11 DIY Fishing Rod Holder Projects – How To Make A Fishing

Are you looking for the perfect holder for your fishing rod? In this article, we have put together 11 top-notch DIY fishing rod holders that are quite easy to make.

These holders are a great way to organize your fishing rods. Making them is quite cheap too. Specific tools and materials will be needed for each project. Are you ready to build? Let’s begin.


1. How To Make A Fishing Rod Rack For $25

Here is a video guide that will show you what you need to complete this project. Now, a few essential things you’ll need is a couple of 42 inches board, a jigsaw with a fine blade, a drill, sandpaper, and a rut-oleum glow in the dark spray to help you easily locate the fishing board if where you kept it is dark, or you just returned from fishing at night.

2. DIY Fishing Rod Holder With Storage


The supply list for this fishing rod holder with storage is huge but affordable and available. Drill and table saw are two important tools you need, while you should shop for some glue panel project boards, plywood, TROFAST deep storage boxes, wood glue, castors, any color of paint, and Forstner. It’s a simple project, the dimensions and size are in the guide.

This fishing rod holder can only contain 9 fishing rods at a time, I believe it’s a fair number, but if you own more fishing rods, then you should consider checking another fishing rod holder or adjusting the dimensions on this particular one to accommodate more fishing rods.

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3. DIY Fishing Rod Holder For Garage


You don’t need your fishing rod taking up so much space in our garage? You can build this for just less than $10. A few items like PVC pipes, PVC end caps, brass cup hooks and you have an amazing fishing rod holder for our garage. The instructions are easy to follow, and you can make as many holders as you want to accommodate more fishing rods.

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4. DIY Fishing Rod Holder For Car

Things you need to get started are, a lengthy wood saw, measuring tape, screwdriver, Philip head drill, a pocket of rubber bands, and a packet of rod clips. There is a description of where you can buy all these materials. Measure the wood to the dimension of the roof of your car. Note that you might put some screws into the roof of your car as well to make the rod holder permanent. You can forget the screws altogether if you don’t want it permanent.

5. Wooden Fishing Rod Holder Plans


A simple sketch will suffice to assist you to get the dimensions right and have a mental image of the whole project. You need 4 different sizes and dimensions of lumber, for the sides, bases, bottom, and support. Have a hammer, screwdriver, drill machine, tape measure, miter saw handy as you begin. This might take you up to a day to finish if you’re not experienced in woodwork because you need to get the right shape of the wooden fishing rod holder.

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6. DIY PVC Fishing Rod Holder


Here some PVC pipes will do the job for you. From the image, it looks so easy. The real work involves the cutting of the wood. You can increase the size of the rod holder and add more PVC pipes. You can also decide to app a PVC end cap, it’s not in the original guide but you can get creative with it.

In the image you can see 4 PVC pipes, you can make your 5 or 6. Get your wood scraps for the base, 5 feet of PVC pipe, screws, preferably drywall screws, hand drill, hammer, and a hacksaw.

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7. Homemade Fishing Rod Stand

Here is an impressive rod stand made from wood. You can store as many rods as possible, It’s large and doesn’t take up much space wherever you put it. So, you need an 8 footer 2 x 4, and a 12 footer 2 x 6 straight wood.

It also has an elevated base, where you can store other fishing items. So, when building one with this guide, endeavor to follow the instructions for the dimensions carefully to get the right balance for the fishing rod stand.

8. How To Make A Fishing Rod Stand

This is a beautiful, well-finished fishing rod stand. Although it can only accommodate 6 fishing rods, so if you have a large family of above 6 people and they all go fishing, you might need another fishing rod stand to build to store enough fishing rod.

For the wood, you’ve one 1” x 12”, two 1” x 4”, one 1” x 6”, two 1” x 10”, two more 1” x 4”, two 2” x 4” with a 45-degree angle, and finally two 1” x 2”. Now, while building you can adjust the dimensions to reduce the gaps between one fishing rod to the other to accommodate more fishing rods.

9. DIY Fishing Rod Holder


You need to take your time and go through this guide, to be sure you really want to do this. The steps are simple to follow but tasking. These materials are not your regular wood or PVC pipes, here you will use 250 GSM tube fabric, an inner tube of 43 x 220 mm, an outer tube of 145 x 275 mm, a top circle of 110 mm in diameter, a bottom joint patch of 30 x 70 mm.

All these cuts have to be done precisely and carefully or you will have to start all over again and that will mean wasting more fabric. You need a standard ruler for measurement, scissors for cutting, and a pencil to make temporary marks.

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10. DIY Basic Fishing Rod Holder


This is great for outdoor use, but can also serve indoors. Get to your hardware store and get one  1” x 4” x 6” lumber, one 1” x 6” x 6” lumber, a drill, tape measure, sandpaper, drill press, long screws, a circular saw for making the circular-cut designs that you can see in the image, handsaw, and an orbital sander. Every single tool here has its purpose so, if you don’t have one, endeavor to get it before you decide to begin this process.

Some of these tools might be items you already own, so you don’t need to buy them from the hardware store. If you can’t cut the wood by yourself, you can ask for assistance cutting at the hardware store, just go with the right dimensions and you’re good to go. This rod holder can’t accommodate so many fishing rods but you can decide to make more than one of these basic fishing rod holders.

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11. DIY Vertical Fishing Rod

As many planks of wood as you can get your hands on, you should do so because this project will consume a lot of wood. Almost all the woods are 8 feet long, so for every rod rack, you just need one and a half. That means you’ll cut the 8 footer wood to make it 4 feet. You need to have all these calculations written down, and close by as you work, so as to keep it fresh in your mind so that there will be no mistake.

So, the few tools that you need are a tape measure, a drill, the holes have to be big, so you need a big adapter that you can attach to the mouth of the drill. With this vertical fishing rod holder, you have made it easy to store as many fishing rods as you want, but there is its limit.


Fishing rods can take up a lot of space in your home or garage, however, you can properly store your fishing rod by making a fishing rod holder. It doesn’t matter if you have one or multiple fishing rods, you will find the perfect holder.

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