20 DIY Envelope Ideas That You Can Make In A Jiffy

Imagine being in an area where you can’t get your hands on a ready-made envelope. You would have no choice but to make one for yourself. Using paper and a few other tools, you can craft an amazing DIY envelope for your letters.

This article is a compilation of 20 DIY envelope projects that you can make from the comfort of your home.


1. How To Make An Envelope With Paper


This project will take about 30 minutes to complete and it can be done by anyone with a beginner skill level. All you need are some leftover scrapbook paper, or any kind of decorative paper you have around a pair of scissors, and a glue gun, and you will have an amazing simple envelope.

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2. How To Make An Origami Envelope


Origami is a cool and fancy way of making things stylishly with the use of any kind of paper.

With this method you don’t need glue, all you need is to fold and manipulate the paper and it will secure itself firmly. Although, there is no harm in using glue if you have one handy. This process will take you up to 15 minutes, and it’s quick and easy for anyone with a beginner skill level.

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3. How To Make An Envelope Without Glue

All you need for this project is a paper size of 20cm x 20cm. No glue, tape, or scissors needed. All you need is your hands and your total concentration on the paper square. You start the process by folding the paper into several shapes, repeating the method over and over till you get the desired shape you want.

4. DIY Envelope

This is an elegant envelope that I know you will like. Is super easy to make and very durable as well. The materials you need are golden paint, a marker pen, card stock, a paintbrush, and a coin. You might wonder what the coin is for, it will come at the front of the envelope when it’s finished, this will help seal it and keep it sealed till it is opened by someone else.

5. How To Make An Envelope – 3 Methods


Here you have three simple methods to make an envelope using paper. The first method involves paper, glue, and tape. The paper has to be twice as large as the desired envelope size. For method two, you need only paper and tape, fold the paper into the desired envelope shape, and own use tape to hold it firm at the sides. For the final method, you will. make an origami envelope without the use of any tape or glue. Just follow the instructions on how to fold the square paper to form your envelope.

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6. Easy DIY Envelope


With this guide, you can make as many envelopes as you want by just using scrapbook paper, and cool printed paper, and even magazine papers. You need a ruler, a pencil, a glue gun or a glue stick, scissors, and then a blank envelope. You will be using the blank envelope to make your beautiful custom-designed envelope.

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7. DIY Envelope For Beginners

This is super easy for beginners. Here are the materials you’ll need to start this project off with a bang. You need 9×12 kraft paper, a cutting mat, glue, and a cutter or scissors. There is a link in the video that will direct you to where you’ll buy the kraft paper used for this video tutorial.

8. Easy Origami Envelope Tutorial

Make an origami envelope, simply by folding the paper to take the form of whatever you have in mind, in this case, an envelope. First, you need an A4 paper of any color of your choice. Then, the next step is folding that A4 paper to form an envelope. It’s that quick and easy. You might not have any origami knowledge before this project but the instructions are simple to follow.

9. How To Make A Paper Envelope

This video tutorial starts with immediately showing the making process, no time was spent on long talk. To get the whole idea of how the creator made it using the origami method, you might want to watch the video from the beginning to the end without doing anything but concentrate. Then, the second time you watch the video get your paper and flow along with him.

10. DIY Floral Envelope


This is a project you’ll be doing using either scrapbook paper or cardstock, either way, the envelope will come out looking fabulous. You’re going to need old envelopes, a straight edge ruler, binder clips, a pencil, scissors, and a few other items.

The first step will require you to take the envelope you have already, open it carefully, place it on the paper you want to use, and trace out the whole thing on paper with your pencil. Keep the opened envelope safe, so that you can repeat the process if you choose to. The remaining steps will be to fold and glue the envelope corners together.

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11. DIY Envelope Rectangle Paper


Here you have one of the simplest guides on how to make envelopes with rectangular paper. You just need only a pencil and rectangular-shaped paper. The making process involves folding the paper into several folds until you achieve that rectangular-shaped envelope in the end.

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12. Making An Origami Envelope


This is a unique origami envelope, it won’t just be a good envelope that functions well but io one that is aesthetically pleasing as well. The only downside to this project is that the origami envelope won’t be able to carry rectangularly shaped parcels, it can only take small short square notes or parcels.

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13. How To Make A Paper Envelope No Tape

For this project, you’ll need a DIN A4 paper of about 27cm x 29,7cm. The creator took the video tutorial slow and easily. Nothing was rushed so that you can take your time and follow the instructions carefully so that you don’t have to make mistakes and waste paper. The video tutorial is effortlessly easy for anyone to follow.

14. How To Make An Envelope With Wrapping Paper

You will be using wrapping paper for this project and seeing that wrapping paper is usually soft and can easily tear you might want to use tape or glue to hold the sides firm. Fortunately, you won’t need glue, tape, or even scissors to make this envelope with wrapping paper. All you need is an 8.5″ x11″ A4 paper. The process is super fast and easy.

15. How To Make A Long Envelope

In this video tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a long envelope using A4 size paper. A few other things you’ll need are scissors and a glue stick. With these items ready and this video in front of you, you will fold the A4 paper and make a long and lovely envelope in less than 10 minutes.

16. How To Make An Envelope For Money

You are going to need a few materials that your kid might have if you have a child at home. This project is for school kids, as a school project. You need a pencil, a mathematical set square, or any normal ruler that has measurements on it. After a few folds and cuts, your envelope will look great in the end.

17. DIY Paper Envelope


With this guide, you can make a paper envelope with Washi tape and it will look like a normal standard, lovely envelope. With that Washi tape, you can add beauty to your envelope design. With your scissors ready the steps are a walk in the park for you.

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18. DIY Folded Envelope


Have you ever thought about making a folded envelope before? This guide will help you through the making process. It’s quick and easy. All you need is a lovely piece of paper that is easy to fold, washi tape, a ruler, and a pencil. You will also need waste paper so that you can try out the steps before using your actual paper for the project.

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19. How To Make Envelope From Wrapping Paper


So, this is wrapping paper that you might have at home which you normally use to wrap gifts and Other give-away items. Today, you’re going to learn how to turn his wrapping paper into an amazing envelope. You will need a ruler and a square, glue stick, scissors, and wrapping paper. The steps are super easy to interpret.

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20. DIY Paper Envelope With Leaf

To get this done right, you’ll need a piece of 29cm x 21cm A4 size paper and that’s all. No scissors or glue needed. The next step begins with folding your paper as directed in the video tutorial. Then, you will make another origami leaf design with a paper of the same color as the one used to make the envelope. Attach this origami leaf design to the envelope, just to add beauty to the envelope.

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