9 DIY Gaming Chair Projects For True Gamers

One of the essential things to have as a true gamer is a gaming chair. After days of research, we have compiled a list of the best DIY gaming chair projects that you can make. The process of making a gaming chair won’t be quite easy, it will require dedication and hard work.

It might take hours or days to complete some of the projects listed here, however, it would be worth it in the end. Are you ready to see what we have in store for you? Let’s go!

1. Homemade Upcycled Gamer Chair

This is a simple homemade Gaming Chair you can make out of an old seat. Firstly you detach the plastic seat from the metal bottom. Take out the upper metal that holds the seat and let it be left with the wheel of the chair alone. You will need a wheel out of a car tire, just place it on the wheel of the chair then through the center hole attach the metal that holds the seat. Then fix it in your chair. The making process is pretty much basic and easy to follow.

2. How To Make A PC Gaming From Car Seat

This gaming chair cannot be done alone. You will need extra help and definitely one who is skilled in making chairs to make this custom made design. Take out the car seat and strip off all elements of the chair down to the skeleton.

As there’s no mechanical item to move the seat forward or left to right, take off the frame of an office chair so you can use the frame for the car seat. Using the leather of the old car seat, take the measurements and draw out the pattern so you can use it for your new desired color. This will be seen into shape and fixed on the cushion and then fix up the seat to the frame and that’s it!

3. How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

3. How To Build Your Own Gaming Chair

Get or buy a car seat from a junkyard. Ensure your 5-star base is ready as well, you can get one from an old office chair or a gaming chair. Knowing the leather for the car seat may be worn-out, it’s advisable to get a new leather or use leather and vinyl paint with a brush, then mount your seat on the base.

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4. How To Build A Gaming Chair

4. How To Build A Gaming Chair

This is a unique gaming chair with a table. You’ll be using a car seat with full-frame assembly, using wood to create an elevated base for the chair. Place the chair on the base and using L-brackets, fasten bolts to the wood and chair around four corners. Construct a table that suits your height and size of the chair so they go together.

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5. Gaming Chair DIY

Get a regular office chair and take out the cushion so you can have the frame because you will be making adjustments, take out the armrest. Set up a wooden layout for the backrest, you will want to add foam to cover the wood to make it comfortable. Attach the wooden seatback, to the frame and check for fittings then dress up the seat back with leather using staples to keep them in place, you can now place back the cushion and you’re all set!

6. Making A Gaming Chair From Plastic Chair

This is made out of a plastic chair. You will consider the plastic chair you will be using as not any kind will fit. Take a roller backpack and remove metal at the back, use the metal to elevate the backrest of your plastic chair. Use a foam or cork to construct your headrest and also for the side backrest, cover up with a cloth or any material of your choice. To create a comfortable seat, use a foam wrapped with material to do that and also create a small pillow on the seat for your back and your chair is ready.

7. How To Build A Gaming Chair

This will require a lot of effort as it is intricate and complex. Shape out your nine-inch plank, layout 2 by 3 planks of wood on the plank to get the actual shape and curve of the chair you need, and then mark the positions on the plank. Using a jigsaw, cut out and shape the wood. Sand and stain the wood then coat with gloss polyurethane. Cover the wooden seat pieces cut out with ½inch foam using staples. Use vinyl of auto-motive grade which is a little thicker to wrap the seat pieces and staple. Stain thin plywood that is the size of the seat piece and nail it to the back. Drill 3 holes on a ¼inch flat steel bar, paint them and space out on your wooden frame, then drill mid-hole to the wood. From the back drill seat pieces to each steel bar, to beautify you can add a blue LED light underneath and your beautiful chair is ready to game!

8. DIY Pacman Gaming Chair

8. DIY Pacman Gaming Chair

Your carpentry skill has to be intact or you hire an expert to make this beautiful craft.This chair is made of hardwood and wooden boards. You start by creating the base of the chair, make an erection on the part you will be sitting, the size will depend on you. Use plywoods or boar’s to cover up the open spaces on the sides then use a CNC machine to cut out shapes on the boards to suit your style. Once all the boards fit screw everything down and paint. You can install speakers and subs before mounting the cushion and your stylish chair is ready.

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9. DIY Gaming Chair

The seat of a racing car works so beautifully well here and so you will be needing that alongside a scrap office chair. Clean up the racing car seat really nicely then take off the cushion from the scrap chair so you can have the frame. At the bottom of the racing seat, drill holes then attach the frame and drive in your screws to secure tightly and that’s it.


A true gamer should have a gaming chair. Having a gaming chair is ideal if you are the type who stays up for hours playing video games. A good chair would eliminate back pain that comes from sitting in bad positions.

We collated a list of the best DIY gaming chair projects that you can DIY from the comfort of your home. Feel free to make adjustments and modifications to your chair.

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