20 DIY Filing Cabinet Smoker Projects For Smoked Food

Are you ready to make a DIY filing cabinet smoker? Here is an amazing DIY project that will help you make one that lasts, and at a cheaper rate. Normally, filing cabinet smokers are pretty expensive if you’re getting them online, and the cheap ones don’t last.

A filing cabinet smoker is a great way to prepare or smoke your meat, it has a few drawers for the fire and some drawers for the meat, it’s a great direct smoker that can be built in various ways.

So, why not try and make one yourself, take control of the build from start to finish, and see how far you can go to make an outstanding filing cabinet smoker that won’t jam or get worse after a long time. Let’s begin!

1. DIY File Cabinet Smoker For $35

Do you want to try out a new way of smoking meat effortlessly? Here is a cool and easy way to do this. You’ll need a cabinet, and a few other items to get the cabinet ready for the meat. The total cost for the materials is $35 which is pretty cheap if you want to compare that with what you might get online or from a hardware store.

2. How To Build A Smoker From File Cabinet

The creator of this guide used an empty old file cabinet, a chicken wire, coat hangers, a corded drill, an electric hot plate, and several other supplies.

3. File Cabinet Smoker DIY

The making process of this video tutorial guide is pretty easy to follow, the setup is straightforward and pretty cheap to perform. You’ll need a large file cabinet unless you are not looking to make something that big.

4. DIY File Cabinet Smoker

This is a simple file cabinet smoker made with a file cabinet, a thermometer, and an old grill. The making process is pretty easy to follow.

5. DIY Filing Cabinet Smoker

5. DIY Filing Cabinet Smoker

Let’s take a look at this filing cabinet smoker for a second, it’s pretty easy to build, so what’s left is gathering the right materials.

You’ll need a metal filing cabinet, it doesn’t matter where you get yours from, you also need grill gates, some oak veneered plywood, a solid oak edge molding, screws, grommets, nuts, washers, aircraft remover, metal shelf support pegs, finishing nails, wood glue, a high temperature Rustoleum flat black paint, wood stain, and a polyurethane.

This project has 11 simple steps that are easy to follow.

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6. How To Make A Filing Cabinet Smoker

6. How To Make A Filing Cabinet Smoker

This guide is going to show you how to make a filing cabinet smoker in 7 easy-going steps. First, you’ll need an old filing cabinet shelf, emphasis on the word old because old ones are usually made of thicker steel that is best for this smoker to function perfectly.

Next, you need to remove the current paint from the body of the cabinet shelf, use an oxyacetylene cutting torch to create airflow on the body, make racks from the airflow angle iron or any other metal you prefer before you now install your heat source.

Now, your filing cabinet smoker is on its way to completion. So, add some finishing touches and you’re good to go.

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7. File Cabinet Smoker DIY

7. File Cabinet Smoker DIY

This is a super convenient way to grill meat and to make this file cabinet smoker with ease, you’ll need a few supplies.

First, you’ll need a 4-drawer metal file cabinet, a propane burner, a high-temperature grill paint, metal hinges, grill grates or basket that must fit into the drawers, a water pan, 3 thermometers, scouring pads, a drill, and some drill bits.

The rest of the project takes 5 simple steps to finish, and then you’re good to go. The making process is easy-going and simple to follow, you can’t miss a thing with this guide.

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8. DIY File Cabinet Smoker

8. DIY File Cabinet Smoker

Here is a simple file cabinet smoker that is simple to build, and is super durable. The creator first got his hands on a cool file cabinet that has wheels so this makes it easy to move around although, those wheels will need to be reinforced.

Next, he made a solid grate heat shield and a work surface, then he covered the ignition wires of the combustion area with shrink tubing, and this was to prevent arcing. He then proceeded to pass some wire and copper through the inner chamber.

This cabinet smoker has a hot area and a cooler area, which is something you don’t see often in smokers.

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9. File Cabinet Smoker Build

This is the simplest video guide on how to build a cabinet smoker ever. The creator used a file cabinet, a cordless drill, and a few other supplies for the interior setup of the cabinet.

10. DIY Filing Cabinet Cold Smoker

Have you ever made a cabinet cold smoker before? Here is a video guide with the how-to. The making process is easy-going and simple to follow. The dimensions for the drilled holes are in the description below the video.

11. How To Turn An Old File Cabinet Into A Smoker

Here in this video guide, the creator turned an old file cabinet into an amazing cabinet smoker that smokes sausages, meat, chicken, and whatever you want.

12. DIY File Cabinet Smoker

Here is another amazing file cabinet smoker with a simple step-by-step guide on how to make the smoker. The steps are easy to follow, and it’s a durable cabinet smoker that just keeps getting better and better.

13. Filing Cabinet Smoker Build

13. Filing Cabinet Smoker Build

Using filing cabinets as a smoker is an amazing idea that so many people are yet to discover. The creator of this guide used an amazing file cabinet and it turned out great when he converted it into a super-efficient smoker.

Although this guide does not show in detail how it was made from start to finish at least he put up images that can help pass the message to more experienced people that have an idea of what it should look like on the inside and how it should be made.

Obviously, you’re going to need something to burn at the bottom shelf, a hot area, while the meat will be at the top shelves. You can also choose to use charcoal or a gas burner as your source of heat, the choice is yours.

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14. How To Make A Filing Cabinet Smoker

14. How To Make A Filing Cabinet Smoker

This is another guide with a pretty sturdy and durable file cabinet smoker. The making process is simple and easy to follow, you can also get the materials for this project just as easily as building it.

When you’re ready to make this file cabinet smoker, you’ll need an old file cabinet, a good size drill bit, charcoal, a drill, a foil-based baking dish, and a cake rack. That’s all you need, and then follow the 7 simple steps in the guide and your file cabinet smoker will be ready in no time.

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15. DIY File Cabinet Smoker

15. DIY File Cabinet Smoker

In this guide, you’ll be upcycling an old file cabinet to make a smoker. This file cabinet smoker is pretty small but requires a lot of items to get it ready for use.

You’ll need an old metal file cabinet, grill grates, washers, veneered wood, grommets, a solid oak edge molding, nuts, screws, aircraft remover, finishing nails, wood glue, a high-temp paint, wood stain, some metal supporting legs, polyurethane, tin snips, a drill, bits, hammer, screwdriver, pliers, a vice grip, rubber gloves for your hand protection, grommets punch or press, a miter saw, a paint scraper, a hack saw or bolt cutters, and a wood clamp.

That’s all you need to get this file cabinet smoker ready.

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16. Temp Controlled Filing Cabinet Smoker DIY

This is a great temperature-controlled file cabinet smoker with simple easy-going materials, a file cabinet, and its hyper-efficient. You totally won’t regret making this smoker for yourself.

17. DIY Filing Cabinet Smoker

Here is another cheap way of making a filing cabinet smoker with ease. The making steps are easy to follow which is an important part of a DIY project. The cost is under $40.

18. How To Build A File Cabinet Smoker

You don’t have to stress yourself to make this file cabinet smoker, it has step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. The creator even did some explanations to make it easier for beginners.

19. Cold Smoker File Cabinet Build

Want a cold smoker? First, get an old file cabinet that you aren’t using anymore, the rest of the project involves the kind of tools you’ll be using.

20. File Cabinet Smoker DIY

Here is the last video guide on this list of DIY filing cabinet smokers, it’s an easy project with step-by-step instructions on how to make it from scratch. Check the description below the video to learn more.


Here we are, now you know that file cabinet shelves can be used to make a smoker, and better still, you know how to make one with ease. It’s always important to learn new things, so we wish you all the best, thanks for stopping by, and have a great grill time, cheers!

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