18 DIY Groot Costume Ideas – How To Make Groot Costume

If you are a true fan of guardians of the galaxy, you will definitely know Groot, he is Rocket Raccoon’s buddy. Making a Groot costume without a source of inspiration is pretty hard. I was able to dig up some amazing ideas that you can try out.

Here, you will find 18 DIY Groot costume ideas that you can DIY from the comfort of your home using a couple of materials and tools.


1. DIY Groot Costume


Once it is getting close to the Halloween season, the costumes of several superheroes and movie characters are being portrayed, on the streets, at parties, and several other places. To get the best Groot costumes that you can easily make from the comfort of your home you need to purchase a few materials, which won’t cost you too much.

You need to get some pipe insulation foam, spray paint, a pack of EVA floor tiles, a hot glue gun, and other important materials.

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2. Baby Groot Halloween Costume


Keeping a mental picture of how a baby Groot looks in your mind, you can easily make something out of that image with the help of some cardboard, scissors, some plastic leaves, and a pen to make markings. You can create 3 segments of the costume that you will learn today.

When you get your cardboard, mark the places that you wish to cut out, make your cuts, and use transparent masking tape to hold the crown parts together for the Groot costume.

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3. Teenage Groot Costume DIY

This will be an amazing addition to your costume library. The steps in making this are easy, simple, and doable. Wrap packaging paper around your head, use an adhesive tape to wrap around the packaging paper to hold it firm to your head. Before even putting the packaging paper on your head, you must have marked and put out space where the eyes will be.

The other materials that you will need are easy to find, so you won’t have any trouble getting your hands on them.

4. DIY Baby Groot Mask Costume

I had to go research a method, in which a mask can be used to make a baby Groot costume. It wasn’t easy but I found out that you will have to get a craft mask, which can be seen at a dollar store, also get your hands on some lunch paper bags, some art wooden craft sticks, green eyes cleaners, craft glue, fiber foliage to make the mask look like a tree, and finally an old straw hat to make your Groot look more realistic.

5. How To Make A Groot Costume

It’s super easy and durable, using this method, you will make a Groot costume that will last for two Halloween seasons before giving you troubles. The materials that are picked out for this process are some EVA foam, a measuring tape, a paper cutter, and multiple shades of brown and green acrylic color to paint the Groot’s head.

The same materials will be used for the body, so depending on your size, if the costume is for you, you might need more EVA foam to complete the task.

6. DIY Groot Costume Less Than $50


This might seem impossible if you’re looking at this image and thinking how great the costume looks and wonder how it will ever be done for $50 or less, but let me take you deeper to see how this can be done.

If you have a tight budget, with just $50 to spare, then get wire for $6, glues for $10, preserved moss for $3, paint for about $30 or less, and any old hoodie you have at home or collect one from goodwill for $3.

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7. I Am Groot Costume DIY


EVA foam seems to be one of the major materials for getting a good-shaped Groot, but if I just add a few more materials then, you will have a complete list. Get your brown paint ready, some Dremel to make the costume have an appearance of having wood, and some spray plastic and other easy to find materials.

Don’t forget to add insulation pipes to your list, that is what will be used mostly, for the legs.

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8. DIY Baby Groot Costume Tutorial


It is no longer enough to say the words, “I AM GROOT” it’s time to get down to work and build an amazing Groot from scratch. Have a crochet hook, a pair of scissors, a yarn needle, and a silhouette portrait as you use other supplies to make your Groot costume.

With these materials at your disposal and these guides above, you will make the best Groot costume ever.

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9. DIY Baby Groot Costume

It’s Halloween! Try out this amazing way to make a baby Groot costume. Firstly, you will need to purchase some baby clothes, since this is all about baby Groot, it’s pertinent that you shop for some baby clothes, preferably brown color shoes, trousers, and a shirt.

After you get the baby clothes ready, proceed to get some brown color fuzzy sticks, a brown fabric, some plastic craft flowers which you can get at any dollar store near you. After all, items have been purchased, which isn’t expensive, the rest of the task is simple.

10. DIY Groot Mask DIY

You can spend as long as you want on this because if you’re just making the mask, it will be better to devote more time and resources to make the Groot mask to look perfect in it’s finishing. Here you are going to learn from a professional craftsman, it might not be easy for you if you don’t know about art and craft before this guide.

The materials you will need for this process is going to cost you a bit if you don’t have them already. You need an adhesive, EVA foam, or any thicker foam you would prefer, and most importantly, a wood burner pen.

11. How To Make Groot Costume

You will be putting in hours of hard work to accomplish this task. This was done by professionals and experienced craftsmen, meaning that it was more than just a one-man operation. Unless you have some helping hands the job might seem harder and longer.

The materials are EVA foam, adhesive, masking tape, insulating pipes, wires, and more. With all hands on deck, you will come out with that amazing Groot costume within a couple of minutes.

12. DIY No-Sew Baby Groot Costume


Do you want to dress your baby up in an amazing baby Groot costume that you made yourself? You can, with brown fabric, brown cardigan, and felt cloth, you can make twigs or ropes for the body, the brown fabric will be used for the body and the crown. Also, get another shade of brown to add to the crown to make it look beautiful.

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13. Groot DIY Halloween Costume


To get this great costume ready you need to get a few things ready. Acquire some large foam sheets, paint (white, brown, and black colors), kids plastic mask, cardboard, fabric, or hot glue. When all this is ready, the making process becomes easy. This costume is very good because you can easily put it on and off like wearing a shirt and trousers.

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14. How To Make A Groot Mask

To bring out that amazing Groot look through the mask, you need a format EVA foam, it’s the best and highly recommended for this process. Sketch the Groot’s head on cardboard, if you can, and carve it out so that you can trace and replicate the same on the EVA foam.

Get a heat gun and apply some heat to the foam when you must have cut it out after tracing.

15. Making A Groot Costume For Halloween

Want something special for Halloween? Here is a good guide that will help. Get any old thick juggers or thick sport trouser, use EVA foam to make long twigs for the legs, you need a glue gun to glue the twigs to the trouser that you will be using.

16. Cardboard Groot Costume


Using your cardboard you will make any amazing Groot costume that you want. You also need to get some other supplies that will assist you in making the cardboard Groot costume, items like heavy-duty scissors, hot glue gun, loose-fitting long sleeve trousers,and T-shirt, paper, plastic bag, and green color craft paint.

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17. Groot Makeup DIY

Makeup Groot costume will be a great idea for those that are professionally trained in makeup art. Those that have the ability and knowledge to do a quick makeup might not need to get cardboards or EVA foams, or any glue at all, just their paint and brushes with brown, green, black, and white colors.

18. Paper Mache Groot Mask

As always, the EVA foam comes into play again, but this time you can decide to use another kind of foam with less thickness like the format EVA foam. Other added supplies are brown tissue paper, a craft mask, PVA glue, some paint, and a paintbrush. With the thin foam, you can make the paper Groot mask with ease and finish within minutes.


I have done my part of researching and giving you a list of amazingly outstanding DIY Groot costumes that you can make for adults and kids inclusive. Even as a lady, you can make up as Groot. Now, the ball is in your court, all you need do is pick a DIY Groot costume that will be affordable to make and begin crafting.

Thanks for stopping by, we have tons of DIY projects waiting for you.

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