of making use of a peel and stick fabric fuse tape. This tape works magic and it helps in the joining process of the fabric after the proper cutting of the fabric to the desired squared size, voila your hand warmer is ready to keep you warm for the winter.

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15. DIY Handlebar Hand Warmer


The DIY handlebar hand warmers are super creative, simple, and easy to make, this category of hand warmers help mostly bike users. In the process of making this, you will need a fleece fabric also 6 inches velcro, pin, measurement tape. The process of making this type of hand warmers is so cool and the end product is all fun.

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16. How To Make Pocket Hand Warmers


Handy pocket warmers take just a couple of minutes to put together. In this amazing project which is so plain and very straight forward, you will need calcium chloride ice melt pellets in a sandwich-size Ziploc bag, you will need water in a snack-sized (half size) bag. You will have to assemble the bag together. Giving this bag a squeeze when your hands are cold will definitely rupture the inner water,  making heat activate almost immediately and lasting about half an hour.

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17. How To Make Hand Warmers

Making hand warmers is so great, so easy, and really perfect for cold days. In making these amazing hand warmers you will need a flannel shirt preferably or cotton fabric, scissors, pin (very optional), uncooked rice, funnel, sewing machine, or needle and thread. Making these is quite amazing because you could end up being creative during this journey, and you could gift them as well by adding ribbons and making lots of designs.

18. DIY Electric Hand Warmer

Electric hand warmers are super perfect and very much cozy. A DIY electric hand warmer works a lot better because it could be recharged with electricity. You will need an integrated automatic temperature control that reaches 100°f in less than one minute, you will need small LEDs, a resistor, a spare USB cable, a switch, and lots more. Making this electrical hand warmer is really fun.

19. DIY Personalized Heart Hand Warmers

Keeping your hands warm during the winter season with the personalized heart hand warmer is really sweet and super fun, and very easy. Making this heart hand warmer, you will need cotton fabric, flannel, or wool, which must be cut into a heart shape; you’ll need thread and a needle, rice funnel, and any essential oil of your choice (optional). The Making process is really cool, and the end product is all cute.

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