14 DIY Cat Fountain Plans To Make For Your Kitty

Did you know a cat can be very suspicious and picky when it comes to drinking water? How would you feel when your cat left the water in the bowl untouched and started running after tap or bathwater? Not so great I guess.

I have compiled an epic list of 14 amazing DIY cat fountains that would be the solution to your curiosity and the beginning of raising a happy cat. Most of the DIY cat fountain projects listed in this article are simple to make.

1. DIY Cat Fountain

1. DIY Cat Fountain

Are you tired of your cat running after you for water? Then, this simple cat fountain is the best for you. With just a fountain, popsicle sticks, and a hot glue gun, this can be all yours.

Disassemble the fountain and remove the bottom and the pump then hot glue the pump to the bottom in a way that the hose will be sticking up. Make a hole wide enough for the hose. Use a popsicle stick and hot glue to attach the bottle to the ready glued pump and bottom. Put the hose inside the hole on the whole and use hot glue to seal it to prevent water from trickling. You can position the bottle anyhow you want.

This beautiful cat fountain is very simple and cheap to build.

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2. Filtered Cat Fountain

2. Filtered Cat Fountain

This DIY cat fountain provides your cat with clean and fresh water. The materials you need to build this filtered cat fountain are a water filter, a large bowl, and plastic or wood pieces (as shims).

After setting up the filter as per the manufacturer’s instruction, attach the filter to the edge of the bowl. Use the shims to adjust the filter to the bowl. Add fresh water to the bowl just below the intake tube of the filter. You can add water to the filter as well to enhance the flow of water whenever you plug it in.

Meanwhile, it is very easy to set up. Make sure you change the filter every three weeks and give everything a  thorough scrub to prevent contamination and dirt.

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3. DIY Cat Fountain

3. DIY Cat Fountain

Imagine having this beautiful cat fountain in your catio, made from bamboo accents, a large ceramic bowl or salad bowl, and gemstones.

Let the three-arm sprout sit closely well on the ceramic bowl to give a soothing and cool water sound but if you want a louder sound you can elevate the sprout. You can cut the fountain tube if you don’t want it to be too long. Attach the end of the nozzle to the pump. Arrange your gemstone or Riverstone according to your preferences.

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4. DIY Water Fountain For Cats

This cat fountain is the cheapest DIY fountain you can find around. It is made from a stainless steel pot, dog feeding bowl, USB adapter, tube, and water pump.

Place the bowl on top of the pot and drill a hole (big enough for the tube) at the centre of the bowl. Warm the edge of the tube with a lighter then fit it to the pump outlet. Make some drain holes on the edges of the bowl to allow water flow. Place the water pump inside the pot and fill it with water, then place the bowl on top of it. Dried the edges of the bowl and pot and sealed it with electric tape (preferably, to allow easy remover).

5. DIY Pet Fountain

The design of the DIY cat fountain is a raptor filter- it gives a beautiful waterfall and a built-in carbon filter that keeps your water always clean, a ceramic bowl, and a pet feeding bowl.

Place the repair filter inside the ceramic bowl and add a clay pellet to serve as the base of the fountain. Rinse some kitty save plants and arrange them from behind the filter outward in the order of decreasing height. Add more pellets to hold the follower in place and add more to fill the front of the bowl then place your pet feeding bowl and add water.

This pump is very beautiful and portable but make sure you rinse your plant and clay pellet very well to remove as much sand from the fountain.

6. DIY Cat Water Fountain

Building a DIY cat water fountain can be fun and cool. This amazing water fountain was built by placing the water pump inside a flower pot and filled with pebbles(base) then adding ceramic filtration rings packed to get her level up with activated carbon. Add a pre-cut filter pad and add more pebbles. Turn on your pump and beautifully you have your cat fountain. Make sure you rinse your pebbles very well.

7. DIY Water Fountain For Cat

The materials needed for this are Stainless steel, water pump, activated carbon, filtration media bags, PVC pipe.

Dribble the tip of the pipe to be wide enough to fit the pump outlet, cut out the height of your pipe, and grind it to make it smooth. Make a circle with the bowl on the filtration fluff and cut it out. Cut the circle into two equal parts to allow the water pump to pass through. Then place it gently inside the stainless bowl. Put the activation carbon and the filtration rings inside the filtration bag and then use it on the bowl. Add water to it and your fountain is ready.

8. How To Make A Cat Water Fountain

8. How To Make A Cat Water Fountain

In making this DIY cat fountain, you will need a fish tank filter, large black clip, a large fishbowl, power surge strip protector, and glass beads(for decoration).

Assemble the fish filter and rinse the glass beads to remove dirt. Make sure the top of the filter is even with the tip of the bowl or slightly above it and make sure the filter rests on the glass beads. You can adjust the quantity of the beads to give you your desired height.

prime your filter to prevent damage and make sure you place the whole fountain on a stable and flat surface. Plug your filter in a power surge strip protector for safety.

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9. DIY Cat Water Fountain

9. DIY Cat Water Fountain

This is another DIY cat fountain made from 2 porcelain bowls, a recycled water pump, and a tube of silicone.

Glue the porcelain bowl at an angle above each other with silicone. Pass a tube through the space between the two bowls and attach it to the pump.  It can be complicated and messy when the silicone is yet to dry. But once the whole process dried up, you have your fountain intact.

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10. DIY Water Fountain For Cats

Your cat will surely like this water fountain. It is made from any kind of pot, small water pump, activated carbon, ceramic filter rings, and any filter material.

Place your water pump inside the pot and add the ceramic filter rings, then add the bag of the activated carbon to level it up. Pass the tube through a filter fluff and fit the fluff well inside the pot then add your white pebbles to make it look presentable. Add water and plug the water pump. Your fountain is ready.

11. Cat Water Fountain DIY

For protection, a hang on the back filter is advisable for this fountain, a  trifle bowl, glass, 2 aluminum pots, and decorative stones.

Hang the filter to the tip of the bowl and use a glass candle to balance the filter to the bowl. place the drilled glass upside down in the big trifle bowl and filled with water. Use the decorative stone to decorate the fountain. This whole fountain process looks like an aquarium.

12. Large DIY Cat Water Fountain

This is made from 2 pieces of stocker foam, super glue, rocks, hot glue, and pipe.

Cut the stocker foam and use it to build a skeleton three-step compartment and glue some stone to it. Then, mix your cement and mold the skeleton foam then attach your pump to the back of the foam. Add decorative stones and sprinkle some sand on it.

This is a very large and beautiful water fountain.

13. DIY Ceramic Cat Water Fountain

The materials needed for this are, Ceramic bowl, ceramic pump cover, water pump, and hose

Use the small black attachment to hold the pump and the hose together. Line the hose with the hole in the pump cover and place it inside the bowl. Place it all together inside the bowl and add water. Plug your pump and you have your water fountain. It is very portable and easy to set up.

14. Automatic Cat Water Fountain DIY

Cut the upper part of a water bottle and drill a small hole on a small bowl. Glue the hose to the pump and place it inside the bottle. Drill another hole just by the opening of the bottle and pass the hose through it. Place the small bowl on the bottle and make sure the hose passes through it as well. The material needed for this is very small (bottle, small bowl, water pump, glue, and a hose). The process also is very simple.


We have done our part by listing 14 of the best DIY cat fountain projects out there. The ball is now in your court, you need to decide on which project your cat would love best. Also, you might want to consider whether or not the cat fountain you are going to build would be ideal for your home.

If you have any questions or contributions kindly use the comment section below and we would get back to you in a jiffy.

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