23 DIY Bike Basket Ideas – How To Make A Bicycle Basket

Are you looking for amazing DIY bike basket ideas to try out? Well, you just landed in the right place. There are amazing things you can fit into your bike basket instead of having to burden yourself with a lot of loads.

This DIY bike basket tutorial will give you different ideas and surely help you make them the easiest way possible. Here, you will find guides that will show you how to make install a bike basket at the front or back of your bicycle. The best part is, the making process is really easy.


1. How To Make A Bike Basket


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This basket is made of cane or metal and strapped to the bike. It gives a much unique look. To easily get this strapped. You will need metal struts to support the basket and zip ties to strap it to the bike.

2. PVC And Milk Bike Basket


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If you have a black bike then you can easily use this black basket too, in order to make the basket sit properly, PVC is used at the rear. For the making process, measure and cut the PVC then fit the support. To make it connected to the seat, use additional support that goes around the seat post.

3. Front Cardboard Bike Basket


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This cardboard bike basket is quite fascinating but really awesome! This is a cardboard bike basket that is strapped to the front of the bike. Cut out the pieces to the size you want and strap the cardboard to the bike. Attach strings to the handlebars to keep the carton in place.

4. How To Make A DIY Bike Basket


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This will be more appealing to the ladies because of the flowery front basket strapped to the bike. Use a basket that is the size of your bike. Measure around and set a space for the belt tie. Slice through the wicker and use glue to hold it in place. The making and installation process is pretty much basic.

5. DIY Wood Crate Bike Basket


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You will need something cool for your bike to carry minor things around. This is an open basket that is pretty simple to make. This unfinished wood crate can be painted well enough then fastened with a stud to the bike. Feel free to paint yours however you please.

6. DIY Bike Basket


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To make this, you will need an old wicker basket and two leather belts. Dethatch the belt then reassemble with a D-ring, the roller bucket, and the leather strip. Mark new holes on the leather strip then attach with a rivet setter.

7. DIY Wire Bike Basket


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This is a simple basket made of wire.  To make this, measure the handlebars and the head tube then cut belts to length. Punch holes along the belt and attach the basket to the bike. The making process of this DIY bike basket is very easy to follow. You would be done in no time.

8. DIY Polka Dot Bike Basket


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Strapping a basket to the front can sometimes be distracting. This polka dot bicycle is made with a mint green craft paint, foam pouncer, and a wooden bike crate installed on a bike. Make small dots on the crate in a random pattern.

9. DIY Cheap Bike Basket

Purchase a cheap plastic basket from a corner store with a cup. Strap the cup to the inner part of the basket. Attach the basket to the bicycle. Don’t forget to secure the brake with zip ties so they don’t get to fall off easily.

10. DIY Bike Basket

This is a really clean and wonderful way of preserving your goods to deliver. You will need a basket. Get one made of cane and spray it to taste. Take another layer of paint and wait for it to dry. Use cable ties to secure it to the bike.

11. DIY Copper Bike Basket

This perfect cover pipe is what is used to make the basket. Assemble all the parts and join all the pieces together to taste what it will look like. You can find all the measurements for this online. Then begin gluing the copper poles to form a basket. Use a piece of decking for the base.

12. How To Attach A Removable Crate To Your Bike

There is nothing as good as having to attach a removable crate to the front of the bicycle. This can afford you the opportunity of alternating when you don’t need the basket. The basket is encased in rubber so it does not yet have to distort anything. The bolt and joints are secure properly.

13. DIY Simple Bike Basket

One of the biggest issues of using a bike basket is that things tend to fall off from the basket while riding on bumpy roads. For this DIY Project, the creator uses a great method to keep things from falling off the bike basket. The process of making this DIY simple bike basket is easy to follow, however, you might need to do some sewing.

14. DIY Floral Bike Basket


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The most fascinating part of the DIY bike basket is the floral patterns on it. Trim the greenery from a stem and fix evenly to the basket. Attach the larger to the smaller blooms. Ill in the blank spaces with greenery. Feel free to use any kind of flower you want, however, be creative.

15. Bike Basket Liner DIY


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If your basket has large holes then it is important to use a basket-liner. To make one, you need to measure the parts of your basket. Cut out the pieces. When you are sure you have a box-like fabric shape slip exterior inside the lining. Pin the edge to the side of the basket.

16. Floral Bike Basket DIY

If you are a fan of art and craft then you should be excited to start off this project. You can get an entire bike basket from the mall then cut out your flowery supplies. Wrap the enter flowers along the top of the basket. Use the glue gun to glue the flowers to the basket in the best creative way.

17. How To Attach A Bike Basket

Attaching a bike basket to the front of your bike should not take so much of your time. Before there was no schedule but measurements should be used between the leather belts. Fix in leather straps to the tip of the basket and attach to the bike. There you have it, how to attach a bike basket made easy!

18. DIY Bike Porter Crate


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You can choose to have two baskets on your bicycle so you can carry as much as you need to per time. Get a vintage box for use. Rid it of any dirt. Seal the crate and repeat till oil no longer penetrates into the wood. Use mending plates, bolts, and nuts. Do the same thing on the bike.

19. How To Install A Front Bike Basket

This should be a walk in the park. There are instructions that come with new bikes and you can use that to work. Open the pack of materials and begin to assemble them appropriately. Screw the basket to the base carefully.

20. Tangled DIY Bike Basket


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You can make the best DIY basket for your kids. A little touch up of different colors can work wonders. Felt material, yarn, and craft flowers can be used for decoration. Braid with yarn to form the lid of the basket then use glue to attach the remaining embellishment.

21. DIY Bike Basket


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Cut out a template with cardboard in the shape of a triangle. Use about 3 different pieces of fabric and cut out the pattern sufficient enough to wrap around the basket. Use a bias tape to arrange with equal distance and wrap around.

22. DIY Bicycle Basket


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One of the fastest ways to customize your bike is by doing so from the basket of the bike. Get some letters, either wooden or metal to be used for this. Spray them and add glitters to it. Carefully glue to the bike. Based on your preference, use any suitable spray color.

23. DIY Piggy Bike Basket


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This is made of cardboard and painted well enough to be able to make a design on the body. In case you cannot spray, you can cover it with wallpaper. Carve it to the shape you want and attach all the pieces together.

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