24 DIY Barefoot Sandals – How To Make Barefoot Sandals

Are you looking for the best pair of sandals to rock on the beach? you should consider making barefoot sandals. They are pretty easy to make, you will need to be creative.

I have compiled a list of 24 DIY barefoot sandals that you can DIY from the comfort of your home.


1. DIY Barefoot Beach Sandals


I found this pair of barefoot beach sandals worthy of being on my list of best DIY barefoot sandals, the creator used different colors of beads for this project, you can use any color combination you want. The making process is very easy to follow, using this tutorial, you can make a couple of barefoot sandals for a lot of people within a short time.

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2. Barefoot Sandal Tutorial


The best part about making barefoot sandals is that you can make different designs and that will look absolutely stunning on your feet. It doesn’t matter if you have large or small feet, you’ll be able to make a perfect matching barefoot sandal for yourself. For these sandals, the creator used 2.4mm crimp covers, 15/0 Matte Op Turquoise Green Miyuki Seed Bead, 6mm Butterfly Fuchsia, and a couple of other materials.

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3. DIY Barefoot Sandals


As you can see, this one has a different and more appealing design than others, this obviously means you would need to spend a little more money on materials to look expensive. You will need a pair of scissors, Turkish Flat Bead Crochet Kits, and a bunch of other materials to make these barefoot sandals.

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4. DIY Barefoot Sandals For Summer

These barefoot sandals are amazing for beach time or vacations. In this tutorial, the creator makes two pairs of barefoot sandals, the first pair is quite easy to make and is ideal for people who do not like difficult DIY’s, the second pair is a little bit more complicated but very beautiful, I am sure you will get the hang of it.

5. How To Make Barefoot Sandals

Here’s another tutorial that shows you how to make a pair of beaded barefoot sandals. For the making process, you are going to need some beads or pearls, you will also need to get elastic strings for the beads. Putting this together is pretty simple. You can mix up the beads to give an amazing look.

6. DIY Cute Barefoot Sandals

I found yet another pair of sandals that are perfect for summer when you do not feel like wearing shoes. For the materials, you will need a jewelry chain, jump rings, hanging beads, and connector beads, the making process is very easy. If you are looking for a classy pair of barefoot sandals to make, I would recommend this tutorial.

7. How To Make Barefoot Sandals For Wedding


Are you looking at making barefoot sandals for your wedding that is taking place at the beach? This tutorial will show you how to make them. The steps are very concise and straight to the point, you will have to use your creativity to make different variations. I trust you can do that with ease.

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8. DIY Barefoot Sandals For Babies


Can babies rock barefoot sandals too? Yes, they can. However, using a chain or string on your baby’s leg might not be ideal for their tender skin. I would highly recommend this tutorial that shows you how to make barefoot sandals that are completely safe for your baby.

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9. DIY Beautiful Barefoot Sandals


Here’s another easy one that you can DIY in no time, the making process is pretty much easy, feel free to use whatever color of beads. I love using beads because with beads, I can make a pair of barefoot sandals that will match the outfit I am wearing. If other tutorials still seem complicated, check this one out.

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10. 3 Methods Of Making Barefoot Sandals


I found this guide while doing my research on the best DIY barefoot sandals. This guide shows you three working methods of making barefoot sandals, all you have to do is ready the materials and follow the method that seems easier for you.

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11. DIY Barefoot Sandals


If you are wearing a simple pair of sleepers, trust me, it will look a whole lot better and cuter if you added barefoot sandals, I mean, look at how cute those legs look. I would recommend using small-sized beads. The making process is pretty much basic.

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12. DIY Foot Chain

Here’s another idea to try out, this one has a mixture of chain and beads, the making process is very easy, it might take some time to complete but it will be totally worth it, the tutorial will give you all the info you need for making this DIY foot chain. Trust me, your friends would ask you how you were able to make it.

13. DIY Barefoot Sandals with Beaded Lace Applique

Are you looking for something exquisite that will make you look elegant and classy or different from others? Here’s the one to make, these pair of DIY barefoot sandals are made using beaded lace, I think this is another great idea you can make for summer.

14. DIY Crochet Barefoot Sandals

If you are into knitting, you should check this out. I found this amazing guide that shows you how to DIY crochet barefoot sandals. The process is easy to follow if you have knowledge of knitting. If you haven’t knitted before, you might have a hard time making these pairs of crochet barefoot sandals.

15. DIY Wedding Barefoot Sandals

This pair is also ideal for wedding use especially if you are wearing a short wedding dress that won’t cover your legs. The barefoot sandals cover up to the upper part of your legs which I think is a great idea. Feel free to make adjustments or modifications to the pattern.

16. DIY Barefoot Sandals For Beach Wedding


So, a couple of female friends are coming over for your beach wedding, you should show them this picture, they’ll totally buy the idea. Before making barefoot sandals for a beach wedding, be sure that the beads you are going to use will match with your dress.

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17. Macrame Barefoot Sandals


I am a big fan of macrame craft, I didn’t hesitate to make these pairs when I saw them. As complicated as the twists and knots look, they are actually very easy to make. It will take you nothing to make these. The best part is, you can use any color you want. I would go with black or white any day. How about you?

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18. DIY Rubber Band Barefoot Sandals


Here’s one that you can DIY for your teenage kid on the beach, you can also DIY this for a toddler, just make sure you use enough rubber band so that it isn’t too tight on the feet. The making process is easy to follow and making this is actually cheap.

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19. DIY Baby Barefoot Sandals


I found another cute DIY baby barefoot sandals that you can DIY for your toddler this weekend. For the materials, you will need 1/2″ Wide Satin Elastic – 21″ long, thread, needle, scissors, measuring tape, and a couple of other materials. You can make different colors to match your baby’s outfit for the day.

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20. DIY Barefoot Sandals

I think one creative way to approach DIY barefoot sandals is by making different designs for each leg, one leg can have beads while the other leg doesn’t. All you have to do is make two versions and rock it. The pattern in this tutorial is another simple pattern that you can DIY.

21. DIY Beaded Barefoot Sandals

Here’s another one for lovers of beads. There are basically unlimited designs that you can do with beads, in this tutorial, you will learn a cool pattern that is different from others that I have seen. You can follow the creator’s exact pattern or modify it to soothe your needs.

22. Tribal Barefoot Sandals DIY

This is a crochet tutorial that shows you how to make tribal barefoot sandals, the making process is a bit complicated as you will be needing a couple of tools. However, the creator carefully explains how he was able to make this pair of barefoot sandals.

23. DIY Beach Barefoot Sandals


Here’s another design that you can try out. Here, the creator makes use of a lot of beads in different colors, this is perfect to rock in countries like Brazil and Mexico. As simple as these DIY barefoot sandals look, you will need a lot of tools and materials for the making process.

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24. How To Make Barefoot Sandals


For these pairs of barefoot sandals, you will need 6 4 mm jump rings, 2-inch eye pins, 8.5 mm lobster claw clasps, Approximately 85-inches Gold Chain 243.5 cm, and a couple of other materials. I love the simplicity of this pair of barefoot sandals.

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The ideas on this page are basically supposed to inspire you to create an amazing pair of DIY barefoot sandals. Feel free to make adjustments where you deem fit. You’ll need to be creative. Making barefoot sandals shouldn’t take much of your time if you have the tools and materials handy.

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