24 DIY Curtain Tie Back Projects – How To Make A Curtain Tie Back

A curtain tie back is that special extra touch that your curtain needs to look amazingly outstanding. In this article, I have put together an epic list of 24 DIY curtain tie back projects that you can DIY easily.

I have a strong feeling that after going through this article, you would find the perfect DIY curtain tie back for you home.


1. DIY Beaded Curtain Tie Back

Hey there, are you into beaded things? If the answer to that is yes. Then here is one you would love. In this DIY tutorial, you will learn how to make this beautiful beaded curtain tie back. The making process is very easy to follow, all you would need are the right materials.

2. DIY Curtain Tie Back Out Of Old DVDs

Here’s one of those DIY guides that show you how to make use of old stuff that you planned on throwing away. For this DIY curtain tie back, the creator was able to use old DVDs. While this might not be ideal for a modern luxurious home, I think this is an amazing idea that some people would love.

3. How To Make Curtain Tie Backs

These are simple to make curtain tie backs, feel free to use your desired fabric depending on the color of your curtains. The making is quite easy, you will need an iron, some pins, and a sewing machine to make this curtain tie back. I think it would look amazing in your home.

4. DIY Curtain Tie Back


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Do you have old shower curtains in your home? If you do, then this tutorial is for you. I love how the creator was able to creatively use curtain hangers from his shower curtains as the perfect simple DIY curtain tie back. This is by far, one of the easiest curtain tie backs to make.

5. DIY Brass Curtain Tie Back


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Do you like what you see? The making process is not as hard as it seems. To make this DIY curtain tie back, you will need a brass swivel eye snap hook, scissors, needle, and thread, and finally, cream cotton cord. This would look beautiful if made rightly.

6. DIY Rope Curtain Tie Back


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If you have decided to make your house have a rustic look, I think it would be best if you paid attention to every single detail. This is the perfect curtain tie back for rustic home decors. The making process of this DIY rope curtain tie back is not difficult, you would be done in no time.

7.  How To Make Gold Chain Curtain Tie Backs


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Here’s one destined for luxury. I love how the creator was able to make a DIY curtain tie back using a chain. Yup, it might not be real gold, but I think it still looks great. I have a feeling that a silver chain curtain tie back would also look great. Before going for gold or silver chains for your curtain tie back needs, make sure it goes with your curtain color.

8. Glass Door Knob DIY


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This isn’t a DIY guide, however, I feel anyone who has working hands and legs would be able to DIY this with ease. All you have to do is purchase a glass doorknob, there are a lot of beautiful ones out there. After purchase, screw or nail the glass doorknob to the wall and use it as your curtain tie back.

9. Simple Twine Curtain Tieback

I found another simple but yet amazing idea that you can make. Using a thin rope, the creator was able to put together this simple but sweet curtain tie back. Are you bothered about the knot? If you can knot a shoelace, this shouldn’t be a difficult task for you.

10. Jute Rope Curtain Tie Back DIY


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Here’s another sweet one that you might love. For this curtain tie back you will need a jute rope, fabric rope, steel pipe couplings. The complete steps to making one of these can be found on the source page. The making process is quite easy to follow.

11. DIY Curtain Tie Back WIth Beads


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Using artisan beads, the creator was able to piece together this amazingly outstanding curtain tie back. The steps used in making these are quite easy to follow. You will need a few supplies to make them. I love this idea, if you are into artisan beads, you would love this DIY curtain tie back.

12. How To Make Curtain Tie Back Out Of Rope

Using rope, you can make the most beautiful curtain tie back ever! The process of making a curtain tie back out of rope isn’t going to be a walk in the park, you might have a hard time getting it at first, but with time, you will get the hang of it.

13. How To Tie A Curtain Tie Back Having Tassels

Picture this, you are in a place and you are asked to tie a curtain tie back using the available tassels. If you haven’t done it before, it might be impossible for you. However, after this tutorial, you would most definitely get the hang of how to tie a curtain tie back with tassels.

14. Belted Curtain Tie Back


Here’s one of those creative ideas that you might fall in love with. I was in awe after seeing this curtain tie back. I mean, I never thought about using a belt as a curtain tie back. The process of putting this together is very simple. Simply put the belt around the folded curtain and buckle up. You can puncture a hole in the belt if it won’t buckle.

15. Luxe Texture


A luxurious approach to your DIY curtain tie back needs can be seen in this amazingly outstanding DIY curtain tie back. If you have white curtains as seen in the picture above, you can use colored fabric to tie your curtains together.

16. Matching Beads


Here’s another great idea you can try out. Every curtain has matching beads. If your curtains are blue, you can use blue beads, the same goes for other colors. If your curtain has a mixture of various colors, you can also use a mixture of matching beads. It will look great.

17. DIY Boho Curtain Tie Backs


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While doing my research on amazing DIY curtain tie back ideas, I came across this unique curtain tie back that I think is pretty amazing. It looks quite luxurious too. The making process is not as hard as it seems. With the required materials handy, you would be done making one of these in a short time.

18. DIY Braided Yarn Curtain Tie Backs With Tassels


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Simple meets style in this DIY curtain tie back idea. People rarely use braided yarns for their curtain tie backs, there’s always a first time. This DIY curtain tie back guide will teach you how to make these amazing DIY braided yarn curtain tie backs.

19. DIY Crystal Door Knob Curtain Tie Back


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For this DIY project, you will have to purchase a couple of little crystal doorknobs, they should not be hard to find. The installation process is also going to be an easy task to accomplish if you have the right tools handy.

20. DIY Wooden Beads Curtain Tie Backs


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My Grandma loves wooden beads, she has a large collection of wooden beads. If you are into wooden beads too, then you would not mind having this amazing wooden beads curtain tie back in your home. It is overly easy to make and install. If your home has a lot of wooden accessories, you might want to make one of these.

21. DIY Curtain Tie Back Coastal Farmhouse


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Unlike the former, this wooden beads curtain tie back uses a lesser amount of beads but still looks amazing. In this DIY tutorial, you will learn how you can make this curtain tie back with ease.

22. DIY Curtain Tie Back With Tassel


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I fell in love with this DIY curtain tie back idea at first sight. The first thing I noticed was the round leather cord which looked great. For the making process, you will be required to gather a couple of materials, most of them are easy to find. You should be done with the making process within a short time interval.

23. DIY Pokemon Magnetic Curtain Tie Backs


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This would look great in your kid’s room, especially if your kid is a big fan of pokemon. This magnetic curtain tie back is fun to make.

24. Easy Upcycled DIY Curtain Tiebacks


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If you do not have money to buy supplies, you can opt for this creative and cost-saving idea. In this DIY guide, you will learn how to make DIY curtain tie backs using things that can be found in your home.

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