15 Easy DIY Cat House Ideas Worth Your Consideration

There are too many ways to settle your quest for a DIY cat house. Limitless design can give a headache on the right choice.

Why not try our shortened list of feral house ideas without cutting the pocket? Just keep scrolling to know the preference.


1. Suitcase Pet Bedding


The featured project is unbelievably simple, with minimal requirements from top to bottom. Processing an old vintage suitcase will give the feline a nice place to take a nap.

Apart from supporting legs & top base plates, you should fill the emptiness with soft fabric. The cushion will give the cat immediate relaxation whenever necessary.

Exact implementation will take several hours with the throughout assembly & sewing. And there come five definite points to transform the invalid suitcase into an open cat house.

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2. Indoor Cat Tent


The documented project requires no additional purchase from the hardware store. It’s probably the simplest option to structure a reasonable house without preparing any budget.

You just need to assemble some hanger wires on a cardboard base to hold the covering t-shirt. Necessary equipment (safety pins, sticky tape & standard pliers) also remains within the house.

Right there, you’re ready to implement the rest of the five steps with little explaining words. And the depiction comes complete with some beautiful pictures, capturing the practicality.

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3. Loveable Cat Teepee


Though it doesn’t appear as a house, considering the standard shapes or facilities. Yet, you can carry out the plan, letting you save time, money, effort & associated hassles.

The project specifically requires a thick blanket to hold the heat inside the teepee. Supporting dowel bars make up the basic skeleton with safety pins & simple household ropes.

Just assemble the five dowels to confine a certain ground area within the bars. Putting on the blanket with ropes should cover the openings, facilitating the system.

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4. Rounded Top Cat House


Absolute fun prevails for the project, requiring no considerable budget, time, or effort. Slightly open rounded top gives reasonable privacy for the feline.

Shaping a concrete form tube does the trick of making a somewhat reliable house. And the other supporting materials give the ordinary tube an elegant outlook.

For all the five associated steps, you won’t feel any hassle to idealize the throughout design. There are several images included depicting every step.

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5. Vintage Cardboard Camper


Turn the old, leftover cardboard box into a beautifully transformed kitten camper. The article comes rather straightforward, skipping verbosity to explain the details.

Following the short introduction, you’ll get to know the enlisted materials. Right after, a direct video integration will show the process onscreen for better catchup.

There are only ten steps to complete the job, initiate a friendly appeal. And the concluding section features some additional advice to ensure further facilitation.

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6. Condo House for Outdoor Cat

Pet cats preferring to stay outside for the entire year should rest on an outdoor house. And the tutorial shows you the way to impress anyone with a versatile condo.

It requires some delicate mechanical process, standing within your skill levels. Live commentary on the action will keep you engaged inside the enjoyable implementation.

The large-sized multistory house gives the feline sufficient space for its privacy. Applying some nice paints through the entire surfaces are going to bring the condo into life.

7. Shelter House for Winter


The idea comes pretty basic, allowing you to utilize some leftover household materials. It’s one durable design to support the adventurous feral during an extreme outdoor cold.

The first step implies the necessary gears; you’re likely to purchase the Styrofoam cooler. Right there, you’re ready to carry on the project work, depicted in the remaining steps.

A total of 5 steps will accomplish the intended shelter in reality within an hour. Likewise, there are many images to reveal the stepwise processing towards its idealization.

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8. Simple Cat House Design


Despite its long presentation, the tutorial covers fundamental features from practical aspects. The total cost stands about $130 to save $170, comparing to commercial-grade designs.

The introductory part will give you a summary of the project, explaining the features. All the essential materials appear enlisted right before the implementing steps.

You need to continue with the 8-step process, understanding the job through the words. And lots of images enrich the content with further clarity & depiction for interested persons.

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9. Scrap Wood Cat House

Gathering all the scrap wood pieces in the house should let the project come to light. The design facilitates explicitly sufficient space to accommodate two cats.

The video continues in regular motion, letting you watch the entire process. Noticeably, an extra pair of hands can help you with precise shaping cuts of the wooden pieces.

Background speeches keep explaining the onscreen action without getting verbose. And the result is pretty satisfying for the indoor design with no potential drawback.

10. Palm Springs Scratch House


Skip the difficulty with your active feline over weak materials like cardboard or plastic. The guidance steps forward with a woodworking project to structure a sturdy house.

The article features sufficient words to cover the entire thought on its implementation. Precisely cut plywood pieces require appropriate assembly to reach completion.

Initiating the plan remains simple through gluing, nailing & painting for the most part. And the inclusion of depicting pictures certainly helps with its immediate realization.

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11. Feral Shelter for Winter


Having the outdoor shelter ready, you can provide comforting warmth for stray/community cats. And the tutorial specifically covers the essential points regarding the issue.

There are six separate tips to continue with the project, allowing you to make the house useful. Right in the mid-section of the offered tips, you’ll get to watch the video.

The integration comes with all the answers to your question about a feral outdoor shelter. And the conclusive part implies regular checking of the implemented design.

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12. Contained Outdoor Shelter

Whether it’s rainy spring or shivering winter, let the cat enjoy its outdoor time. It’s one comfortable DIY shelter to provide a dry livelihood for neighborhood strays.

And the article starts with one video demonstration, letting you catch the points. For the suitable portion, you can make upgrades for the design over available resources.

Its strict implementation requires two nested containers, insulation, bedding & platform. And the remaining section features some tricks on the DIY project.

13. Ultimate Cat Tree

The video demonstration comes self-explanatory with continuous playback. It features no background words to distort your attention from the screen.

Necessary tools & materials come enlisted right below the video depicting the screen. The time-lapse presentation covers every section to keep you busy on the project.

Following the instruction will prep the DIY tree for multiple felines. The process requires some additional precision shaping to ensure an exceptional outlook.

14. Wood Pallet Cat House


It’s another woodworking project, especially concerning an indoor feline house. The implementation may seem tedious, no thanks to all the precise designing details.

Unfortunately, there come no explanations of the action in words. You’ll have to figure out the process by yourself, requiring some time on the article itself.

But a good number of standstill pictures capture the established frame top to bottom. You should check the images as a primary guide for understanding the project.

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15. Eilen Tein Home Projection


Don’t let the foreign words in the introductory part make a fool of you on startup. The project comes time-consuming with an 8mm hooked yarn/weft.

Although the idea appears simple, you’ll have to stay alert on the sewing pattern. Slight error will force to start the stitching chain all over again.

From the 1st to 18th rnd, you’ll get to prep its interior, excluding the entrance. The remaining portion continues till the 41st rnd, enabling other features.

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Bonus Ideas to Check for Cat House Project

# Creative Cat House Ideas


The article contains some funny DIY ideas to provide indoor shelters. Some already made a list right in the previous section. From materials to the final outcome, each picture comes highly relevant.

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# iMac Bedding for Single Cat


The project is enjoyable, without any disrespect to Apple. It lets you transform an old CRT iMac monitor into a cat house. Removing electrical parts from the assembly will prep a lovely space.

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# Outdoor Feral Cat Shelter


It’s another article enriched with some usable ideas on outdoor shelter. There are several ways to fit the available resources. Spending time on the content should help to improvise the overall concept.

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As you can understand, you don’t need anything fancy to make a feline house. It’s all about using your available resources, skills & small timeframe. The cat is sure to fall in love with the comforting warmth of the house.

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