16 DIY Cat Wheel Plans And How To Make From Home

Are you looking for a proper way for your cat to exercise without leaving the house? These 16 DIY cat wheels are perfect for you. However, you would have to pick one project to make.

Cats are very amazing creatures to raise. They have some unique qualities that make them behave like a man. Fun and exercise are among these qualities cats enjoy. So, giving your cat its best of time to enjoy you need to build a cat wheel for its exercise and recreate.

1. DIY Cat Wheel

This hamster cat wheel is the first on my list of amazing cat wheels you can build by yourself.

All you need for this project include plywood, a table saw, this epoxy, cordless router, and plunge base.

Cut two sheets of plywood into 2 circles and groove the give a larger open circle, sandwiched the circle to aluminum flashing to give it the look of a wheel. Then, make an all wooden base for the wheel and assemble everything.

The process is this simple, but the materials look flimsy though it is very strong.

2. How To Build A Cat Build Wheel

This amazing DIY is made from a plywood sheet, circle cutting jig, and screw.

Use an ocular circle cutting jig to cut out a perfect circle from a sheet of plywood, then adjust the radius of the circle on the circle cutting jig to cut out the inner circle. The process is repeated 12 times and the 12 circular pieces were screwed together and polished to remove all the edges.

Cut out two circular pieces for the side pieces to secure the ring. Build the base and you’re good to go.

3. How To Make A Cat Exercise Wheel

Are you looking for a proper way for your cat to exercise without leaving the house? This DIY wood cat wheel is perfect for you.

It is made from plywood sheets, wood, screw, and glue. The process is very simple, all you need to do is to gather all the material and assemble them.

Cut out several pieces of 1×1″ wood. Glue these pieces one by one on the side circular plywood sheet to form a ring. Use cat carpet to line the ring to make it comfortable for the cat to run.  Screw the other side piece to it and the work is done.

4. How To Build A Cat Wheel

4. How To Build A Cat Wheel

An exercise wheel is a great piece of equipment you need to build for your cat to show her how amazing she is.

This cat wheel is made from a heavy-duty caster wheel, several plywood sheets, screw and bolts, wood glue, and wood stain.

Using a jigsaw, cut out the backboard of the wheel, cut stripes plywood to size for the runway. Gather these pieces together and build the base. Attach the caster wheel for the whole system to spin.

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5. DIY Cat Wheel

5. DIY Cat Wheel

This cat wheel is quite amazing and easy to set up. It is made from the board, tension strap, CNC machine, and

Use a CNC machine to cut out the wheel, there are also other methods you can use to cut the wheel if you don’t have the CNC  machine. Align all the pieces together into a circle and use a tension strap to assemble the circle on the floor. Build the base to support the wheel.

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6. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

6. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

This cat wheel is made from a wooden board, screw, hand drill, Dremel cutter, and adhesive cover.

Use the Dremel and spiral cutter to make a large circle of 36 inches. Repeat the process for the second large circle, assemble the circle and arrange the slats on it. Screw the slats firmly for reinforcement.

Make the base fake the wheel and stick the adhesive cover of a carpet that works as a grip surface of the insulator at the same time.

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7. Low Budget Cat Running Wheel

This is made from foam board, spray glue, duck tape, doormat, 2″ caster wheel, and lie temp glue gun. It is an easy and fun-filled project you need to lay your hands on.

The wheel is made from five sheets marked on the top, middle, and bottom for proper alignment. The side edges are also made from a form board.

The project is simple and it is built at a very low cost.

8. How To Make A Cat Exercise Wheel

It is made from foam board which is lightweight but durable. The foam board is doubled to give extra reinforcement. The two side pieces were also cut out from the foam board.

Cut a piece of foam board into two halves and at every 2 Inc’s use the big paint scraper to make a dent on the foam for it to bend and make a circle. Repeat this process until a full circle is formed. Attach the side pieces and the work is done.

The project is very affordable because the cost is less than $20 and the materials used include; the board, duck tape, glue, and a big paint scraper.

9. DIY Cat Wheel From Cardboard

If you’re looking for the cheapest wheel to make for your cat, then your cat is in for a good ride with this DIY cat made from cardboard.

The base is made by assembling three pieces of the cardboard sheet, 2 side sheets on one flat sheet. Then, a wheel is screwed inside the already made hole on the cardboard.

When creating the ring, start by gently rubbing the surface of the cardboard with a moist cloth then remove the upper layer revealing the zig-zag pattern of the inner sheet. This made it easy to fold the cardboard into a circle. The side pieces were also made from cardboard and glue to the other pieces.

It is very cheap once all you need is a wheel, cardboard, glue, and screw.

10. Homemade Cat Wheel

This homemade cat wheel is very beautiful and exciting. It is made from wood, 2 pieces of MDF, a curve jig, and a router.

Screw both pieces of MDF together, locate the middle and drill a hole in the middle for the router. This will allow you to cut out the two backsides. Cut the backside and make a groove of about 6mm wide to fit the main runway for the cat. Then, Screw the circle together. Make sure you use bendable wood for the main runway circle for easy crafting.

11. How To Make A Cat Wheel

It is made from plywood. Use the jigsaw to cut a large circle and drill a hole at the center of the circle. Make numerous dent on a strip of plywood to make it bent. Screw the already bent plywood to the circle. Repeat the process until the full circle is achieved.

This project is of low cost and easy to set up. The materials needed for this include plywood, screw, glue gun, and jigsaw.

12. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

12. DIY Cat Exercise Wheel

This amazing DIY cat wheel is made from wood, a screw, and a glue gun. It is a very attractive project and a less costly wheel for your cat to work out.

Cut the wood into pieces of the same size and glue it in a circular form on the side piece. Use screws, hold the bond firmly then, fit the cat carpet with a screw and fit the other side piece. San the edges to make the work look smooth and beautiful.

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13. How To Build A Cat Wheel

13. How To Build A Cat Wheel

This is made from 1, a sheet of plywood, 3 sheets STD hardwood 1/8″/3 rolls hockey tape, 1 yoga mat, spray adhesive, Hub bolts, Table saw, Dremel circle cutter, and Orbital sander.

Assemble the materials and tools and start working on the amazing project. The plywood is used to make the 2 side pieces. Cut wood in the same height and thickness for the walkway. Assemble the materials and you have your beautiful cat wheel.

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14. Inexpensive Cat Wheel DIY

This cat wheel is made by pre-drilling 20 holes on the board that form the main ring. Nut bolts are screwed into some of this hole and cords bars were all fitted into the holes. The spindle is attached to one side of the ring for easy rotation of the ring.

The materials needed for this project are board, spindle, crossbars, screw, and nut bolts. The project is inexpensive and easy to set up.

15. DIY Cat Wheel On A Budget

This DIY cat wheel is made from 1 sheet of plywood, 2 sheets of STD hardwood, 2 rolls of hockey tape, one yoga mat, and one spine.

Cut the plywood into 2 equal halves and place them on top of each other. Then mark out the shape of the circle and cut. Mark the circumference of the circle and cut the front section of the wheel. Assemble the pieces and screw them together.

16. How To Make A Hamster Wheel For Cats

Here’s a tutorial that shows you how to make a hamster wheel for cats. Start by making the blueprint of this project to make it easy and simple for you to mark out.

The two side pieces are made from six sections screwed together to form a ring. The ring will have holes that the crossbars will fit into. The crossbars help to hold the walkway. The mainboard ring was also made from the board. Assemble all the pieces and beautify the wheel with paint.


Building a DIY cat wheel isn’t as hard as it may seem. The basic steps to follow would be to gather a few materials and tools and adhere to the DIY guide. If you have an overweight cat, I would highly suggest making one of these for him or her.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave contributions and questions in the comments section below.

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