15 DIY Cat Door Ideas to Idealize at Home

Indoor passing route helps the cat to have its meal with relaxation, from nosy dogs. And the tiny entrance can provide an emergency escape for the feline. Apart from expensive readymade cat doors, you can implement some peculiar DIY cat door ideas.

Know the easiest methods to introduce the additional door feature. We would like to help with the narrowed down choices for your consideration.


1. Hideaway Cat Door


Problems with litter often call for a tiny opening to ensure a cat’s free movement. The article aims at improvising the toilet closet door for making a door. Not to mention, the outcome feels more like a solid mousehole at the door bottom.

Removing the door from its assembly, you just need to shape up the opening. A jigsaw should make precise cuts through the lines to loosen the piece.

Using scrap lattice, trim the internal surfaces to ensure smoothness. There are steady pictures included to depict the action at a convenient pace. Also, further sanding & caulking, in the end, should add the finishing touch.

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2. Do-It-Yourself Cat Door

Spend the weekend on the simple DIY project to make your feline more comfortable. It’s more like a solid wooden DIY job for any pet-loving apprentice. Of course, the implementation starts with the necessary measurements & door markings.

Cutting out the portion will open the entrance, requiring some additional touches. The tutorial uses some leftover wooden pieces in precise size to cover the frame. The process is reasonably simple without pressing your budget, time, or efficiency.

3. Kitty Pass Interior Door


When you want something amazing on the finish, you better get settled for Kitty Pass. It takes no specialty in cutting out the pet door segment. But the problem occurs with the finishing edges, allowing the tutorial to offer a handy solution.

In simple words, you don’t have to spend your time sanding the surface. Just choose the preferred design from available Kitty Pass frames. You just need to cut precisely, prior to installing the glossy frame on the opening hole.

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4. Hidden Flap Entrance

You don’t have to sacrifice the natural appeal of your 6-panel door for cat entrance. The intended video lets you turn one particular panel into a simple flap. You just need to follow the audio guidelines for completing the hideaway project.

Apart from basic cuts, polish & attachments, you need to induce some special mechanism. The system will allow the separated panel to flap about its central axis. Unfortunately, there’s no demonstration of the process to clarify the action.

5. Homemade Cat Door


Even the most careless pet owner feels the necessity of a decent pet door at some point. The targeted idea isn’t exactly anything new. You’re to shape up a weatherproof custom pet door to satisfy the beast & budget at once.

Several sturdy materials get assembled together to ensure maximum serviceability. It primarily requires – magnetic ribbon, sheet metal, canvas/leatherette, aluminum strip & corner molding.

Delicate mechanical processing should get you a precisely structured opening. There are limited words on its implementation to skip the verbose explanation. The cost is likely to reach $30 – $60, without any available resources in hand.

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6. Pet Door Installation


Whether it’s a dog or cat – you can make a comfortable opening to ensure its free movement. The tutorial covers the essential basics, including the size requirements as per pet measurements. And the project starts with templates to ensure maximum precision.

There is a total of 10 well-defined steps along with supporting standstill images. Orderly segment should help you to catch the individual implementation to the exact point. Apart from the video at the beginning, you can use the expert tips to train your pet.

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7. Easy DIY Door Opening

Inducing the right opening for your feline seems like an ordinary DIY job. You just have to measure the opening, cut the shape & polish the surface. Installing the door prior to adding some additional details will accomplish your intention.

Though it may look like an amateur video, it depicts the actual implementation job. No fancy details or background audio explanation to distract your mind. Simple representation remains at its best, letting you adapt the facts right away.

8. DIY Cat Door Hack


Many pet lovers have dogs & cats in the house to make sided-choice somewhat difficult. But you can easily save the hassle with a simpler solution. Just like the front house door, you just need to install chains inside the house.

Inexpensive brass chain lock can fire up the safety without sacrificing the décor. Attaching a simple piece of sliding hardware should get the job done.

Some simple steps will accomplish the objective. Throughout installation is likely to cost you some mere minutes, 2 – 5 minutes at most. Apart from several images, there comes one appealing GIF to demonstrate the outcome.

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9. Customized Door for Cats


It’s a simple yet practical upgrade for any inside doors to leave an opening. And the description simply comes from a video demonstration right after the words. The tutorial uses basic cuts with a jigsaw to induce a rectangular entrance.

Extra reinforcement is necessary to ensure proper support for the hollow-core cuts. Installing scrap pieces on the sides should cover the throughout roughness. Imposing magnets, flaps & hinges should add the decisive touch to its completion.

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10. Patio Window Cat Door

For an adventurous or curious feline, installing the door on the entrance can’t do the job. You’ll even require some convenient openings on the windows. Whether you live in a single-story cottage or multi-story building, window doors can provide certain benefits.

It’s a simple wooden DIY project, requiring some basic measurements, cuts & attachments. The tutorial demonstrates the throughout process within simple details. And the final outcome seems pretty amazing to let your pet enjoy some beautiful views on the outside.

11. Simple Cat Door Project


Practical condition often requires some indoor improvement by yourself. And the tutorial seems like a convenient solution to cat movement issues. It concerns with inducing a rectangular opening to the lower door part.

You’re to take down the door first, for sanding & painting the existing surface. Cutting the inside of the loosened door frame should impart good appeal.

Using a jigsaw, you just need to remove the targeted portion to create an opening. The rest seems easy with installing two specified frames on the sides. And the total cost counts $16, without any exceeding purchase.

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12. Decorative Hollow Core Cat Door

Impart a solid opening for the feline with some decorative touch around the hole. The video utilizes plywood, shaped in the form of a cat. Of course, you can revise the design for yourself to impose some other convenient decoration.

Once the surrounding shape is curved, the rest is easy with some mere drilling. The tutorial caries on normal motion, skipping lots of wordy commentaries. Sticking to the full demonstration should explain the whole project by itself.

13. Painted DIY Cat Door


The article starts with cat nutrition right before moving towards the door. And the tutorial comes with a somewhat different approach for creating the door. Aside from cutting & shaping, the guide specifically involves painted finishing.

Unlike others, the opening stands right on the very lower bottom part. But the rectangle features curved edges to encourage the overall elegance.

Of course, you’re to make the polishing for the internal surfaces to keep it smooth. Applying some colorful acrylics on the door will initiate a beautiful outlook from any angle. Just some extra steps within your budget are sure to impress your pet.

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14. RFID Door Implementation


Why leave the technical advancement behind for securing cat doors? The detailed tutorial utilizes Arduino to create the righteous door/flap for RFID tagged pets. Of course, you’re to spend considerable time on the necessary materials.

The introductory section covers the functionality of Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Then, you better move to the 8 steps for implementing the project.

Apart from drilling the hole, you’ll need some fresh electronics to put together. Just follow the Arduino diagrams to structure the automatically responding door system. In fact, the DIY job is sure to appear like a small home electrical project.

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15. Unique Cat Entryway

Apart from standard indoor living, you can easily utilize some outdoor space. Your cat feline just needs to feel comfortable & secure with a dependable doorway. And the video tutorial simply explains the modification for a small outdoor living space.

The room stands somewhat higher than the ground, requiring inclining support. One single wooden piece of sufficient length seems to satisfy the purpose. And covering the doorway with some heavy polymer will turn the emptiness into freshness.


Simple DIY projects go rather easy on the wallet, time, effort & elegance. Just know your resources to make up the assembly against the exact measurements. Right there, you can definitely find the most suitable weekend DIY cat door task.

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