23 DIY Dog Harness Projects – How To Make A Dog Harness At Home

If you want to have complete control over your dog while taking a walk, I would highly recommend using a dog harness rather than a dog collar. Research has shown that harnesses are much more comfortable for your canine best friend rather than collars.

In this article, I have put together 23 DIY dog harness projects that you can attempt to make. Most of them are pretty easy to make.


1. How To Make A No Pull Dog Harness


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I found this harness to be quite intriguing. The building process is very easy to follow. With this DIY dog harness, you do not have to worry about your dog pulling you while you both are taking a walk. You will need to get ready a couple of materials to piece this dog harness together.

2. How To Make A Dog Harness Out Of Rope


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I found this amazing tutorial that shows you how to make a dog harness out of rope. Trust me, if done rightly, it won’t hurt your dog in any way. For this harness, you will be required to purchase a thick rope that is long enough. The steps used to put this dog harness together are pretty straight forward.

3. DIY Paracord Dog Harness


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For this dog harness, you would need a paracord, 2 carabiners, two ring keys, and a couple of other materials. Basically, this tutorial is for people who would want to build a fancy paracord dog harness for their canine bud. Does this hurt your dog? No, it does not. However, you need to make sure you do it rightly.

4. DIY Dog Harness Vest


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Are you a fan of sewing crafts? Here’s one you can make. It doesn’t matter the size of your dog. Any dog can use this DIY dog harness vest. It is extremely comfortable. Be sure to take measurements of your dog before making these so you don’t end up making an under or over-sized dog harness.

5. DIY Custom Dog Harness


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Okay, if you have never made one of these, it might seem impossible after a glance at the tutorial, but trust me, it is not as hard as it seems. The making of this unique DIY dog harness requires a whole lot of materials. I love how the creator was able to break down the process.

6. DIY Nylon Dog Harness


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This dog harness is a perfect fit for small-sized dogs, however, it can also be made for medium and large dogs. You’ll be required to do some sewing, so you had better get ready a sewing machine. You will also need a pair of scissors, lighter, buckle, and a bunch of other materials. Making this dog harness is quite easy.

7. DIY No Sew Dog Harness Upgrade


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Not a fan of sewing? I found this no-sew dog harness project that might be of interest to you. Basically, this guide will show you how to upgrade an already existing harness using any fabric of your choice. I think this is an amazing hack that anyone can DIY easily.

8. Homemade Dog Harness


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In this DIY guide, you would find everything you need to know about making a dog harness from home. From the materials needed, to the making process, this guide will give you pro tips that you need to make a dog harness that is close to perfection. I would highly recommend this DIY project.

9. DIY Shark Fin Dog Harness


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Here’s a great way to dress up your dog for Halloween. This is ideal if you have a dog who doesn’t like to dress up or a dog who rips off whatever piece of clothing put on it. This tutorial doesn’t teach you how to make a harness from scratch. It teaches you how to customize your existing dog harness.

10. DIY Dog Wedding Harnesses


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This has to be the easiest DIY dog harness tutorial I have seen. These harnesses are great if you want your dogs to take part in your wedding. There’s a harness for the ring bearer and also one for the flower girl. I think this idea is pretty amazing. You should totally consider this if you have beautiful dogs.

11. DIY Dog Harness

Here’s an amazing leather dog harness that you can make for your canine bud. It is made to make your dog 100% comfortable while in use. The making process isn’t for the weak, it will take time to piece this dog harness together.

12. How To Make A Low Budget Dog Harness

Making a great dog harness would need you to spend a significant amount of cash on supplies. However, this DIY guide will teach you how to make a low budget dog harness, with this harness, you won’t have to spend much money. The best part is, you will end up with an amazing dog harness.

13. Making A Custom Leather Dog Harness


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For this DIY project, you will Tan kote, Leather dye, Rivet punch, Rag, Ruler, and of course leather sheet. I love the build of this dog harness. I would highly recommend it for tougher dogs. They’ll never be able to break free from it.

14. DIY Flashing LED Dog Harness


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Do you need some light at night while walking your canine best friend? Here’s a project to consider in your leisure time. The use of LEDs on this dog harness will not harm your dog in any way. The LED might be weird for the dog for the first few days, but eventually, the dog will get used to it.

15. How To Make A Fabric Dog Harness


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Using any fabric of your choice, you can make this beautiful fabric dog harness. The steps are quite complicated. You will need some patience to make this. I would recommend this fabric dog harness for small-sized dogs.

16. DIY Fabric Dog Harness


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Here’s yet another tutorial that shows you how to make a fabric dog harness. I think this one can be used for large dogs, They’ll have a hard time tearing it apart or breaking free. I would also recommend this dog harness for people who have experience in sewing.

17. How To Turn A Dog Leash Into A Harness

Here’s a great hack that will show you how to turn a dog leash into a harness. It is a quick simple tip that can be done by anyone. I would recommend this for people who do not have the time to make a harness for their dog. It takes a short time to make this harness.

18. DIY Denim Dog Harness

Your denim can also be converted to an amazing harness for your dog. This tutorial will walk you through the process of making a denim dog harness. The process is quite easy to follow.

19. DIY Leather Dog Harness


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I would recommend this dog harness for small-sized dogs. Making this leather dog harness starts with taking the measurement of your dog. This leather dog harness can be made in less than 2 hours with all the tools readily available.

20. DIY Light-up Dog Harness


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This light-up dog harness is perfect for night walks, You’ll be able to know where your dog is from a distance. Does this hurt the dog? No, it does not. The steps for making this light-up dog harness is quite easy to follow.

21. Little Dog Harness Tutorial


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I love little dogs, although a harness might not be necessary with these buddies, it sure does make them look beautiful when you use harnesses on them. In this tutorial, the creator will show you how to make a harness for a little dog.

22. DIY Dog Harness


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Here’s another tutorial that shows you how to make a harness for little dogs. For this harness, the creator used 2 yards of nylon webbing, 2 yards of coordinating ribbon, 2 D rings, 2 round rings, and a lot of other materials. With all the materials handy, putting this dog harness together should be easy.

23. DIY Dog Crochet Harness

I love crochet crafts, here’s one you can check out. I do not think this would be ideal for large dogs as they could rip it off. However, this would be a great fit for smaller dogs. If you are a fan of crochet crafts and you own a little dog, you should check this out.

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