24 DIY Candelabra – How To Make A Candelabra In A Jiffy

Candelabras are an amazing decor item that makes decorations look a whole lot better. If you have been using candelabras for a while, you would agree with me that most candelabras sold in online stores are expensive. I have good news for you.

You do not have to spend a lot of money to purchase a candelabra, In this article, I have put together 24 DIY candelabra projects that you can make with ease.


1. DIY Dollar Tree Candelabra

Are you looking for the most beautiful DIY candelabra project to try out? Here’s one. I was in awe when I saw this. The making process is not as hard as it looks. You will need to get a couple of supplies to be able to make this candelabra.

2. DIY Tall Centerpiece Candelabra

The creator of this amazing piece got inspiration from a Facebook page, she was able to make her very own candelabra using PVC pipes and it looks gorgeous. The making process would require you to get a couple of supplies. It is easy to make this for your home.

3. DIY Halloween Candelabra

So, it’s Halloween and you want to make a candelabra that will blend in? I urge you to check out this DIY candelabra tutorial. In this DIY project, the creator was able to use a couple of supplies to make a Halloween candelabra.

4. DIY Metal Candelabra


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I couldn’t help but admire this metal candelabra. If you are into metalworking, here’s a fun project for you to try out. I love how the creator was able to concisely break down all the steps he used in making this DIY candelabra.

5. DIY Copper Pipe Candelabra


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What do you think about this on your dinner table? It would look amazing, especially when used for evening dinner moments with your family or the love of your life. The process of making this DIY candelabra is not as difficult as it looks. With the required tools, I believe you will be able to get the hang of it.

6. How To Make A Candelabra From Plumbing Pipes


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Laying your hands on plumbing pipes won’t be difficult to accomplish, all you would need to do is walk into a plumbing tools store and get some plumbing pipes, but before doing that you need to know the kind of plumbing pipes to buy. In this DIY guide, you’ll learn all you need to know to make a candelabra from plumbing pipes.

7. DIY Duchess Candelabra


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I love what Denise was able to come up with. This is quite an idea. She was able to make this DIY candelabra by gathering several pieces together. Finding all the required pieces might not be easy, but if you look hard enough you should be able to see all the pieces.

8. DIY Candelabra


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If you have ever tried to purchase a candelabra, you would agree with me that it can be quite expensive. However, the creator of this post was able to make this fancy candelabra using way less money. The process of putting this candelabra together is quite easy to follow.

9. DIY Log Candelabra


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This is by far the easiest candelabra to make, for this DIY project, you would need to find a log of wood, the guide will teach you to transform that log of wood into the amazing candelabra above. I think this would be perfect for a Halloween dinner table.

10. Modern Wood Candelabra DIY


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“Oh my gosh, this is awesome” These were the same words that came out of my mouth after seeing this modern wood candelabra. The making process will need a couple of woodworking equipment. This project can be done by a pro and novice woodworker.

11. How To Make Wine Bottle Candelabras


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Take a good look at this amazing piece of art, this has to go on my list of the top 5 most creative candelabras. This DIY candelabra project will show you how to make a wine bottle candelabra. It is low-budget and very affordable to make. The making process would not stress you much nor take your time.

12. How To Make A Yuletide Candelabra


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Have you ever heard of the 12 days of Yule? In this DIY project, the creator will take you on a tour and show you how he made this candelabra in the spirit of the 12 days of yule. I think this is a great idea. It is easy to make too.

13. DIY Candelabra Chandelier


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For this guide, you will need to use your imagination. The creator has given you all the steps needed to make a DIY Candelabra chandelier, you will have to think and put the steps to good and creative use. The making process isn’t difficult, I am positive that you will get the hang of it.

14. DIY 34-Inch Tall Candelabra

As a wedding interior designer, this DIY project would be of use to you. You can add more beauty to the events you plan by making use of this 34-inch tall candelabra. The making process is very easy to follow, all you would need to get started are the required tools.

15. DIY Gold Candelabra

Here’s another cool project I was able to find. Unfortunately, in this tutorial, the creator doesn’t speak, but you can get the hang of the whole project by watching the video. The supplies used in making this beautiful gold candelabra are easy to find. I think this would look amazing in your home.

16. DIY Candelabra For Halloween

Are you looking for more candelabra ideas for your Halloween dinner? You should check this one out. The making process is pretty straightforward. What the creator did was piece together a couple of items together thereby creating the perfect candelabra for Halloween.

17. DIY Industrial Pipe Candelabra


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In this DIY project, the creator will show you how he was able to make this beautiful candelabra using industrial pipes. This candelabra uses electricity and not candles. It would make a great fit for your homes, offices, and events.

18. DIY Neopixel Candelabra


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For this project, you would need to brace yourself because this won’t be an easy task to accomplish. You would need software, hardware, and a bunch of other materials to bring this beauty to life. Although the making process is time-consuming, the finished candelabra is pretty awesome. It will completely transform your home or office.

19. How To Make Candelabras From Old Bottles


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Here’s yet another amazing guide that will show you how to make candelabras from old bottles. This is by far the most descriptive guide that breaks down all the processes required to make candelabras from old bottles. The making process is quite easy to follow. However, being that you are dealing with bottles, be careful not to hurt yourself in the making process.

20. DIY Gothic Candelabra

If you are a lover of spooky candelabras, you would love this DIY candelabra project. It looks amazing and is made in the shape of a tree. For the making process, you will need wire and a few other supplies. This is an easy DIY but it would take some time to finish.

21. DIY Wine Glass Candelabra

Okay, I must admit, these are beautiful. The creator was able to make this low budget candelabra using wine glasses. This is a great hack, one you don’t see every day. The best part is that the making process is cheap, you won’t need to spend a lot of money.

22. DIY Bloody Candelabra


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This is more like a design idea. For this DIY project, the creator used a metal candelabra that he got from a garage sale. This saved him from building one from scratch. He used a couple of supplies for the design idea. The instructions are pretty easy to follow.

23. DIY Driftwood Candelabra


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Here’s another amazing project I was able to find during my research. This is one of the easiest to make candelabras. The creator was able to make this candelabra using driftwood, a drill, lighter, rope, and other supplies.

24. DIY Candelabra For Halloween


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Would you believe me if I told you that this candelabra is made from PVC pipes? The creator did a great job putting this together. The making process is very concise and easy to follow. All you need to do is gather the required supplies and then follow the instructions on the guide.

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