26 DIY Doormat Projects – How To Make The Best Doormat Designs

Every home needs a doormat, the importance of a doormat in a home cannot be overemphasized. After doing a lot of research, I was able to find 26 DIY doormat projects made by professionals in the business.

I can guarantee that you will most likely find the perfect doormat project that you can DIY easily.


1. Cricut Doormat DIY


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There is a great feeling that comes from having yourself meet your doormat before you step into or out of your house. The most amazing part is that you get to create this beauty all by yourself. You don’t need so much, just have an old doormat at hand then get your paint, brush, tape, vinyl stencil, and a hairdryer at hand. Easy peasy!

2. DIY Blessed Doormat


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Everything good that we happen to see these days just has a way of coming in with a tint of creativity. In place of “blessed”, you can actually put your name. I mean, you can customize it absolutely!

3. How To Make A Custom Doormat Without A Cricut Machine


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Everyone wants to do what everyone is doing. Truth is, creativity will always stand out. If you do not want to use a Cricut machine then there are also other amazing things that you can use to get your DIY doormat ready, this DIY guide shows you how.

4. How To Make A Stenciled Fall Welcome Mat


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Customizing your doormat for the season is the best thing you can do for a perfect porch view. How do you want your fall doormat looking? If you want to use this stencil then that’s fine but if you want to tweak it a little better then that’s absolutely gorgeous. Just try not to soil everywhere.

5. How To Make A Doormat With Silhouette


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While researching materials that can make your DIY doormat look welcoming, I came across this silhouette doormat guide. This amazing craft can come in different shapes and sizes. All you need to do is just carve. Doesn’t matter if you are trying this out for the first time, it is quite easy to make.

6. DIY Cedar Doormat


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Ever thought of how a fabulous wooden doormat will look like at your doorstep? Well, this is one of the easiest DIY doormats to come up with. Yes, the wood and ropes are quite less expensive but the sanding will shake you a bit.

7. DIY Wooden Doormat


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Doormats with a touch of class that are very easy to do are one of the best you can ever find. As complicated as this looks, you can actually get it done at home all by yourself. This particular doormat is made of wood and jute rope.

8. How To Make A Doormat Out Of Recycled Rope


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When you are done with this, you will reconsider throwing away ropes. A jig and pipe may look difficult to come up with but it is the best part of the project.

9. DIY Doormat For Your Fall Front Porch


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This doormat is very easy to make and amazingly unique. The design used here is ideal for the fall season. If you are looking for other options for your fall front porch doormat, I would recommend this. The leaves around and on the doormat are so lovely.

10. DIY Fall Doormat


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It is always fun when you get to create things for yourself. This doormat is perfect for fall. And you can make yours for winter if you think you would live it that way. The materials are really easy to find even in the mall. My best part has to be the leaves sprinkled on the floor.

11. How To Make A Doormat With Old Clothes

I’m about to amaze you. How you ever sat and pondered on the possibility of making DIY doormats with old clothes. Think of that old cloth you may want to use and let us see what we can come up with. You will be thrilled.

12. DIY Doormat From Old T-shirts

It’s time you learn not to dispose of your old clothes because they can always come in handy when you need to be innovative. A t-shirt must not only be for putting on. There are a lot of things it can actually do for you.

13. How To Make A Door Mat Using A Sack

Rolling the thread can be somewhat time-consuming but you can always find a way around it. The gratification is that you can actually create a cartoon character for your children. Design all you want to come to play, apportion breaks, and outlines for the figure then begin to sew them in. This may not be able to absorb water but it is sure going to trap a lot of dirt under your feet. Try making more.

14. Wood DIY Doormat


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Most persons will prefer a wooden doormat to a rubber or cloth doormat because of the durability and its ability to be cleaned after use. This doormat will need you to get fine and healthy wood so it can be reused to make an amazing doormat.

15. DIY Fall Stenciled Doormat


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With this DIY doormat design, you can keep your visitors at your doorstep for a pretty long time without them getting upset that you had kept them out for too long. This DIY doormat will certainly keep them company.

16. DIY Doormat For Thanksgiving


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Let’s help you give your porch the glow it deserves. This DIY doormat is fashionable and colorful. It is also very easy to make. Thanksgiving just came in colors! What are you thankful for?

17. DIY Doormat Made Out Of Straw


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Before you think of counting the number of straws that will be used for this project, let’s just take out some time to admire this beauty. This is durable, easy, and very affordable. The best part is, you can use any color you want.

18. Easy DIY Doormat Under $10


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Are you looking for doormats that won’t cost a fortune? This has got you covered. All you need is either cardstock or a stencil vinyl. Also, extra lighting is necessary.

19. How To Make A Doormat From Old Jeans

Recycling is actually amazing when you can come up with something really new and beautiful from something old and useless. Cutting and pasting the jean materials can actually take a lot of time but trust me, you will be fascinated with the end product. And remember, you don’t have to pay a dime.

20. How To Make A Doormat With A Cricut

Custom doormats can be really cute but if you need to have someone make it for you then you may have to pay a lot of money. Have you considered making this yourself? You can actually choose what you get to write on it, and whatever size you want it to be. Patience, here, is a virtue.

21. DIY Doormat For Pet Lovers


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Are you looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves pets? This can also go in handy for them. There are a lot of fascinating write-ups that can come with this doormat. Some like: “the cat is in charge, we just live here”, “Dogs welcome”, “Home is where someone purrs and barks to greet you”. Remember, the longer the caption you choose to use, the wider the doormat will have to be.

22. Boo DIY Doormat


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You must learn to keep your doormats out of the direct pour of the rain or sun. It also can react to weather conditions so learn to use a scotch guard spray. Everything you will need for this DIY doormat can be easily found in the store but the price cannot be compared to buying an entire doormat for yourself.

23. DIY Hand Lettered Doormat


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While researching I stumbled on this amazing DIY doormat, unlike others, this one is hand-lettered, this means your painting skills will be required. The process is actually easy with the right tools handy.

24. Natural Coco Doormat

Kempf Natural Coco Doormats - Keep Your Floors Clean - Make Your House Stylish and Chic with Coco Coir (18 x 30-inch)

Here is one of the most essential things to get for your DIY doormat needs. You can buy as many as you want and customize to your taste.

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25. Jute Rope Woven Doormat

Iron Gate - Natural Jute Rope Woven Doormat 18x30 - Single Pack - 100% All Natural Fibers - Eco-Friendly - Classic Interwoven Rope Design

When you think of class and comfort think of this doormat. It is perfect for outdoor so don’t think it must be as smooth as a glass after sanding. I would suggest this doormat if you are looking for a quick fix to your doormat needs.

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26. Waterproof Doormat

KMAT 2 Pack Door Mat Outdoor Indoor, Waterproof Anti-Slip Durable Rubber Doormat Low-Profile Design Floor Front Doormat Rugs for Entryway,Patio,Garage,High Traffic Areas(30”x17”,Grey-Black)

I could not help but include this amazing waterproof doormat, it won’t absorb a lot of water as other doormats would. Also, it can be used as an indoor or outdoor doormat.

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