21 DIY Calendar Ideas – Homemade calendar with photos

We know how important it is to be able to tell the current date, that’s why we have put together a list of the best DIY calendar projects that you can DIY easily. All of the projects listed in this article are quite easy to DIY.

Some are woodworking projects, others require the use of cardboard. We found many projects out there but went with only the best ones. You should check them out.


1. DIY Perpetual Calendar


Instead of buying a calendar from a store, why not make this perpetual calendar for your date keeping needs? It is easy to make and would take you a short time to complete. This is one DIY calendar that will get the attention of people at first sight. For the tools, you will need a saw, wood, and a bunch of other materials.

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2. DIY Cryptic Calendar


Are you a big fan of gadgets? If yes, you should check out this amazing DIY calendar. It is easy to build but a bit confusing to read. For the tools, you will need; Epoxy, Wooden plywood, a metal keyhole hanger, clear paint spray, and a bunch of other tools. The making process will take a while to complete, but it will be worth it.

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3. DIY Calendar


I found yet another outstanding DIY calendar that you could make as a parent for your kids. They’ll be able to keep track of the date daily with the help of this calendar. You will be using a lot of paper for this project. The making process should take less than 5 hours to complete with all the tools handy.

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4. DIY Desk Calendar

Are you looking for a DIY calendar that can be used on your desk? Here’s one to go with. This calendar will surely make your office desk look a whole lot better. It is space-saving and won’t use up too much of your desk space. Feel free to make adjustments as you please. You can use different colors.

5. DIY Perpetual Calendar

Here’s yet another fantastic project that will look great on your office desk. It has a small size which makes it ideal for office desks. It is not an automatic calendar, so you will have to manually set it up daily. The process of making this perpetual calendar takes little time to complete.

6. DIY Mini Desk Calendar With Stand

Your kids can use this in their room, or you can make this project with your child at home and use it on your office table. Either way, this is a fantastic mini desk calendar with a stand. It does a great job of keeping track of the current date. Feel free to make adjustments that’ll soothe you.

7. DIY Cubes Calendar


Here’s another fun project to make. This DIY calendar project requires the use of special materials and tools. You will need paintbrushes, a paint pen, mod podge, a glue gun, a utility gun, and a couple of other tools. Putting this calendar together is pretty easy. You can alter the colors used.

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8. DIY Acrylic Calendar


If you are into DIY projects, you would agree with me that acrylic decor is everywhere now, a lot of people are making jaw-dropping projects. We found one that you could make for your home. This is a DIY acrylic calendar that tells the month, day, and date. It is also very easy to DIY. You will need a few tools for the making process.

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9. DIY Classroom Calendar


Do you remember math calendars? I was a huge fan of these back in the day. A classroom calendar is a great way to update the students with information concerning events. For this DIY project, you will need a poster board, scissors, ruler, glue, and a few other tools. The making process is easy to follow.

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10. DIY Desk Calendar


I think this is my favorite DIY calendar on our list of Best Diy Calendars. It is simple and has a minimalistic design that will make your office desk look amazing. It tells the month and day. After making this project, you would have to manually set the calendar on a daily basis. This shouldn’t be hard to do.

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11. DIY Dry Erase Calendar


Here’s one calendar that can be used for years without needing a replacement. The DIY dry-erase calendar can serve for an extended period due to its erase feature. You can clean off the days a month. You can also manually write reminders on the calendar. I would highly recommend this project.

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12. DIY Endless Calendar

The creator named this the endless calendar for a reason. It is truly endless. How does it work? You only have to turn the boxes and the date, day or month will change automatically. The creator was able to piece this together using plywood and a couple of other tools. This is very easy to make a project.

13. DIY Desk Calendar

We found another amazing project that will look absolutely stunning on your office desk. This DIY desk calendar displays the month and date in a very unique way. This is one of the easiest woodworking projects to make, you will need some wood, rings, and a few other tools.

14. DIY Reusable Calendar

A reusable calendar is one that can be used over and over again. Feel free to make one for yourself, your friends, and the kids maybe. With this calendar, you can set reminders and take them off after completion. Feel free to use your favorite colors.

15. How To Make A Desk Calendar

Here’s a step by step article that will show you how to make a desk calendar. This calendar will require a lot of materials; some of the materials required are rings, paper, and a pen. The guide is pretty much easy to follow.

16. DIY Calendar Clipboard


For this DIY tutorial, you will need patterned paper, foam brushes, a craft knife, a free printable calendar, and a few other tools. The making process starts off with painting the edge of a wooden canvas with your preferred color and then covering it with the patterned paper. The complete making process is easy to follow.

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17. DIY Kids Calendar


Are you looking for a fun project for your kids? Here’s one you can make for them. You will need Washi Tape, Dry Erase Board, Glue, Magnets, Stickers, and a few other materials. The complete guide will show you how to put together all the materials thus creating an ideal kid’s calendar.

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18. DIY Rustic Wall Calendar


Are you a fan of rustic decor? I am too! If you have rustic home decor, you will need a matching calendar. In this tutorial, the creator will show you how to make a DIY rustic wall calendar using a couple of materials that can easily be gotten. This calendar is huge; however, you can make one that is smaller.

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19. DIY Photo Desk Calendar


The idea of having your family photo attached to your calendar is an amazing feeling. In this DIY project, the creator will show you how to make a photo desk calendar that will not only tell you the date but display a lovely photo of your family. This calendar is ideal for office desks.

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20. DIY Flip Calendar


Here’s a flip calendar with a little smiley add on as an attachment. To use this calendar, all you would have to do is flip it to the current date. You will need a bottle of glue, 3 plain pieces of cardstock, 1 decorative piece of paper, and a couple of other materials and tools. The making process is quite easy to follow.

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21. DIY Calendar With Wood


Here’s the last but not least on our list of best DIY calendars. This calendar is made from wood and is very easy to assemble. The tough part is creating all the pieces. However, the creator will work you through the process of creating all the pieces used in this DIY calendar. As simple as this project looks, you will need some power tools and a lot of materials.

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All of the calendars listed in this article are very easy to make. Even kids would be able to DIY most of the projects. However, stay away from the woodworking projects if you have never done one before, this is to keep you from being hurt.

Have you found a preferred DIY calendar? If yes, we would love to know which one you are going to make. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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