15 Simple DIY Dog Crate Cover Ideas

Covers seem like one useful addition to any dog crate with noticeable benefits. It’s better to utilize your resources to make a custom cover. People do think that way, letting you explore an immense number of ideas on DIY dog crater cover.

But not every method can initiate the perfect balance between resources, time & wallet. Why don’t you start skipping all the worthless ideas with our enlisted ones? We narrowed down the available possibilities for meeting your satisfaction.


1. No-Sew Crate Cover

A funny yet self-explanatory video tutorial to make your custom cover. And you can skip the hassles of precise sewing after sizing up the fabric. In fact, some extra cuts on the fabric will perform the job rather perfectly.

It’s one time-lapse demonstration, combining video depiction with live commentary. You just need to hold your attention to the basic process. Right there, you’re likely to implement one of the easiest DIY methods.

2. Cover/Bench Seat for Crate


You don’t have to lose the indoor beauty with some wired cage on the space. The project is pretty simple with no additional décor, finishing, or features. And you’ll need some common wood boards for making the bench seat or cover.

Specified number of measured plywood with supporting MDF will shape the mainframe. Apart from connecting glue & nail gun, you’ll need a jigsaw & miter saw in hand.

Right there, you can start implementing the project without waiting any further. A total of 14 sequential steps cover the entire process in briefed details. Again, there are certain pictures included with a wordy description right below.

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3. Protective Crate Cover


First introduction directly concerns with necessary materials for the cover. Heavyweight fabric like quilted element or upholstery fabric makes up the upgrading feature. The tutorial lets you attach air vents through Velcro or Ribbon.

Right there, you get to move in the direction to start processing the cover. There is no word to explain the action towards any intended benefit. Continuing with brief words should help you to accomplish the project objective.

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4. Easy Cover for Dog Crates

It’s one time-lapse video demonstration of a homemade cover to comfort your dog. There is no garrulous commentary to catch the pace. Background music in normal motion goes well with the dynamic depiction.

For the best part, each implanting step appears on the screen in words. It should help you with a better understanding of the ongoing process. Following the tutorial, you can prepare the cover within a minimal budget.

5. Washable Dog Crate Cover


Instead of a wired crate, pet dogs feel more secure in den-type crates. And the tutorial lets you create an inexpensive, simple & convenient crate cover. You can utilize fabrics like old sheets, small-sized quilts, or any other non-fuzzy comforters.

Of course, you have to make proper measurements to size up the fabric. Apart from other details, you’ll get to know the standard crate sizes for specific dog breeds.

A practical example will explain the ins & outs of the whole process. There are only 4 steps to implement, following all the required measurements. And you’ll find an Amazon link to make an expensive purchase to ease your friend.

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6. Decorative Cover for Craters

Dressing up the simple, ordinary, uncomfortable crater can’t get any better. The idea combines beauty with comfort to encourage the surrounding. And the tutorial explains the secrets of achieving such an outcome.

There comes no demonstration, only words on the job, easy enough to pull for anyone. Just continue with the discussions prior to starting your project. Using some clean household clothes can get you a nicer appeal.

7. Simple Dog Crater Cover


Making a cover can induce some extra beauty, aside from providing comfort. Of course, you’ll need to impose some fabric to cover the dog’s crate, not wood. The article almost immediately starts with the necessary materials for the job.

And the process continues with crater measurements, including some extensions. Instead of traditional scissors cut, the guidance prefers roll cutting on boards.

There comes no specified section to clarify the steps; only some paragraphed explanations. Just keep going with the words should interpret its simplified idealization. But the images should give some basic insight into the decisive outcome.

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8. Practical Crate Cover

Very fast time-lapse video manages to demonstrate the processing of a cover. Obviously, you’ll need to check the video at a slower pace to catch the facts.

In simple words, there’s nothing special with the guidance except simplicity. Only some basic indoor materials can shape up the assembly within hours.

9. Removable Wooden Cover


Fabric covers for dog crater get dirty over time, calling for frequent cleanup. But you can continue with the regular clothes, supported by a more likely permanent cover. The article focuses on creating a neutral slipcover to match its main-level décor.

A removable wooden cover can satisfy the requirements within your budget. Right there, the project turns into a wooden DIY job for any passionate pet-owner.

No well-defined steps or necessary supply section gets to arrange the words. You just need to go through the entire details, holding your patience for a viable outcome. And there are integrated pictures to represent the whole process closely.

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10. Do-It-Yourself Crate Cover

The simple demonstration reveals the simplicity of an ordinary cover. The video intentionally emphasizes improvising the appeal of one normal crate. Despite the lack of details, it takes no special expertise.

Like no other, you can address the issue using canvas with hanging strings. Just keep listening to the commentary with a slight depiction of the ongoing process. You can adapt the guidance easily, even the audio continues at a faster pace.

11. Kennel Cover with Antique Door


You can structure a perfect kennel cover with a beautiful antique door for the dogs. But the intended project still requires a good number of resources. The custom dog crate cover seems incredibly appealing, heavy-duty & easy on the wallet.

Just don’t skip the method over the long list of necessary supplies. It covers all the necessary mechanical equipment & supporting materials at once.

There are 7 steps to implement – cutting, drilling, attaching, covering & finishing. And the inclusion of several standstill images should clarify the action in a better way. Likewise, a wordy explanation of each segment keeps explaining the whole task.

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12. DIY Makeover for Dog’s Crate


Combination of wooden support for covering curtains can result in a lovely outlook. The simple DIY hack initiates one genuine living upgrade for your puppy. And the guidelines can help you to resolve issues with any specific crate type.

Requirement of tools counts tension rods, table legs, pine boards with café-style curtains. Of course, the project is likely to cost you some worthy bucks at the start.

But the implementation is rather simple with some basic plans. You just have to size up the materials to put all the pieces together for shaping up the assembly. Only some to-the-point sentences reveal the hack towards completion.

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13. Great Cover for Dog Crates


Only some basic household supplies in an assembly can make your dog more comfortable. The featured content simply concerns with the quality from the beginning. There are lots of points to notice, right before starting your home project.

There are 5 defined segments to explain the task – fabric, other items, pattern, sewing & variations. And each section contains several points to reveal the relevant tricks. The tutorial is a well-organized guideline on simple working to enjoy a practical outcome.

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14. Stylish DIY Dog Crate Cover


Weekend DIY project catches the idea of creating a lovely cover for the upcoming winter. And you can easily give your pet dog a cozy space of its own. The entire tutorial may seem like a verbose personal commentary, but you can get things pretty clear.

The plan sets on motion through a primary freehand design on a paper. And the tutorial uses pre-quilted, double-sided fabric with bias tape for finishing the edges.

Lots of pictures dominate the later part, depicting the individual steps. Of course, there are fewer words to explain the entire action on finishing segments. And the project nearly cost $55.0 in total, requiring 3 hours to complete the job.

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15. Steady Dog Kennel Cover

The tutorial creates a sturdy coverage for a large-sized kennel, structured outside the house. Though it may seem pretty costly on a larger scale, you can save the expense on smaller sized application.

The process requires some precise mechanical works to prepare the supporting materials. Simple assembly should hold the cover in its intended position, initiating further comfort for staying dogs.


Whether it’s wood, fabric, or canvas – imposed cover can give privacy, security & relaxation. You just have to know your preference, concerning all the facts. Right there, you can easily find the most suitable DIY project for making your pet happy.

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