25 DIY Floating Desk Space Saving Ideas For Room

Floating desks make a perfect workspace for different types of activities. It is a versatile piece of furniture that fits in any space, no matter how small. Even though they are mounted on the wall, they can be made to be foldable so you can fold it up and out of the way when not in use.

They also work well as a kid’s desk, artist workspace, architect’s workstation, and lots of other uses. These tutorials have interesting and easy to build designs and models of floating desks for you to choose from.

1.Student DIY Floating Desk

Student DIY Floating Desk

This floating desk was created to help to create a community-style workplace. If you’re a student living among other students, with this floating desk, it becomes easier for you and your housemates to work together in the same space and also study and carry out other interesting activities, such as games on the table.

You would need parquet floor, scaffold wood, succulents, mini-cactus, and other tools you would find within the tutorial. The tutorial can serve as a great bonding exercise for housemates. You can find it here.

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2.DIY Office Towers Floating Desk

DIY Office Towers Floating Desk

Here in this tutorial, you will find some cool, free plans for building not just the floating desk, but also the office tower storages which you would fit your new floating desk between. If you’re big on storage and a safe place to keep your stuff, then this would be a suitable fit.

In this step-by-step tutorial, look out for the images and instructions that would show you how to build yours in a jiffy. Plywood, screws, and drills are only some of the tools you would need to get the job done.

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3.DIY Bedroom Floating Desk (and Shelves)

DIY Bedroom Floating Desk

This inspiring tutorial will help you figure out how to make a classy floating desk for your bedroom. The desk comes with floating matching shelves that look good when paired with it. If you’re looking to give your bedroom a not-so-subtle but stylish makeover, you’re in luck.

The desk and shelves are not too bogus, and if you wish, you don’t need to include the shelves in your design. Find a list of tools you would need to complete this project and the instructions here.

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4.DIY Curved Floating Desk

DIY Curved Floating Desk

This floating desk was built for a bedroom, and it’s an absolute beauty. With a white coat of paint, it makes a dashing addition to a modern-styled room. It also has floating shelves attached to it that make a matching pair; you can find a link to the shelf plans in the tutorial.

The tutorial is an easy one, but you would require some level of skill because of the wood bending that needs to be done. Get your tools and necessary materials ready for work, and in no time, you would set yours up.

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5.DIY L-Shaped Corner Desk

DIY L-Shaped Corner Desk

This is one of the most straightforward floating desks you can build. All you need to do is cut out an L-shape from your wooden boards and attach it to a corner of the room using hooks. This design is excellent for keeping your work area mess-free.

It also makes the most of the empty-looking corners of the room, giving it a wholesome and unique finish. Find the tutorial here.

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6.Simple DIY Floating Desk

Simple DIY Floating Desk

For this simple desk, you’re going to need some materials and tools to help in your construction. They include measuring tape, pencil, nails, spirit level, paintbrush, and a few other items listed here.

It is a 9-stepped building tutorial filled with necessary pictures that would be useful in building your desk.

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7.Easy DIY Floating Desk with Storage

Easy DIY Floating Desk with Storage

The best thing about beautiful designs is that it makes the most of the space it has, no matter how tiny or spacious it may be. This cute and easy-to-build design is suitable for a family room, such as a kitchen or dining space.

It comes with a floating shelf for storage or just to hang decorative pieces. A list of tools, materials, and instructions are within the tutorial. Find it here.

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8.Minimalist DIY Floating Desk

Minimalist DIY Floating Desk

Simple and sweet has never been the wrong choice. This minimalistic design is great for small and awkward spaces, but it can also be modified for large spaces too. The desk is built in a three feet wide area in this tutorial; yours maybe a little larger.

The approximate time you would need to build this design is 2 hours, with an estimated cost of $25. Find out how to recreate this here.

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9.Rustic DIY Floating Desk

Rustic DIY Floating Desk

This would make a great piece of furniture for a guy’s room. If you have a teenage son, this design would be an excellent addition to his room. It’s super easy to build and cheap too. It’s 5ft. long and was made for under $30.

The tutorial, which you can find here, has pictures with dimensions and instructions on how you can get it done. The steps are simple to understand to give you the perfect rustic-looking floating desk.

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10.Space-Saving DIY Floating Desk

Space-Saving DIY Floating Desk

If you’re looking to create a custom workspace that saves a ton of space, then this DIY floating desk is for you. It’s fit for keeping your laptop, reading, scanning through work documents, and lots more.

The floating desk design gives an illusion that there’s more space in an otherwise choked up environment. The instructions are clear and straightforward, with pictures inclusive.

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11.Maggi’s Minimalist DIY Floating Oak Desk

DIY Floating Oak Desk

This desk was created using a simple design and a ‘whole lot of crafty-ness.’ The instructions for this design are not complicated and can be done in one weekend if you commit to it.

You can make this desk in 5 simple steps highlighted in the tutorial, complete with pictures. You would need oak boards, metal L brakes, stud finder, electric drill, and 2 in. long wood screws.

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12.Chic White DIY Floating Desk

Chic White DIY Floating Desk

If you’re going for an ultra-modern DIY look, the chic white floating desk will work well. It is budget-friendly, minimalistic, and a bright addition to a dull work-area. You can decorate it as you wish or use the décor inspiration in the article.

It can be adjusted for feminine or masculine use, depending on the type of design you use. Find the tutorial here.

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13.DIY Floating Desk for Homework


Many times if you have kids that are still growing up, homework would almost be an everyday routine. What better way to give the kids the spur they need to get on with it than a cute and pretty work table?

Getting the materials for this desk shouldn’t be a bother, because they are quite cheap. Some of the materials include a finish grade plywood, painter’s tape, cabinet mounting screws, and many others listed in the tutorial.

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14.DIY Floating Desk with Secret Compartment

With this design, you no longer have to worry about desktops with so much clutter anymore. It saves a lot of space and comes with a hidden compartment for storing your items. The pull out drawer sits well in the floating desk, giving it a sleek and pretty design.

Find out how to get this desk done here.

15.18-stepped DIY Floating Desk Tutorial

18-stepped DIY Floating Desk Tutorial

This tutorial is perfect if you’re looking to turn your workspace into an office. It’s an excellent desk to fit your computer, and it’s not difficult to build. It has a video embedded within but also has written instructions for a more in-depth method.

Get studs, metal brackets, pine boards, tray sliders, corner braces, and other materials in the tutorial prepped and ready to begin building this desk.

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16.DIY Wall-Mounted Floating Dream Desk

Embedded within this tutorial, is the plan to the floating desk. You can find it within the description box, as well as links to other useful resources. In this video tutorial, the designer shows you how to create a floating ‘dream’ desk.

It’s called a dream desk because it can fit in all your gadgets and other fittings you may want to include as you build it, just like you’ve dreamed. Find the instructions here.

17.3-minute floating Desk (Ikea Hack)

This floating desk by Justin Built was constructed using desktops from Ikea. The twin desks cost $15 each to build, and the legs are made from 1 x 4 lumber. The desks were created for a home office, and work just fine.

It’s not a very instructional video, but it is easy-to-understand and very clear.

18.DIY Floating Desk and Vanity Tutorial

This desk took the builder about 15 minutes to create. It’s a vanity mirror desk, and it works well, given the small area it was designed for. If you have a bigger vanity, you can adjust yours to size.

You can decorate the area to suit your taste when you’re done building to give it a prettier or more inviting look.

19.Curved DIY Floating Desk

This floating desk was made to compliment a DIY floating shelf that was already in place. The desk was created for a girl’s room, but it should work well in other spacious work areas. It’s made out of 12mm MDF and 20mm x 20mmm battens.

The rest of the tools and materials needed are listed in the description box of the video. The video itself is instructional and comes with dimensions.

20.$11 DIY Floating Desk (10ft long)

This floating desk is suitable for a large or wide, empty space. It’s great for a studio or salon or any artistic type of work. The video is instructional and easy to understand. You may have to listen attentively to get the dimensions and design plan for the desk. Check out how to get it done here.

21.Cheap DIY Wall-Mounted Desk

This DIY Wall-mounted desk is $15 cheap! It’s a fully instructional video, and the designer made a list of all the materials and tools she used before she began building.

It’s a simple study desk made with some plyboard and other objects. It’s a lightweight desk, but it does the job and is very efficient. See more information about it here.

22.DIY Wall-Mounted Computer Desk

This Video tutorial by Mr. Build It is the perfect computer table. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and is not so difficult to build. This desk was built from scratch in a workshop and is advisable to make if you have similar work tools and facilities.

The list of tools and complete video tutorial can be found here.

23.Super Affordable DIY Floating Desk

This floating desk is affordable and straightforward, fit for a corner space, and can be used as an office or work area. The video will give you a well-detailed idea about how to create and mount the desk. From assembling the frame to sealing and installing the desk, see how to do all of this here.

24.DIY Space-Saving Foldable Table

This desk is the ultimate space saver. You not only have it out of the way and upon the wall, but it can also be folded down to save more space when the need arises. In this video tutorial, you would learn how to make this cheap and very versatile wall-mounted table. Find out how here.

25.DIY Folding Desk

Check out this wall-mounted foldable table by Siddharth Broad Vids. It is straightforward to make, and the video gives a step-by-step process on how to make it. It’s only about 8 minutes long, clear, and concise. Save yourself a couple of bucks as you get this table done by yourself.


If you’re looking to save space or make the most of the limited space available, then floating desks are a good choice of furniture. They are not only cheap and quick to set up, but they also give the room a different and more appealing look, better than a larger desk would.

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