25 DIY Dice Bag Projects – How To Make A Dice Bag

Dice are used in playing different types of games and they are sometimes as tiny as the last segment on the last finger. This is why you should keep them safe. If you have children of 6 months to 5 years, you will easily understand.

You can always preserve these little pieces of beauty in a pouch or a little sack which you can create by yourself. This DIY dice bag collection will show you a couple of dice bags that you can DIY.

Best-DIY-Dice-Bag Projects

1. How To Make A No-Sew Embroidered Dice Bag


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Are you looking for a project with zero machine stitches? Then this is surely your best bet. You will take a step further from the regular felt to using a wool blend felt for this project. The first step is to download your print and embroidery patterns. Use a large dinner plate as a template to cut out fabric on the felt. Fit in your embroidery. Cut the drawstring slits the weave.

2. DIY Dice Bag


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This DIY dice bag was made out of an old shirt and a shoelace. This project should not take more than 30 minutes. Cut out a rectangular piece from the cloth and fold into a double. Make some folds and sew the top edges together. Turn it upside down and you are good to go. Don’t forget to fix-in your rope.

3. DIY Rustic Dice Bag


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This old fashioned fabric could really be the punch on the nail. The design used for this was a rectangle with a semicircle base. Measure and cut your cloth then get to the sewing. The rope work should not be so difficult.

4. DIY Reversible Dice Bag


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Don’t leave dice scattered around the house. There is a really easy way to make a bag for yourself to keep them safe. What’s more fascinating about this bag is that it’s reversible. You can either use cotton, silk, or velvet. When you are done sewing, you need to press the seams open and sew the bottom to the tube so you can attach the lining.

5. How To Sew A Dice Bag


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Some fabrics portray a rich collection for home decoration. This fabric can be used to make a DIY dice bag and kept in a strategic position to make the room look really beautiful. To make this, you will need to sew two little pieces together. This will take a lot of observations but if you follow through then you can get this done.

6. DIY Lined Dice Bag


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If you don’t have a sewing machine for this DIY dice bag then a needle and thread can suffice. First cut a rectangle, then cut a circle. The former will be used for the body and the latter for the base. You will do this on two fabrics. After assembling, you can fix the ribbon.

7. Legend of Zelda Triforce Chainmaille Dice Bag


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This DIY dice bag is perfect to house your favorite game pieces. The good part is that you can customize this piece of beauty all by yourself. Green and gold anodized aluminum rings were used for this. Start building from the base by fixing rings round one ring. Don’t forget to use a rope to fasten the tip.

8. Skyrim Inspired Leather Dice Bag


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This leather bag, preferably a deerskin, elk skin, or suede leather is easy to make. Cut out a rectangle shape for the body and circle for the bottom. Mark the edges for the stitching then connect the bottom to the body. A rope will make the lid close.

9. DIY Dice Bag With Zipper


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This DIY dice bag will take a bit of time to come up with. Cut out the number of parts to be used for the segments. The iron on the stiffener will give shape to the bag. Start sewing per line. Fixing the zip should not be a big deal.

10. DIY Dragon Egg Dice Bag


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If you know how to do a chain, half double crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch then this will be a walk in the park. You will need to start with the bottom and make a progression to the top.

11. How To Make A Drawstring Dice Bag

This is a drawstring pouch. You can do this without a sewing machine. Use a pattern to cut on thin material. The carvings will surely take some precision. It will fit just between the two patterns you cut.

12. DIY Dice Bag Sewing Project For Beginners

This is a rare talent and you can plug into it now. This has box corners at the bottom. Get two pieces first and sew them. To make the box base, fold the tip to make a triangle, sew it, and cut out the excess. I would highly recommend this tutorial for people trying out sewing for the first time.

13. How To Make A Leather Dice Bag


Download some patterns online then carve out. Place on a piece of fabric and cut. You will need a hole punch to take the pattern to the fabric. Carve outside the holes made by the punch. Get the sides of the leather smoothened out with a burnishing wood. Begin to attach your pieces.

14. Large Reversible Dice Bag


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This is pretty much easy and affordable to do. And guess what? You get to use one of your best materials for this. The square base can be easily done by sealing a straight base then pulling it open, folding the pointed parts, and sealing it again. The same thing should be done for the inner fabric.

15. Leather Dice Bag Sewing Pattern


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Sometimes, the good things of life come in knowing how to make and create things for yourself. Get a pattern out and cut. For this, you will need to apply a rubber cement on the top edge of the pouch. Don’t forget to punch holes in the rope.

16. DIY Carnivorous Dice Bag


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This DIY dice bag was made from a pair of jeans and some buttons. This is surely a great inspiration. I love the teeth in the mouth of the bag, it sure looks carnivorous.

17. DIY D & D Dice Bag


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DIY dice bags don’t always have to be expensive. This drawstring bag needs two pieces for fabric for interior and exterior. To make the drawstring, you will need to use a safety pin on one end of the string then insert it in the holes.

18. Homemade Segmented Dice Bag


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Making a DIY dice bag can be a lot of fun, especially when you have to factor it to suit your wants. This colorful segmented dice bag is top-notch and it is a good inspiration.

19. How To Make A Dice Bag With Pockets


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This DIY dice bag does not even need you to break a sweat. This can surely help you make the right pick with the right embroidery. It has pockets which makes it different and unique from other dice bags.

20. How To Make A Dice Pouch

This actually looks like a dice. It has a zipper and it comes with a small strap. Fusible fleece is used for this DIY dice bag. Cut your material with measurements, attach a zipper. Fold and sew.

21. DIY Lord Of The Rings Dice Bag

This drawstring leather pouch is designed with a rectangular base. If your measurements are not right, you get it all wrong. You will need to know the basics of sewing too.

22. DIY Dice Bag With Pockets

Have you ever imagined a bag made with a pocket? This DIY dice bag is ridiculously easy to make. While you make the base, try to fold the edges before you sew around so it doesn’t get to pull out.

23. DIY Fuzzy Dice Bag


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This fuzzy DIY dice bag is made of fur material and you can easily attach the eyes using glue. Cut your material to shape, sew with a machine. Use a long piece of coat hanger to thread through the parachute cord.

24. DIY Leather Dice Pouch


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If you need class then this has got you covered. You will need a circuit maker to make holes in the circle shape material you have cut already. This appliance just makes the work pretty much easy for you. As soon as it is out, you can string your DIY dice bag.

25. How To Make A D6 Dice Bag


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If you are looking for one of the best gifts to give to your loved ones, this can go a long way. If they are a game freak with dice as the centerpiece then this is perfect for them. This is inspired by the d12 and 20 bags in Evil Mad Scientists Laboratory. Make a draft of numbers and cut them out to be fitted on the dice bag. Attach the numbers on the fabric and sew in threes.

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