24 DIY Clothing Rack Projects – How To Make a Clothes Rack

One way to organize your clothes is by using a clothes rack. There are a lot of clothing racks available for purchase online, however, most of them are overly expensive. You can make one for yourself that will be cheaper and look prettier than the ones seen online.

We have put together 24 DIY clothing rack projects for you to choose from. While reading, you’ll find amazing clothing racks for kids and adults.


1. How To Make A Mobile Clothing Rack


To make this great mobile clothing rack, you need 2 pieces of 1” x 12” x 48” wood shelving, 1” x 4” x 8” pine wood, long wood screws, 1” x 36” galvanized pipe, pipe elbows, floor flange, and other wood screws. As long as this mobile clothing rack is done with the proper measurements, it will be strong. Get some measuring tape, paintbrush, oil paint, pen, or marker.

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2. DIY Clothing Rack


With a few PVC pipe elbows, 9 pieces of 48-inch wood dowels, E6000 glue, dowel screws, and other materials that you cannot see in the image above, you can make this clothing rack with ease. Note that when cutting the wood dowels, ensure that they are at the same length so that your clothing rack won’t tilt to one side.

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3. DIY A-Frame Clothing Rack


Building this beautiful frame clothing rack from scratch won’t cost you much, it is easy to do, and you don’t need to have an expert skill. You need some plywood, wood board, wood dowel, gold hooks, wood screws, wood glue, drill, grit sandpaper, and any color of spray paint you prefer. When you’re ready to try this method, just give yourself a few hours with the right measurements and wood sizes.

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4. How To Build A Clothing Rack $12

Under $12 you can build this clothing rack from scratch and it will look great. Go to any hardware store near you and purchase four 8 inches pipes, two 6 inches pipes, two 50 inches, and two 31 inches pipes. Now get some pipe connectors and spray paint of any color. With $12 or less you can have yourself a clothing rack to showcase your favorite clothes.

5. DIY Copper Pipe Clothing Rack

With this video guide, you can make a copper pipe clothing rack in minutes. Get 3 copper pipes that are 10 feet long, 6 elbow copper pipes, 6 ‘T’ connectors, glue, a pipe cutter, and 4 copper caps for the base of the clothing rack. The process is super easy and you can do it all by yourself.

6. DIY Pallet Clothing Rack

Building a pallet clothing rack is one of the most simple and affordable clothing racks you can make at home. Firstly, select some straight timber, get a woodcutter, and cut the timbers to your desired size for the clothing rack legs. Then, make a base for a shoe rack with some of the cut-out wood, and attach it to the legs and apply glue and wood screws to hold it firm.

7. DIY Simple Clothing Rack


This is a unique and simple clothing rack that you probably don’t see every day. It is easy to make and you won’t spend much time on the building process. If you can get your hands on an old discarded child safety fence, it will go a long way to build this clothing rack. You also need some pieces of lumber, a track saw, pocket-hole drill, wood glue, clamps, and sanding paper to remove every irregularity from the wood surface.

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8. DIY Heavy Duty Clothes Rack


This clothes rack is a budget-friendly way to build a clothing rack that can accommodate heavy duty clothes. When you hear heavy duty, then you know you need something strong and firm, like steel pipes. This might cost you about $80, but if you’re looking to build a strong heavy-duty clothing rack then, this is your safest bet yet.

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9. DIY Industrial Clothing Rack


When you have some free time on your hands, you can start the process, it might take a while. The combination of steel pipes and wood makes this industrial clothing rack aesthetically pleasing. You need a few items to get started, these are plywood, drill, saw, T-shaped and L-shaped elbow iron pipe fitting, steel pipes of various dimensions, and a 2 x 8-inch board.

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10. DIY Mobile Garment Rack


I came across this great mobile garment rack and I want to share the making process with you. The guide will help you get the job done, but you need a few items to get prepared. These are food flanges, elbow joints, wood screws, wood base, casters, back color spray paint. The entire process is easy.

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11. DIY Aesthetic Clothing Rack

You might want to sketch the skeleton of the clothing rack first, or you can just purchase some 42 feet long PVC pipe, 18 T-fitting pipe connectors, 8 elbow pipe fitting, and just 3 pipe joints. The rest of the job involves measurement and cutting which can be made easy if you have a sketch to work with to make it a beautiful clothing rack.

12. How To Build An Industrial Pipe Clothing Rack

Anything that has to do with an industrial clothing rack has to invoke steel pipes and their components. The whole building process is easy, simple, and fast. You don’t need any glue, drill, or saw, all you’re going to do is to connect all the steel pipes as instructed in the video and you’re good to go.

13. DIY Wall Clothing Rail

Having a wall clothing rack is an amazing way to arrange and showcase your clothes without taking up much space in your room. All you need are; 2 half-inch floor flanges, two 90 degrees half-inch elbow pipes, 2 half-inch nipple pipes that are 5 inches long, screws, spray paint of any color, a drill, and finally, a half-inch back nipple pipe that is 24 inches in length. Ensure that the nipples have a screw end for easy connection.

14. DIY Kids PVC Clothes Rack


You can make this for your kids, the items are affordable and easy to build from scratch. You will need some PVC pipes, Tee sockets, scissors to cut the plastic pipes, glue. Check the guide to know the dimensions and specifications, but the kid’s clothing rack can stand as tall as your kid to ease access.

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15. DIY Clothing Rack Cheap


It’s inexpensive and durable. You don’t have to spend much, it doesn’t mean the clothing rack won’t last long. Although the rounded-up figure that you might spend is about $80 but depending on the materials, if you have some at home already it might be less. You need two 10 feet of copper pipes, 90 degrees elbow pipes, pipes caps, and E6000 glue. Check the guide to get the right dimensions for the pipes.

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16. DIY Wall Mounted Clothing Rack


After spending minutes searching for how to make a wall clothing rack that won’t eat up much space, I found this. This is a great wall mounted clothing rack, with some galvanized pipe food flanges, nipple pipes, threaded galvanized pipes, Minwax golden oak wood, and any color oo spray paint, you can do this in less than an hour.

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17. How To Make A Clothes Rack From PVC Pipe

This is amazing creativity, with PVC pipes that can be found at any hardware store, you can make a clothes rack. You need lots of PVC pipes, masking tape, cardboard, Fevicol glue, scissors, and a wallpaper design material to make it beautiful.

18. DIY Wooden Clothes Rack

With this guide, you can make a long-lasting wooden clothing rack. Although this will take a long time and a lot of work, you might also need to have some experience as a wood workman or have someone who has some experience near you.

19. DIY Clothes Rack Cheap

Every single inch of this clothes rack is made with PVC and more importantly, it’s cheap to build. You will spend about $13 just to purchase the items needed for this project. You need PVC pipes, a lot of Tee socket connectors, pipes base cap, and you can get spray paint to change the default color of the PVC pipe.

20. DIY Stylish Clothes Rack With Mirror


The whole process is easy to learn although some experience would be better. You can use any old mirror you have at home, maybe to adjust the size, you could take it to a hardware store for cutting. You need pocket screws, wood board, straight wood, wood dowels, and more. Follow the guide correctly and your finishing will be great.

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21. DIY Clothes Drying Rack


If you are a craftsman, this will be a walk in the park for you, but with no experience, it might take you some time to learn, but you can because it’s not all that difficult. You need some pine board, white beadboard, round hardwood dowel, back ceramic disc magnet, utility hinges, screws, wood glue, and preferably satin enamel paint.

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22. DIY PVC Clothing Rack

A quick sketch would help you get things into perspective. You can find this sketch in the guide, follow it and you will have a great finishing. Purchase some PVC pipes, a wood board for the base, and a few swivel roller caster wheels.

23. DIY Industrial Clothing Rack

Build a strong and durable Industrial clothing rack with cube-shaped iron rods. To build this, you need some welding experience, you might already have the iron rod at home, but the main work involves welding the pieces together. You might decide to get the right dimensions of the iron rod from the guide and give the rods to an experienced welder to do the job.

24. DIY Kids Clothes Rack


A simple clothes rack is all your kids need. You need to buy wood dowels and cut them to the right dimensions as specified in the guide. Some wood glue, wood screws, and other materials are used for the making process. This won’t take time, so you can finish in less than an hour.

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Just before you start the building plan you should check if the DIY clothing rack you want to build would fit into a designated space in your house. Imagine building a clothing rack that cannot be installed in your home! Be sure to take measurements.

That’s a wrap! We’ve come to the end of this article on DIY clothing racks. If this article was helpful to you, do us a favor by sharing it via your social media channels. Thanks for stopping by.

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