10 DIY Dog Cone Projects To Make For Your Canine Buddy

Are you looking for how to make an amazing DIY dog cone? You are at the right place. This article will help you with different ideas on how to make one. A dog cone often referred to as an “Elizabethan collar” from its shape, is often placed around the dog’s head.

In making these they are variant materials which one can use. These dog cones are designed to stop your dog from licking or scratching wounds etc and it offers important protection to your pet. Below are our best picks on DIY dog cones.

1. DIY Comfy Dog Cone

This comfy dog cone is very easy to make. If your dog hates wearing a plastic dog cone, I will recommend a comfy dog cone. It makes your dog more comfortable. In making these, you will need a whole size towel, duct tape, and certainly a helper. This video will show you how to use the towel as a cone instead of plastic. Trust me, it is super easy.

2. DIY E-Collar

The E-collar dog cone is very inexpensive to make, it’s an E-collar that can be loose. In making this dog cone you will need cardboard which is one of the most essential ingredients, duct tape to help secure it in a cone shape also a shoestring can help secure it, measurement tape, and lots more. This type of dog cone can be used multiple times if you could secure it during the making process. These can be made in different sizes dependent on what suits your dog.

3. How To Make A Dog Head Cone


This dog head cone can be made at home from materials that are readily available like a suitable plastic container or plastic flower pot for medium size dogs, or plastic ice cream bucket for large size dogs, etc. Measure the area from about 1/2 inch in front of the dog’s nose to the collar on its neck, measure the circumference, create holes, cover the edges of the hole with masking tape. This will make the cone more comfortable for the dog and lots more. The making process is fun.

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4. How To Make A Dog Cone

If you are tired of the normal plastic dog cone, I totally recommend this quick, super fast DIY dog cone. All you need in making this dog cone is a thick twine, pool noodle, tape, a pair of scissors, etc. You have to cut the pool noodles into small pieces but note in making these, the smaller your dog neck the thinner the pieces will be. This video elaborates more on the process.

5. Dog Cone Collar Alternative


For this cone collar alternative, all you need is a foam cervical collar, a collar strap to help secure the ends, you will definitely need a standard duct tape, which will be used completely around the cervical collar. This is recommended for a more comfortable dog cone. In making these you have to make sure the collar fits properly, not too tight and not too loose.

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6. DIY E-Collar For Pets

The DIY E-collar for pets is too easy to make but super effective to help protect your pets from scratching their wounds. In the process of making these, you will need 5-6 empty bottles of water plastic, these plastic will be divided in half. You have to also cut the bottle upwards as shown in the video. You will definitely need foam tape, scissors, etc. Taping these cones will make it last longer because pets don’t like E-collars. You have to make the length depending on the location of the wound.

7. How To Make A Towel Cone For Small Dog

Making a towel cone for small dogs is super easy and very fast. You will need a small towel since it’s a small dog, strips of any strong tape to help secure the ends properly. This cone is totally comfortable for your doggy and I’ll recommend this for those who don’t prefer plastic cones. The video explains more about how to wrap it around your dog. I will recommend this for owners of small-sized dogs.

8. How To Make An Elizabethan Collar For Your Pet

Making an Elizabethan collar, you will need cardboard and you have to measure it in eight triangle parts. You need tape, scissors. You have to measure and connect the lines to bring out a circular shape, you also have to measure and cut your circumference so as to go round your pet’s neck. You tape it and voila your homemade Elizabethan collar is ready for your pet.

9. DIY Dog Cone Pool Noodle

This is an easy makeshift E-collar cone using a pool needle. Making this is fun and super easy. You will definitely need the pool noodle, scissors, knife, old collar of your dog. All you need to do is cut the pool noodle into smaller pieces, make holes in it, then stuff the pool noodle into the old collar of your dog and your dog cone is ready.

10. How To Make A Dog E-Collar

Here’s another cool guide. Making an E-collar cone comes in handy pretty much. In making these, you need a plastic board, a highlighter to help make out areas you would cut off, a measurement tape, a seal tape, scissors, etc. Proper measurement is advisable so as to fit your dog perfectly well when making an emergency E-collar cone. This video explains the process of making this super easy E-collar and I recommend this for any emergency situation.


You can decide to purchase a Dog Cone, but that will cost you more. I would strongly recommend making one yourself. It is easy and fun to make. All the projects listed in this article can be done from the comfort of your home.

Depending on the size of your dog, you might have to adjust measurements to enable the cone to fit properly. Thanks for stopping by. I hope this guide has been helpful.

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