25 DIY Cup Holder Projects – How To Make A Cup Holder

If you have ever struggled with where to place your cup or mug after taking the first sip, then this article is for you.

In this article, I have put together a list of 25 DIY cup holder projects that you can DIY. Some of the projects are easy and require no serious skill, others might require woodworking skills.


1. DIY Tumbler and Cup Holder


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Do you have a huge tumbler? I found the perfect holder for it. In this DIY project, you will learn how to make this beautiful tumbler holder. Also, it can be used as a cup holder as well. The making process isn’t one that will stress you much. You’ll love the making process. It is quite fun.

2. DIY Wooden Sofa Cup Holder


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I think this is the best cup holder I have seen so far. With this cup holder, you are sure of maximum comfort on your sofa. The making process obviously involves the use of wood and this would mean that you need to have woodworking tools handy.

3. DIY Cup Holder


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This DIY project should never be attempted by beginners. If you try to do this and you are not careful enough, it might hurt you really bad. However, I think this is an amazing cup holder that you can use with your sofa.

4. DIY Concrete Cup Holder


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I couldn’t resist this DIY concrete cup holder when I set my eyes on it. I must say, I love how the creator was able to design this concrete cup holder, it looks great. The making process is not so hard to follow.

5. DIY Chair Drink Holder


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This chair drink holder will hold your bottled drinks well. This cup holder is perfect for outdoor situations. The making process isn’t as hard as it looks. If you have some woodworking experience, you should be able to ace this DIY cup holder project.

6. DIY Cup Holder For Chair


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I found yet another amazing one. This DIY cup holder project will show you how to make a cup holder that has compartments for placing your tv remote and other stuff. With this cup holder, you can sit, relax, and have a swell time.

7. DIY Cup Holder Hacks

While doing in-depth research, I found this video to be quite useful. In this DIY tutorial, you will learn some great hacks that you can use to hold a cup, beer can, and even bottled beer. I love how creative this guide is. If you do not have money to build a DIY cup holder, you should check out this hack.

8. How To Make A Magnetic Cup Holder

This is a woodworking project that would require the use of woodworking equipment. Using wood and magnet, the creator was able to make this special magnetic cup holder, I think this is a great DIY cup holder idea. The making process, however, is not as easy as it looks. I tried making this myself, and it took me ages to finish.

9. How To Make A Bicycle Cup Holder

If you are into bicycle riding, you would agree with me that having water close by is very essential. In this DIY tutorial, you will learn how the creator was able to come up with this unique bicycle cup holder. I think this is a great hack that everyone who loves hiking should consider.

10. DIY K-Cup Holder


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I just could not resist this k-cup holder. Unfortunately, these are not your regular cups or mugs. These are k-cups, which are used to make coffee. If you are into coffee like I am, you can consider making this k-cup holder for your favorite flavors. The making process is quite easy to follow.

11. PVC Chair Cup Holder


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This is a simple hack that anyone would be able to make. You do not need woodworking skills or equipment to make this chair cup holder. Using PVC pipe and a few other materials, a creator from Instructables was able to come up with this amazing cup holder.

12. DIY Crutch Cup Holder


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If you are using crutches, I found this hack and I think you are going to love it. You don’t need to ever worry about where to put your favorite drink again. This guide will show you how to make a DIY crutch cup holder. The process isn’t quite easy but I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it

13. DIY Desk Cup Holder


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Everyone who works from a desk would attest to the fact that they get thirsty from time to time. With this DIY cup holder, you can keep your favorite mug close using the cup holder. With the required materials available, you should be done making this in no time.

14. DIY Washi Tape Cup Holder


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15. DIY Yeti Cup Holder


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Here’s another cup holder I fell in love with. This one is very simple and can be done by anyone. This cup holder idea is perfect for people who would love to carry their cup around without having to hold it in their hands. Just make this cup holder, hang in on your neck and you are good to go.

16. How To Make A Beach Cup Holder Using PVC


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Using PVC pipes, the creator was able to make these beautiful looking beach cup holders. It is quite easy to make and also easy to install on the beach. I also love that this cup holder has a section where you can place other edibles. A great DIY project if you ask me.

17. DIY Outdoor Cup Holder


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Here’s the one your kid would love. If you are looking at having fun with your kid, I think you should consider making this DIY outdoor cup holder. With just a few materials, you would be able to build this outdoor cup holder.

18. How To Make A Car Cup Holder

An article on DIY cup holders can not be complete without including a guide that will show you how to make a car cup holder. This isn’t the best car cup holder in the world, but it will still perform its task of holding cups if made rightly.

19. DIY Cup Holder

This is not like your regular cup holder, this is more like a cup rack. I included this for people who would like to arrange or organize all their cups together. The process of making this is fun to follow. You will need a few materials to begin with.

20. Table Cup Holder

YOY Drinking Home Office Table Desk Side Huge Clip Water Drink Beverage Soda Coffee Mug Holder Cup Saucer Design, Black

Are you looking for a quick fix to your cup holder needs? Here’s one I found. It is a low-cost cup holder. It comes in different colors, you would have to pick one that is suitable for you. I think this cup holder is amazing.

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21. Car Door Cup Holder

LITTLEMOLE Car Cup Holder, Vehicle Door Cup Holder, Adjustable Drink Holder for Truck Interior, Soda Cans and Water Bottles

Here’s another one for people who are looking for a quick fix to their cup holder needs. This one is low-cost too and is made for cars. Instead of keeping your cups in the normal area, with this cup holder, you can keep your cups by your car door.

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22. How To Make A Serving Tray Cup Holder

In this DIY project, you will learn how to make a serving tray cup holder. This one looks easy to make but that is not the case. If you are a woodworking expert who has tools available, you should be able to make this with ease. If you do not have woodworking experience, I would advise you to check another cup holder.

23. DIY Cup Holder From Pallet

If you are a pallet lover like me, you would appreciate this DIY cup holder. Using pallet wood, the creator was able to craft this outstanding cup holder. It can be used to hold a lot of cups. This pallet cup holder would be ideal for a rustic themed kitchen.

24. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder DIY

Here is yet another cup holder I found that is made of pallet wood. It would also look great in a rustic themed kitchen. The making process would require tools like a drill, circular saw, measuring tape, and a few other tools.

25. DIY Neck Cup Holder


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I know this Idea looks funny, but I think the creator did a fantastic job coming up with this idea. I think using this with the displayed mug won’t be a good idea. I would advise you to make the holder and use a mug that is sealed at the top, that way, the content won’t spill.

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