22 DIY Audio Rack Projects And Ideas That Will Inspire You To Make The Best

Are you looking for inspiration or are you a newbie woodworker looking at building an audio rack for your audio equipment? I have got you covered. It took a lot of time, but I was able to put together this list of DIY Audio rack projects and ideas for your viewing pleasure.

Here, you will find DIY audio rack projects that will teach you how to make an audio rack. You will also find DIY audio rack ideas that would inspire you to create an amazingly outstanding audio rack.


1. How To Build A Studio Equipment Rack

If you own a recording studio, you’ll need an equipment rack for your compressor, sound card, and other studio equipment you have. Using a rack is a great way to organize your studio equipment. This DIY guide will show you how to build a studio equipment rack from scratch.

2. Schiit Audio Mini Rack

While doing research, I came across this audio mini rack and I think it is awesome. The creator did a great job building this mini rack from scrap wood. The process of making this audio rack requires woodworking skills and equipment. If you have both of those, you can make one for yourself with greater ease.

3. How To Make A Custom Audio Rack

This DIY audio rack project is also a woodworking project that would require some expertise. Building this audio rack will be a whole lot easier than buying one. This would make a perfect home for your effect processors and preamps.

4. DIY Audio Rack


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The only downside of this guide is that it is not well-detailed. However, I think this is a great audio rack. I love the fact that a lot of shelves are present, this makes it possible to include a lot of audio equipment on the rack. The guide isn’t for beginners, you’ll need to be a professional handyman to make this rack.

5. Ikea Cabinet | DIY Audio Rack


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While doing research, I came across this rack, as you can see, it is made for server equipment, but as a professional sound engineer, you would agree with me that this rack would also be a great rack for audio equipment. Using Ikea parts, the creator was able to put this together. You can check out the DIY guide for tips on how to put this DIY audio rack together.

6. DIY Equipment Rack


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As a sound engineer, If you are about to do an outdoor gig, you would most definitely need a rack that will contain your audio equipment. If you do not have one already, you should check this out. I stumbled upon this DIY audio rack while doing my research. It has a lot of shelves for your compressors, equalizer, and more audio equipment.

7. Music Equipment Rack


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Organize your audio equipment with the help of this DIY audio rack. For this DIY project, the creator was able to use the case of an old PC to make the amazing audio rack you are looking at. The making process might take a while to complete, but it will be worth it in the end.

8. How To Build An Equipment Rack


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Here is another project that would require that you have woodworking skills and tools to make. If you own a music studio, this equipment rack will come in handy. You can use it to store your studio equipment.

9. DIY Studio Equipment Rack

This is not your regular audio rack. This rack is not just beautiful, it is also cheap too. I admire how the creator was able to make this amazing audio rack for his equipment. The making process requires a lot of wood and of course, woodworking tools are also needed to make these. This DIY audio rack is made in such a way that it is easily operable by the creator.

10. Easy Build Audio Rack

If you fancy this audio rack as I do, what are you waiting for? I think you totally should check it out. Using wood and a couple of other equipment, the creator was able to piece together this amazing rack. It has enough room to place all your audio equipment.

11. How To Build A Double 16u Studio Rack

I found a more detailed video guide that will show you how to make this studio rack. After following all the steps and measurements given in the DIY guide, you should end up with a fantastic looking audio rack as seen in the image.

12. How To Make An Audio Rack


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I found yet another guide, this one isn’t as explanatory as most of the DIY audio rack projects listed in this article, however, if you are a handyman, you should get the hang of it. Instead of showing you images, this guide will explain all you need to know about building this audio rack. I wouldn’t recommend this DIY audio rack guide for beginners.

13.Wooden Audio Rack Idea


This wooden audio rack has three compartments for your audio equipment. You can include as many as you want. I think this is a great audio rack build. I included this idea for woodworking experts who are looking for audio racks ideas that they can bring to life.

14. Fancy Wooden Audio Rack Idea


If you do not like straight forward audio rack designs, here’s another design you can settle for. It also has three shelves that can be used for placing your audio equipment. Using this outdoors might not be ideal, I think it would look better indoors, due to the design.

15. Industrial Shelf Transformation To Audio Rack


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This is one of those projects that would make your mouth drop. In this DIY guide, you won’t need serious woodworking tools, however, you will need a couple of tools for the transformation process. For this DIY project, the creators were able to transform a simple industrial shelf into this amazing audio rack.

16. Wood And Aluminum Audio Rack Idea


Instead of having a wooden audio rack that is made of 100% wood, you can settle for this build, the creators of this audio rack used wood and aluminum to bring this amazing audio rack to life. If you are a handyman, this should inspire you to create something like this for your audio rack needs. You can even add more shelves if you feel like it.

17. DIY Audio Rack Build

If you are a beginner in the woodworking business, here’s a task for you. In this guide, the creator will take you on a ride, showing you how he was able to build a simple audio rack. The build is quite easy to follow if you have the required tools handy.

18. How To Build A Cheap Audio Rack

Have you been looking for a low budget rack for your audio gear? I have got you covered. After long research, I was able to find this cheap audio rack. You will need to gather a couple of equipment to put this audio rack together. The build process is quite easy to follow.

19. Fancy Audio Rack Idea


Here’s another idea for the woodworking experts. Building this doesn’t seem like it would be an easy task to accomplish, but I believe your years of experience in the woodworking field would come in handy. If you are into fancy woodworking projects, you can consider making this.

20. Glass Audio Rack


Built specifically for indoor use, this audio-rack has shades of amazing, from the glass shelves to the nicely finished wood. I love how the creators used glass instead of wood for the shelving, you can order a set of glasses for your DIY audio rack project or cut them yourself if you have the skill and equipment. I think this is an amazing audio rack.

21. How To Build A 19-inch Audio Rack For $10

Here’s another low-budget project that you should check out. Despite being a low-budget rack, it is quite durable, you can tell by simply looking at the finished product. If you would want to make this DIY audio rack, you will need some woodworking equipment. Kudos to the creator for this amazing hack.

22. Rustic Audio Rack


Are you a fan of rustic-themed homes? If the answer to that is yes, I bet you would love this audio rack. I found this idea on Pinterest and I think it is amazing. If you are a woodworking expert, you can put your skills to the test by building one of these. It will definitely look good in your rustic-themed home.

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